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Overall Satisfaction with Zapier

We use Zapier to connect separate services and databases used for marketing, sales, and CRM.

For example, when running a webinar as a marketing funnel, our funnel software doesn’t integrate directly with our webinar software or our CRM. Luckily Zapie reintegrated with all 3 platforms so it allows us to functionally sign up registrants to our webinars using our designed funnel pages and store their details in our CRM.

We also use Zapier across 20 or more similar scenarios for other marketing funnels where pieces do not connect natively, Eg our WordPress website, WooCommerce purchases, Typeform quizzes, ClickFunnels opt-ins, Asana project tasks, and ActiveCampaign email subscribers. It’s very versatile in how many different services it can connect with that otherwise would not be able to work together easily.


  • Connecting software and services that do not connect natively.
  • Passing data from one software system to another.
  • Using simple logic to trigger automations in specific situations.


  • You can only access logic pathways (ie perform different actions based on data received) on higher plans.
  • Sometimes when a zap fails it notifies me by email but they get lost in my inbox and I don’t notice.
  • It saves us hours of time every week being able to connect services automatically.
  • It enables automations to happen that would not otherwise be possible at all.
  • It allows us to choose other software for specific purposes without the limitations of only the built-in connectivity.
I have only tried IFTTT several years ago and at that time Zapier had a much wider range of integrations available. I’m not aware of there are any competitors that are at the same level.

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Zapier is perfect when you have chosen other software for various different purposes, or are already using various different software packages, and you want to be able to connect data or statuses from one area to another. Zapier is not something you should use or rely on if you don’t need it! It doesn’t always have the level of integration or sophistication that a direct, native integration would have.

Zapier Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Connector modification
Support for real-time and batch integration
Data quality services
Not Rated
Data security features
Not Rated
Monitoring console
Not Rated


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