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Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice)

Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice)


What is Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice)?

Dolby presents the Dolby Voice product line of consisting as software as well as conference phones and video conferencing equipment, able to produce an immersive, natural conferencing experience. It is available in various kits, such as the Dolby Voice Room…

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What is Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice)?

Dolby presents the Dolby Voice product line of consisting as software as well as conference phones and video conferencing equipment, able to produce an immersive, natural conferencing experience. It is available in various kits, such as the Dolby Voice Room kit, as well as Dolby Voice Pro (for…

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What is Lifesize Video Conferencing?

Lifesize is a web conferencing platform focused on making video conferencing systems and video conferencing apps work well together, while still being easy-to-use. Their platform incorporates web conferencing software with meeting room devices and wireless screen sharing.

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Product Details

What is Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice)?

Dolby presents the Dolby Voice product line of conference phones and video conferencing equipment as able to produce an immersive, natural experience, and is available in various kits, such as the Dolby Voice Room kit, as well as Dolby Voice Pro (for boardrooms), and Dolby Voice Huddle.

Dolby Voice is available for purchase via CDW, or bundled with video conference solutions like BlueJeans, or Highfive.

Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice) Technical Details

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John Gaskell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice) units, or flying saucers, as we call them, have been used across the whole of our division from the UK and Ireland all the way down to Australia and New Zealand. Some sites have a number of these depending on how many meeting rooms they have on site (we try to provide the unit for every meeting room within the divison). We also have some VIP users who have the unit set up in their office due to a large number of vIdeo conferences that they do throughout the day.
  • One-touch easy-to-join meeting
  • Supports two TV screens
  • Supports laptop screens on two TV screens without joining a video conference
  • Reduces mess of cables In the room
  • Dolby audio sound quality
  • Speaker and microphone within the same unit on the table
  • Supports wide range of cameras, including their own cameras
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust
  • Support of three TV screens would be nice In some rooms
Implementing these units within our business reduced the number of support requests to our internal IT support desk. This was simply because these units are so simple to use. The user books a video conference meeting within Outlook and includes the meeting room they wish to hold the video conference in. Within five minutes, their meeting is recognized on the Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice). Their meeting is also shown on the TV screen within the meeting room so that other people can see who will be using the room. On entering the room, the user simply touches the Join button next to their meeting on the Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice), normally in the middle of the table, and within a few seconds, the meeting room has joined the video conference meeting.
  • Simple to use, one-touch join
  • Robust, strong, and neat with one unit and one cable
  • Microphone and speaker quality is first class; will suit most meeting rooms--even large rooms
  • 95% reduction in IT support desk requests for help with the equipment
  • High-quality microphone and speaker
  • Robust, smart, clean looking.
  • Supports two TVs
  • Supports a number of cameras
The biggest issue with others that we find is that no one has a simple one-touch method for users to join a video conference meeting. With most others, we found you either have to find your meeting or manually enter your meeting. With Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice), you are straight into the room--one touch and in the meeting.
I represent all of the IT functions of our business, from the systems that the business uses to the IT infrastructure. I am responsible for ensuring that my divisional IT team provides the highest quality IT services for the business. I also ensure that our IT services provide value for money to ensure that we are not wasting more on poor IT services.
To say one person is not correct, as the support we have to provide for these units is very low. So to say we have one person is high, as we do not have one person dedicated each day. Once these units are installed, they just work!
  • Making meeting room less cluttered
  • Making meeting rooms more interactive
  • Users are empowered to get on and use the system themselves
  • Speed of users able to use the hardware
  • Amazing audio quality
  • First-class picture quality
  • Use in more offices and meeting rooms
  • Reduce travel
This rating is given because it is simple for us--a no-brainer to replace these units with a new Dolby video conferencing device. The fact that these units make the room neater and make it very easy for a user to onboard and use, just makes it a must-have item. The Linux version of these units is also easier to use with a little software patching required. For us, we can also use the Microsoft Teams gateway.
We had a number of the Polycom video conference units on most sites. Users used to find it hard to work out the remote control unit with the Polycom unit, press a button, and then found themselves stuck on something that they did not need, losing their picture, etc.

I would also add that these Dolby Conference Phone (Dolby Voice) units are the first thing we give a business we have acquired, as they are very simple to install in any meeting room and it's important for the managers to have good technology to communicate.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Product features are high on the list rather than price because we know that if the features are simple to use for any type of user within the business, then we have a winner for our users to be confident using. A number of times, users who thought the new device would be hard to understand have found that it is simple to use, with praise coming our way from the users as to how good the unit is.
To be honest, the process will be different next time, as the focus will be to reject any device without a one-touch join feature since we 100% know that we will be wasting our time to consider anything else that does not meet first that requirement. Then we would look at the quality of the audio and microphone.
  • Implemented in-house
Implementation was in phases only due to rolling across the division into different countries.
Change management was minimal
We covered all the bases, to be fair. We ensured that users were aware of the change to the meeting room. We provide a simple card to explain how to use the system. We then did a card on the TV with instructions so the user read the TV to understand how to use the device. We also did some short video tip features.
  • Distance of our sites from the UK (i.e., get the unit to the site; time)
We did not have any key issues during the implementation. The units are very easy to configure for BlueJeans. When you first turn on the unit, you select the video conferencing platform that you are using. The wizard will then request various information (e.g., IP address, network) and then look for software updates. Once completed, the unit can be installed in the meeting room. The unit will run off a PoE network lead, so one lead to the unit.
When we have asked the question to either BlueJeans or Dolby, we have been given the answer quickly. To be honest, the number of times that we have had to go to support on these units has been very low--maybe once a quarter.
We did not purchase any premium or extra support because we knew we would get support on the units from BlueJeans with support included within their service. We have been lucky to have access to Dobly direct with a connection via our vendor. This extra channel give us more knowledge about these units for us to be able to configure the units ourselves--which is very easy to do--and support any issues.
The best moment for us with support was when they told us about their web portal that would allow us to access the extra layers of config on these units in addition to the config options provided by BlueJeans. This was just fabulous, and finding the portal easy to use was also very good.
That this unit is so easy for users to use. To join a meeting is a simple one-touch join. If they have not added the meeting room to their invite, then entering the meeting ID into the unit via the touch screen on the flying saucer is very easy. The mute button is on the top of the unit and shows a red LED circle when on mute.
  • Options clear on the touch screen
  • Volume button very clear to find/see and use
  • Mute button clear to see and use
  • Looks elegant
  • Cable hidden underneath
  • Main unit hidden behind TV
  • Hard to see power on/off button when the unit is behind the TV
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