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Meeting Room Booking System

Meeting Room Booking System Overview

What is a Meeting Room Booking System?

Meeting room booking systems consist of software for conference room scheduling and also hardware interfaces, or digital signage. The software allows company employees or guests to book meetings online or through an app.

Software-based conference room booking systems may be used in hospitality, in studios or spas, or in enterprises for employee booking. Another popular usage is in shared workspaces, for reserving rooms or just desk space.

Features of Meeting Room Booking Systems

Meeting Room Booking Systems feature the following capabilities:

  • Book conference rooms electronically

  • Set reservations or book impromptu meetings

  • Seating assignments, or hot desks

  • Visitor management (e.g. visitor details, sign-in, reminders)

  • Repository for room information (e.g. amenities, photos, etc.)

  • Floor plans and maps for guests or facilities

  • Check-in using app, or clean up ghost (i.e. abandoned) meetings from schedule

  • Real-time availability detection, up-to-date floorplans

  • Search for available meeting rooms with filters (e.g. location, time available)

  • Usage analytics (e.g. utlization, busiest times, etc.)

  • Booking available on the web, mobile app, or a tablet

  • Room issue reporting (e.g. equipment failure) through the app

  • Integrate with digital signage or room displays / interfaces

  • Integrate with commonly used calendar or productivity apps

Pricing Information

Popular Meeting Room Booking Systems are available on the cloud and activated via a subscription. Subscriptions may be monthly or annual, and pricing is determined by room volume.

Meeting Room Booking System Products

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EMS Software

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366 Ratings

EMS Software is an enterprise space management, event, class and resource scheduling application acquired and now supported by Accruent in June 2018.

6 Ratings

Robin, headquartered in Boston offers their meeting room booking system, featuring software for scheduling conference rooms, space management with workspace usage analytics, and integratable digital signage.

OfficeSpace Software, headquartered in New York, offers their workspace management and room booking platform, featuring room planning with mobile visual directory, the Move Manager room and space change scheduler and planning tool, the Request Manager facilities app, and other features.

Teem (formerly EventBoard) is cloud-based software for organizing and optimizing internal events and meetings. Teem allows employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze their company’s meeting and collaboration behavio…

Crestron, headquartered in New Jersey, offers the Crestron Fusion, a conference and event management platform that monitors conference equipment, integrates business intelligence and data visualization apps for in-room presentations, and can monitor conference equipment for issues and rooms for ava…

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Joan is a meeting room booking system from Slovenian company Visionect.

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Zoapi Hub is a wireless presentation and collaboration solution for enterprise companies, coworking spaces and education centres. The vendor states that with Zoapi in meeting rooms, users benefit from: No more messy cables and adapters - Present wirelessly from any device running Windows, Mac, Linux…

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Cloudbooking headquartered in London offers their meeting room and desk booking system.

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AgilQuest headquartered in Richmond offers their workspace solutions, including meeting room and desk booking systems, seat management, and workspace analytics.

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Danish company Pronestor offers the Pronestor Meeting Management Suite, a software focusing on operations automation, particularly around resource and order management, and multi-location management. The suite includes Pronestor Planner booking system, Pronestor Visitor boarding and registration sys…