ServiceNow - Robust and scalable with all the details
February 06, 2019

ServiceNow - Robust and scalable with all the details

Jesse Bickel, MS - PMP | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ServiceNow

ServiceNow was used as the centralized IT ticking solution for the student, staff and faculty helpdesk. It was later expanded to include the project and program management module. This was used by network operations teams, development teams as well as customer facing portal to submit tickets which will follow a back-end workflow to ensure it is properly triaged.

This product allowed us to address having a one-stop shop for ticketing internal and external. We are able to ensure tickets are routed properly without too much administrative overhead in triage.
  • ServiceNow does a great job in creating a one-stop shop for ticketing for any organization large or small. The system has the ability to scale easily to both internal and external customers.
  • ServiceNow has the ability to scale beyond ticketing to include contract and project management modules to further support one single operation for administration.
  • ServiceNow integrates very well with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • ServiceNow has a very robust set of permissions and rules you can apply for a high level of security.
  • ServiceNow knowledgebase is limited for self-learning on how to use their features.
  • ServiceNow sometimes has a very linear approach to some workflows or assignments where there could only be one child/parent relationship.
  • The ServiceNow features for Project Management serves its function is rather cumbersome. The dependencies aspect or predecessors or successors options are rather limited. It is more focused on hours planned vs hours worked then dependencies.
  • ServiceNow customer support is hit or miss. They could serve to have more self-help step by step articles.
  • ServiceNow needs to have a better export or import features for their Project Management module.
  • Overall ServiceNow has a positive impact on getting the SLA of tickets down in supporting our customers.
  • One negative impact has been the amount of time to get the product to produce an ROI, it's almost too big to fail and too big to replace. You almost become committed to the product. Good or bad.
  • Another negative impact would be if you track metrics of employees and time tracking, there is a lot of scenarios where engineers will track time on tickets but not get credit for closing them as the assignee function of tickets can only be tied to one user and credits only the engineer who closes the ticket.
  • Another positive impact would be the level of security for permissions and scaling the workloads is robust and you will get out of the system what your team is willing to put in.
ServiceNow seems to be able to scale as large as you would like it to and outpaces the competition as far as ease of licenses and growth. While it is clunky it really allows you to drill down to the smallest workflow or permissions to really allow the system to build around your environment. Other products seem to want to push you towards templates or more of the "wizard" style set up.
ServiceNow is a perfect and great fit for A to B style helpdesk ticketing! I would tend to shy away from this product is your project management shop is on the medium or larger scale. It is ok for smaller projects but not for large complex, multi-team projects. ServiceNow is also great for establishing routine and frequently used workflows that you want to publish to an external or public customer base. There is a lot of potential to relieve a lot of administrative overhead but it requires a lot of back end work to see those results.

ServiceNow IT Service Management Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Service restoration
Self-service tools
Subscription-based notifications
ITSM collaboration and documentation
ITSM reports and dashboards
Configuration mangement
Asset management dashboard
Policy and contract enforcement
Change requests repository
Change calendar
Service-level management