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What is EditShare?

EditShare offers networked shared storage and workflow solutions for the production, post-production, new media, sports, and education markets, including on-prem, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Products include media optimized high-performance shared storage, archiving and backup software, a suite of media management…

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What is EditShare?

EditShare offers networked shared storage and workflow solutions for the production, post-production, new media, sports, and education markets, including on-prem, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Products include media optimized high-performance shared storage, archiving and backup software, a suite of…

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Product Demos

Editing From Anywhere with Adobe Premiere Pro and FLOW


Building a Media Composer Project From Anywhere with FLOW Universal Projects


Simple Workstation Management in the Cloud With FLEX


Monitoring Storage + Workflow All From One Place


Collaborative workflows with FLOW integration for DaVinci Resolve


Seamless Proxy Editing with EFSv and Adobe Premiere Pro

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Product Details

What is EditShare?

EditShare offers networked shared storage and workflow solutions for the production, post-production, new media, sports, and education markets, including on-prem, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Products include media optimized high-performance shared storage, archiving and backup software, a suite of media management tools and open APIs that enable integration throughout the workflow.

Products include

  • EFS:Shared Video Storage - Designed for media and production team environments, EFS'sstorage maximizes digital media performance and is equally suitable as a shared file system on-premise or using cloud storage.
  • FLOW Media Asset Management Software - A solution that indexes and centralizes files regardless of where they are stored. FLOW makes them searchable and accessible through a UI.
  • FLEX Cloud Video Storage - A suite of turnkey, ready-to-go solutions for remote collaborative workflows and video editing in the cloud. Available modules include edit in the cloud and multi-premises synchronization – and implement them in a own cloud account.
  • MediaSilo (from Shift Media) - A video collaboration HQ used to manage all creative assets, that can protect the user's IP and secure assets with studio-grade security at a price that scales.
  • Wiredrive (from Shift Media) - A place to store all assets, and to enable users to build and share custom, branded presentations.
  • (from Shift Media) - a virtual screening room for providing access to pre-release content, designed to provide a simplified and secure way to get creative video work in front of the people who need to see it.

After merging with Shift Media, Shift Media's products – MediaSilo, Wiredrive, and – are under the EditShare corporate brand.

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EditShare Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Ann Asprodites | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a one-person shop, eight of the twelve companies I represent provide Wiredrive for me to use in sales. While my clients acknowledge Wiredrive as the gold standard in delivery methods, I enjoy the ease of manipulating the spots and previewing the finished piece. I also like the fact that I can change or update the link after it has been sent. Thus, it addresses the problem of last minute changes and updates. I also keep links as templates so that if I need a particular style or line up, I can reference a previous link.
  • Wiredrive organizes the content for easy selection for reels. I am also able to add a reel while I am previewing it - this saves time.
  • Wiredrive's tech support is remarkable: someone with a name calls me back immediately with easily understood solutions. The techs are patient, as well, and I never feel rushed or unschooled.
  • The analytics are priceless in timing my follow up. Knowing or not knowing if someone has viewed the work or forwarded the link to team mates allows me to be timely and effective
  • The greatest problem I have with Wiredrive is the interaction with iTunes for screening in a group. The download protocol and rearrangement of the spots is awkward.
The companies with whom I work that do not use Wiredrive use Simian, Get-A-Reel and in one case, a proprietary platform designed in house. These systems are not as fast, the content not as well organized and the analytics not revealing. These are the issues I bring up with these companies and the questions I would pose to a prospective user.
  • Positive timing on follow up, thus increased sales efficiency.
  • Positive flexibility in updates and changes.
  • Swift almost real time delivery allows content to be viewed during discussions.
  • Get-A-Reel,Simian,Ad Beast,Propriety systems
Again, the analytics of these other systems were vague, but more urgently, the organization of the content was awkward. In some situations such as Get-A-Reel, I cannot save links to use as templates, thus I have to rebuild each reel from the beginning.
Jonny Beck | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Wiredrive to manage and share all of our media online. It is used within the whole company and shared with non Wiredrive users and Wiredrive users alike.
  • Constructing reels to showcase work.
  • Online media management, meaning easy access whenever or wherever you are.
  • Provides a platform for media to be directly downloaded by any recipient - Wiredrive and Non Wiredrive users.
  • Bulk delete is certainly something to be looked at. This could be made easier.
  • Thumbnail customisation on project folders.
  • Thumbnail customisation for videos stored.
Wiredrive is well suited to anyone who wants a platform online to store and share their work. Film production companies would really benefit, as well as creative individuals that are sharing their work with others.
Video Marketing
Video Platform Integrations
Video Security
Video Player
Video Analytics
Video Hosting, Management & Storage
Video Engagement
  • Very positive. Easier workflow.
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • vimeo,slate
We selected Wiredrive because of the fantastic customer service.
September 11, 2014

Wiredrive or Bust

Stefanie Manning | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Wiredrive is being used throughout the organization to provide a point of reference internally and with our clients as to what content is running on digital networks we service vs. what content is archived. We also utilize Wiredrive for the approval process since so many parties/agencies are involved. Due to the number of clients, digital displays, and daily content updates, we needed something user friendly, fast, and easily accessible.
  • Provides many options for file previews. Links can be created and shared amongst parties that do not have access/an account, and permissions to these files can be easily added/removed.
  • Approval and feedback features make it possible to receive very specific information, to the frame and second marker, which helps immensely avoid any miscommunications.
  • Customization of sub-folder directories and organization by client preference is pivotal.
  • Copy feature for files. I often need to copy a file to more than one additional folder and cannot do this easily, nor quickly at the moment.
EASE OF USE...our clients are not always involved in the technical aspects of our industry, so being able to easily and quickly access information/files is extremely important. It's difficult to use Wiredrive for a client with numerous digital displays though, in terms of file moving and uploading, but it is key for organizational purposes.
  • Constant client visibility and peace-of-mind
  • Increased efficiency
  • Marketing Central,Widen Media Collective,Widen
EASE OF USE. There are so many options and offerings in all of these tools, but the UI/UX design and intuitiveness for accomplishing tasks is far superior than the other tools I've tested and utilized.
I feel we are only scratching the surface of the current offerings, so further investigation is needed. Also, future developments and current impressive client base are additional selling points.
September 08, 2014

Wiredrive Rocks!

Sal Allababidi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used Wiredrive since practically its inception. They are an amazing team of very smart and friendly people. The system is extremely robust and has a very intuitive and gorgeous design. The engineering and sales teams have always taken my feedback to heart and have actually made many improvements over the years, based on user feedback and suggestions. A great company all around. Highly recommended. A+
  • Content Management
  • Client Presentation
  • Active Directory Authentication
Wiredrive is suitable for client presentation and in files management area.
  • All positive. Users and clients love it!
  • Interdubs,FTP
Great support, Sales, and Engineering teams. Beautifully designed tool. Robust system.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Wiredrive is used in a few different ways for my company. We have an online database of all our work as well as individual project sections for each of our clients. Wiredrive is used for client and internal review as well as a marketing tool. With the database, or library, we are able to create presentations, customize how they will look and review all content before sending them out for reviews, proposals, RPFs, etc. Wiredrive is an all-in-one online storage site for our company's client and marketing needs.
  • An easy to use and in-depth online library for our work. Fully customizable, we can add tags/credits to each piece of work for further organization and sorting.
  • The project side of Wiredrive is perfect for our clients needs. We are able to upload all required work to one place and send out customizable presentations to each client with their own logo.
  • Interfacing with new or prospective clients is easy with the customizable presentations.
  • Having the library and project as different sides, may result in having to upload the same file multiple times. For instance, you want to have a comprehensive library with all your finals, but also want the final in the associated project folder- you cannot share the same source file, you have to upload it twice and take up space.
  • Having 'hidden' files from clients. Other providers allow for a section in each project folder where you can upload temp files or internal review files that the client cannot see.
Wiredrive works perfectly for gathering and maintaining a well organized online library for proposals and review purposes. The biggest 'want' my company has with Wiredrive is for an added folder/location within each project that will allow for internal review only and not give access to that folder to users marked as "client" or similar.
  • Since starting with Wiredrive we have been able to maintain an online library for proposal purposes.
  • When potential clients ask to see some of our work, we employees and freelancers can now go to our branded Wiredrive page to find videos they need- they no longer have to go through our broadcast operations manager.
  • This has allowed for faster and easier reviewing by our clients. They all love being able to log into a website and see the days updates on their videos/commercials.
We switched over from Workzone to Wiredrive. We loved Workzone's ability to keep certain files hidden from our clients but overall we feel that Wiredrive is a better fit for our marketing needs.
Overall this is a great product. There are some points in which we would like to see Wiredrive improve or add features to; but as far as any parts of Wiredrive that we don't like, there aren't any.
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