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SwipedOn Visitor Management System.

Visitor Management Software Overview

What is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management software tracks everyone entering a building or office whether customers, delivery workers, job applicants, consultants, etc. Typical tasks performed by a visitor management system include:
  • Maintaining an electronic log of all visitors
  • queue management
  • Print capability for printing out ID badges
  • Signature capture for NDAs and other legal documents
  • Visitor photographing, photographic ID
  • Delivery tracking and acceptance
This kind of software is deployed on a PC, tablet, or sometimes in a self-service kiosk.

Visitor management systems replace sign-in pen and paper tools and have the major advantage that all data is stored in a database for easy retrieval if necessary.

Visitor Management Products

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SwipedOn Visitor Management System
7 ratings
10 reviews
Top Rated
SwipedOn visitor management system is a visitor management software platform that allows businesses to reinvent their welcome systems. According to the vendor, they have helped thousands of businesses welcome millions of visitors around the globe. The vendor's goal is to provide a clever design and …
5 ratings
6 reviews
The Envoy visitor management and registration software suite, with Envoy Visitors, provides an iPad-based guest sign-in capability. The product automates badge printing, host notifications, and legal agreements. Additional product Envoy Protect allows users to control which employees can enter a wo…
Teem by iOFFICE
2 ratings
5 reviews
Teem (formerly EventBoard) is cloud-based software for organizing and optimizing internal events and meetings. Teem allows employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze their company’s meeting and collaboration behavio…
Cisco DNA Spaces
5 ratings
1 review
Cisco DNA Spaces is a locational analytics solution designed to remove physical blindspots from business operations by sensing location intelligence from all underlying Cisco wireless network and translating them into business ready insights. It also offers a variety of digitization toolkits, SDKs, …
1 rating
1 review
iOffice Integrated Workplace Management System (iOffice IWMS) is an IT asset management and facilities management solution, from Houston-based company iOffice.
Veristream's iVisitor automates the visitor management process for companies of all sizes, as well as educational and corporate campuses.
Proxyclick is cloud-based software that manages site visitors, from invitation to checkout.
Traction Guest
Traction Guest is a cloud-based visitor management platform allowing companies to better understand who their visitors are, how often they’re visiting and where.
The Receptionist
The Receptionist is an i-Pad based visitor management system which handles visitor logging, badge printing, and built-in email/SMS communication capabilities.
Open Options DNA Fusion
Open Options headquartered in Addison offers the DNA Fusion suite, a physical access control system.
HID Global offers the HID SAFE suite of physical identity and location and visitor management system, designed to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas, a web-based solution which includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, security and background checks, access authorization, check-in…
Qminder provides a queue management system with solutions available for healthcare, retail, education, government and ridesharing industries. According to the vendor key business benefits include: Deliver an excellent customer experienceReduce wait timeIncrease business profitabilityMonitor service…
BadgePass Visitor Manager
BadgePass headquartered in Ridgeland offers a visitor management system, BadgePass Visitor Manager, part of the BadgePass credential management suite of products.
KeepnTrack is a visitor management system from COMPanion Corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City.
TEMPbadge Visitor Management System (VMS)
PDC IDenticard, a Brady Corporation company, offers TEMPbadge Visitor Management System (VMS), designed to be an easy-to-use and intuitive system.
VersionX EntryPoint
VersionX EntryPoint is a visitor management solution that authenticates and monitors people across multiple entry points, premises, and locations using cloud and mobile technology. It also integrates with access control hardware. This solution is targeted for various industries including manufactur…
VAMS, from V-Authenticate headquartered in Mumbai, allows users to authenticate visitors, maintain their identity records, send emergency alerts, blacklist unwanted entities and track all the data of walk-ins and appointments in real-time.
Trusted Services offers a cloud based visitor registration / contact tracing system that is presented by them as easy to implement. It is designed to allow administrators to contact-trace location, time and date easily, without needing to pay an external party to do it. The vendor states that NoqN…
Spacewell (MCS IWMS)
Spacewell headquartered in Antwerp presents their IWMS suite for commercial and corporate real estate. The suite contains solutions for facilities management with work order management and BIM-enabled asset tracking, energy management, workspace planning, as well as visitor management and meeting ro…
QLess is a virtual queue management application from the company of the same name in Pasadena, featuring FlexAppointments appointment scheduling for managing walk-ins in an orderly way, and booking future meetings, interactive notification and communication with visitors and guests, a QLess mobile a…
IQLobby is a lobby appointment scheduler for banks and financial institutions. The app runs on Apple IOS ipad and Microsoft surface tablets. The application allows banking customers to check-in on arrival to the financial institution so that the customer/prospect can get the best and quickest serv…
symplr Visitor Management
symplr Visitor Management, from symplr in Houston, is designed to enable clerical and volunteer staff to check in visitors in 30 seconds or less, while collecting vital information that lets administration and leadership know who's onsite at a glance at anytime.
iLobby is a tablet-based visitor registration and management platform that enhances the security of your business infrastructure and improves the site visitor experience.
Sine is a visitor and contractor management software solution for recording all staff, visitor, and contractor check-ins, from small to large businesses. A multi-platform software, it is available on the web, iPad, and a mobile iOS and android app.The online solutions allows businesses to maintain e…
CloudApper Visitors
Visitor Track is described by the vendor as a modern, affordable, and effective way of managing visitors. Visitor Track aims to allow businesses to improve the visitor experience, digitize a concrete visit log, and save hours of paperwork. Visitor Track also reduces administrative costs by replacing…