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Best Transactional Email Software include:, Amazon SES, and Mailgun.

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Transactional Email Software Overview

What is Transactional Email Software?

Transactional email software allows users to send one-to-one personalized emails based on trigger events that occur in the user's app or on their website. Examples of transactional emails would be a welcome letter, a shipping confirmation, or an e-receipt. At the heart of these products is an API used to configure and detect the trigger events. Often the email builder and analytics offered in transactional email tools are fairly basic.

Some email marketing and marketing automation providers offer transactional email capabilities in addition to campaign-based functionality. There is also some overlap between transactional email tools and mobile marketing products that send transactional SMS messages, or transactional email messages triggered by activity within a mobile app (like a welcome email for new users sent upon creating an account in the app).

Transactional Email Products

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Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns provides users with segmentation, campaign editing, and deliverability. According to the vendor, Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns is trusted by over 80,000 customers globally, including Airbnb, Spotify and Uber. Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns…


Sendinblue is a cloud-based marketing communication software which performs tasks related to managing marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages. It is designed to be an all-in-one-tool for all digital marketing needs.


Mailgun is a transactional email API service which was owned and supported by Rackspace (acquired in 2012) and then spun off in 2017 as an independent and standalone entity.

Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is an outbound-only email-sending service useful for marketing and transactional email, relying on the infrastructure of Amazon. Amazon SES provides the requisite statistics and built-in notifications for bounces, complaints, and deliveries…



Starting Price $7.49

Mailjet is an email solution designed for both marketers and developers. Mailjet allows them to create, send, and track marketing and transactional emails via a user interface or APIs. EMAIL MARKETINGMailjet’s user interface is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish,…

Mailchimp Transactional Email (Mandrill)

Mailchimp Transactional Email (formerly Mandrill) is designed to allow users to deliver fast, personalized transactional emails using API or SMTP.


SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform providing user communication that includes emails, SMS, web push, SMTP, and user management.. This solution includes 15,000 free emails with up to 2,500 subscribers per month.


Postmark from Wildbit in Philadelphia sends and tracks transactional emails. allows small to mid-size companies that sell online to send triggered or segmented, in-context marketing or transactional (e.g. payment receipts) emails. With an emphasis on presenting timely and relevant content to individual customers, supports A/B Testing,…

Oracle Dyn Email

The Oracle Dyn Email Delivery service is an email delivery infrastructure which supports sending via an API or SMTP, and is built to reliably support bulk and transactional emails. The service also includes sender reputation management (via its RepMan service), send monitoring and…


Sendwithus is a communications platform built around advanced email content management. The platform aims to simplify email creation with a robust API, an intuitive visual editor, and built-in device testing, allowing for collaborative email strategy and execution. The cloud-based…

Elastic Email

Elastic Email is an email delivery service for transactional emailing.


MailUp is the eponymous email & SMS platform from the Italian company that was founded in 2002 that now has a modest but respectable presence across the western world with a diverse customer base (Yamaha, Amnesty International, Korean Air, etc.). Mailup's platform combines email…

SMTP Email Relay Solutions

SMTP Email Relay Solutions is a transactional email service formerly from SharpSpring and now a J2 Global company.


ClickSend aims to help businesses communicate with their customers and staff in the moments that matter on the channels, they use every day.ClickSend is designed to power billions of messages worldwide and offers a full suite of communications products from SMS and rich messaging…


Pepipost is a transactional email service from the Indian company of the same name.


SocketLabs in Aston, Pennsylvania offers a cloud-based SMTP relay and suite of email deliverability tools, email creative guidance, as well as an on-premise deliverability solution, Hurricane. Hurricane MTA On-Premise Email Server is the backbone of SocketLabs’ On-Demand email delivery…


JangoSMTP is a transactional email service, supported by JangoMail headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.


LeaderSend is a transactional email service from the Latvian company of the same name.


EmailGreen is a web-based application that enables business owners to organize their contacts in the EmailGreen CRM, create customized email marketing campaigns, incorporate mobile marketing into their strategy, engage in social media, and much more using the EmailGreen platform.…


Dyspatch is an email production platform that helps enterprise organizations create and change transactional and triggered emails faster, by centralizing template creation, approval, and publishing processes. The API, visual editor, and built-in device testing allow for email strategy…


Email management for growing businessesOutpost makes it easy to track, organize, and coordinate responses to customer emails. Never miss a message or duplicate a responseSee when team members respond to any email in any shared inbox. This prevents two people from replying to the…


Postreak is a transactional email service from Cinergix.


UniSender is a simple solution for Email campaigns. This is an all-in-one marketing platform for personalized Email, SMS campaigns, and lead generation. The vendor promises that UniSender offers the following: Emails in mobile format. It has 100+ ready-to-use templates ideally…


SendWP is a WordPress ESP that ensures each WordPress email gets delivered on time.