Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software Overview

What is Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage is the use of electronic screens to display information or marketing messages. Digital signage has replaced paper signage in many industries, ranging from restaurant menus, road signage, outdoor advertising, or even interactive wayfinding. Digital Signage Software enables users to manage their digital signage content and electronic media players.

Digital Signage Software helps users create and schedule content, organize and manage hardware screens, and monitor and troubleshoot media screens and playback issues. The software is generally divided into four main components: software that resides on a media player, content management/distribution software (CMS), device management software, and content creation software.

There are many benefits to implementing digital signage. Digital signage increases opportunities for advertising, eliminates printing costs for marketing materials, can generate third party advertising income, and does a better job at attracting attention and awareness for brands or businesses. Since some vendors specialize in certain industries, a plug and play solution may already exist for your needs.

Digital Signage Features and Capabilities

Many Digital Signage Software vendors offer integrated solutions that include media player software, a CMS, device management software, and content creation software. However, some offer only one or some combination of the above capabilities.

In addition to the capability specific features listed below, you will want a product with remote management of displays and content, user access controls, basic security features, and training and tech support.

Media Player Features and Capabilities

Media players decode digital files and display the digital content on screens. Basic media player software features enable the user to:

  • Stream content via a network connection

  • Alternately, download content locally for streaming, which prevents media interruption in the case of network issues

  • Track and monitor playback content

  • Report on the health of the display

  • Ability to interrupt content for emergency messages

Content Management or Distribution (CMS) Features and Capabilities

Content Management or Distribution Software (CMS) manages, schedules, and distributes the content to be delivered to the media player software. Desired functionality should include:

  • Tools to organize and upload content

  • Ability to run content on a single display or synchronize across multiple displays, creating zones when necessary

  • Offer multiple types of content management: scripted, playlist, and hybrid

    • Scripted content is managed by rules: how, when, and where each type of content plays

    • Playlists run content in a predefined list, similar to song playlists

    • Hybrid scheduling allows you to do both types of content scheduling

  • Cloud based CMS so a single or entire network of screens can be managed remotely

Device Management Features and Capabilities

Device Management Software collects information on the media player. Basic features include:

  • Reports on the health of the media player

  • Can manage the media players, including tools to reboot systems, update firmware and update software

  • Capture screenshots of what is playing on the media player

Content Creation Features and Capabilities

Content Creation Software allows you to create and design the actual content that will be displayed on the screen. Some tools provide the design features while others integrate with market design tools, such as Canva. Basic Content Creation Software should include the following capabilities:

  • Create content with graphics and text

  • Create static or dynamic content

  • Integration capabilities with content applications, such as social media platforms, flight information, news feeds, and more

Pricing Information

The cost of Digital Signage Software is quite complex, depending on how many capabilities it includes and if the vendor bundles the software with hardware screens. Standalone content creation software tends to charge per display per month, anywhere from $0 to $10 per month. Media player software can sometimes be purchased with a one time fee. Standalone content management software can be found for free with a hardware purchase of digital screens.

Multi-capability software products usually charge per connected device and per license. Some require a contract. In this scenario, expect to pay between $18 to $250 per month per device and per license. Ultimately, it is best to work with the vendor to determine the pricing scheme based upon your individual needs.

Digital Signage Products

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Accruent EMS Software
218 ratings
173 reviews
Top Rated
EMS Software is an enterprise space management, event, class and resource scheduling application acquired and now supported by Accruent in June 2018.
1 rating
22 reviews
Robin, headquartered in Boston offers their meeting room booking system, featuring software for scheduling conference rooms, space management with workspace usage analytics, and integratable digital signage.
0 ratings
6 reviews
TelemetryTV is a digital signage platform built for the modern communicator who needs to engage audiences, generate awareness, or give their community a voice. TelemetryTV allows users to broadcast dynamic content easily by streaming video, images, social feeds, turnkey apps, and data-driven dashb…
Four Winds Interactive
0 ratings
5 reviews
Four Winds Interactive headquartered in Denver offers their digital signage content manager and content player applications to enterprises of various sizes in many industries, providing digital content to large live digital signs and billboards in arenas and airports to smaller kiosks and interactiv…
0 ratings
3 reviews
Condeco, headquartered in London, offers their suite of workspace management and booking systems, featuring Condeco Meeting Room Booking app, supplying control over room availability, digital signage and screens, global location management, meeting reminders and email integration (e.g. Outlook), vis…
Rise Vision
2 ratings
2 reviews
Rise Vision in Shawnee, Kansas offers their digital signage platform in multiple tiers, providing small DIY business owners with a free platform for managing signs, to an Enterprise plan for larger businesses simultaneously sending dynamic content to many signs at once. Rise Vision also offers conte…
3 ratings
2 reviews
Scala in Malvern, PA offers their digital signage software which provides Designer for content design, Content Manager for content organization and control, and Player for content viewing. Notably the software supports a wide array of digital signage including touchscreen kiosks and service for dire…
0 ratings
1 review
XhibitSignage from Mvix Digital Signage in Sterling, VA is a cloud-based content creation and distribution platform designed to support a network of illustrative and interactive displays, billboards, video walls and kiosks. Mvix also supplies hardware appliances to support digital signage networks w…
2 ratings
1 review
BrightSign in Los Gatos offers their solid state digital signage appliances, displays, and content distribution and management software platform BrightAuthor for designing the content to be displayed, with optional templates.
Broadsign in Montreal offers a suite of digital signage products for various purposes including Broadsign Control for content distribution across a network of digital signs with content automation and scheduling. Broadsign Creator provides tools to support the creation of compliant brand content to …
Enplug in Culver City offers a digital signage application for businesses which supports creation of HD displays of all kinds and social wall and deploying dynamic content to remote locations via DisplayOS, the company's centralized signage management console. Enplug also offers hardware devices to …
Visix AxisTV Signage Suite
Visix in Norcross, Georgia offers the AxisTV Signage Suite, which includes a content design suite for creators with drag-and-drop widgets and workflow, with desktop and mobile access. AxisTV supports distribution of automated content as well (e.g. weather updates, stocks, traffic, sports scores, soc…
German company Adversign Media offers viewneo, a digital signage platform including software with (optionally) hardware as well, which can be deployed on a small scale displaying a single sign and which also can manage an entire network of signage with no server. The company also provides content an…
Cnario Digital Signage Suite
YCD Multimedia in New York offers Cnario Digital Signage Suite, a content management and content distribution platform media meant to be displayed across a wide range of digital displays and signs, as well as interactive kiosks.
Omnivex Moxie
Omnivex Corp in Ontario provides their digital signage application Omnivox Moxie to businesses and multinational enterprises of various sizes managing networks of digital signs. Moxie Cloud provides a browser-based management console with templates, along with news and weather feeds. The upscaled Mo…
STRATACACHE in Dayton, Ohio supports ActiVia for Media, a digital signage software solution to support content management and distribution for large digital content and sign networks, and also includes real-time analytics.
Industry Weapon in Pittsburgh offers CommandCenterHD, a software platform for managing a digital signage network, along with the MediaBridge network health monitoring application to ensure a well-functioning signage network. Additionally, Industry Weapon offers a range of digital signage hardware an…
Techware Digital Signage
Indian company Techware Software Solutions offers a range of digital signage solutions such as content management, design tools and design assistance, as well as display devices and hardware.
Florida-based Spectrio provides a range of digital display and interactive media, such as digital signage, digital menu boards, interactive displays and kiosks, and both the content management software and hardware required to support a digital signage network and infrastructure.
Navori QL
Swiss company Navori offers QL, the company's digital signage software platform which provides content creation, organization and management software and also hardware devices supporting digital signage.
British company Signagelive offers a digital interactive signage software and content for a variety of industries such as retail, quick service restaurants, hospitality, education, as well as displays.
Diversified Digital Signage
Diversified, headquartered in New Jersey, offers a suite of services for designing and building digital signage, supporting advertising networks and company branding, meeting rooms and workspaces with information or data visualization, IPTV, or digital directories.
ATEN Digital Signage
ATEN International headquartered in Taiwan offers a wide range of 4K, video wall, and digital signage solutions, including switch and control solutions, inputs and output devices, in multiple series including the VE, VK, VM, and VS series.
NexSigns is a digital signage system that is designed to work for digital menu boards, internal communication, retail promotion, and more. Customers include Fortune 500 companies and ambitious startups. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution provides an industry first scalable global…
Piksel Digital Signage
Piksel, headquartered in the UK, provides a digital signage solution.