Fantastic Modular Monitoring Solution with Great Enterprise Level Support
Updated October 11, 2022

Fantastic Modular Monitoring Solution with Great Enterprise Level Support

Brian Vinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic SL1

Was a little challenging and training was required.
ScienceLogic SL1 is being used as a monitoring tool for our managed services and managed hosting customers. It's being used mainly to monitor things such as network equipment, servers, and storage. We have a team of engineers that help to manage ScienceLogic SL1 but it's used across multiple departments in our organization. Our NOC engineers and account managers have varying levels of access to the tool depending on their job function. We have the alerting feature of ScienceLogic SL1 integrated into ServiceNow, which we use for our CMDB and ticketing purposes.
  • Modularization; ability to add monitoring to new technologies via downloadable "power packs"
  • Customization and granularity of alerting
  • Big potential for automating processes for those with developer-like knowledge
  • Reports are confusing and crafting new ones is very tedious
  • Some basic functionality lacking in alerting (ex: cannot keep a dynamic list if one item is removed from it).
  • Web console and menus can be overwhelming for those without training.

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Yes - It replaced Pulse, which had numerous problems and ultimately never delivered on the promises the company gave to us. It was slow and clunky so we decided to part ways with that company in search of a better solution which we found with ScienceLogic.
Our NOC now has much better visibility into the critical issues across our organization. We work hand in hand with the NOC to ensure only the important event bubble up to the top and show up on the wall. ScienceLogic SL1 does a fairly good job of allowing customized suppressions of events deemed unimportant by the NOC or one of our customers.
We are using ScienceLogic SL1 to support growth of both our managed services and managed hosting businesses. When we onboard new customers onto our platform, one of the pieces of our product offering is monitoring. Depending on their business needs, we can utilize several different tools but nearly every customer receives network and server monitoring via ScienceLogic SL1.
ScienceLogic SL1 has its own automation system that can be used to simplify different tasks such as report generation. There is also an API that can be leveraged if your organization has developers with the skill to utilize it. ScienceLogic SL1 also has official integration with ServiceNow and offers and integration service and supports this functionality, which takes a lot of work out of having to manually graft them together.
  • Dig into devices with troubleshooting toolbox to find different elements we want to monitor.
  • Ability to test and troubleshooting a large number of issues without having to log into the SL1 console itself
  • SL1 becoming the central go-to source of information for our CMDB due to the level of information it can pull about a device.
  • Better event visibility due to integration with ServiceNow
  • Fewer hours spent maintaining platform due to SaaS model
  • Consolidation of multiple tools into one solution
I used SolarWinds NPM for 5 years and can say that it is much easier to get around and find the information you need from a user perspective. ScienceLogic SL1 has recently done a large overhaul of their user interface but as of this writing, it's not ready for primetime so we're using the "classic" interface. There are a lot of things you can do in the old interface but it is far less intuitive than NPM, which refreshed its UI many years ago.
ScienceLogic SL1 is a great solution if you're interested in a solution like Nagios that has a lot of features out of the box but is constantly being improved upon with additional technologies being supported on an ongoing basis. You get the support of an enterprise company that usually exceeds that of an open source solution. However, due to the cost of the tool, smaller/less complex environments might be better suited to an open source tool.

Integrating ScienceLogic SL1

Technically challenging
Ensure there is vendor compatbility

Using ScienceLogic SL1

100 - NOC, account managers, and upper mgmt.
3 - Systems engineer, tools engineer
  • Observability
  • Proactive event management
  • Total environment visibility
  • Business services
  • Restorepoint
  • Additional automation and remediation
It's a powerful tool that supports a wide variety of technologies and vendors.

Evaluating ScienceLogic SL1 and Competitors

  • Price
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Competitive pricing and have extensive in house knowledge of the tool.
Factor in cost and overall ease of use.

ScienceLogic SL1 Support

Challenges with response time.
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Quick Initial Response
Poor followup
Escalation required
Yes - Was told it will be fixed in a later release.
When our upgrade to Power flow recently went awry, support worked overnight for hours to ensure it was up and running.

Using ScienceLogic SL1

Powerful but challenging to use in the wrong hands.
Unnecessarily complex
Requires technical support
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Adding devices and seeing device information.
  • Reports
  • Developing custom dynamic apps