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What is Entrata?

The Entrata Platform, from the company of the same name headquartered in Lehi, is a property management platform designed for leasing management of multifamily properties and tenants. The Entrata platform features a general ledger and accounting management, invoice management, as…

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Entrata software has been praised by users for its user-friendly interface and efficient communication capabilities. Property managers …
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What is Entrata?

The Entrata Platform, from the company of the same name headquartered in Lehi, is a property management platform designed for leasing management of multifamily properties and tenants. The Entrata platform features a general ledger and accounting management, invoice management, as well as lead…

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Entrata is used throughout my company: both at our properties and in corporate operations. Essentially, it's a full-service software platform for the property management industry. It can be used for customer relationship management, e-signatures, budgeting and accounting, and email marketing. It fulfills about 75% of my regular software needs.
  • I send customer communications almost exclusively through Entrata because everything ports into a customer activity log. It's simple and great for record keeping.
  • Invoices and payments can be handled from start to finish within Entrata. Expenses port directly into the property budget, allowing users to make informed buying decisions.
  • Within Entrata, a prospective customer can move from expressing initial interest to applying, signing a lease, and eventually renewing a lease. All documents and activity are housed within that customer's profile. It is the cleanest and most efficient method of leasing that I've encountered.
  • The biggest con that I can think of is that some functions are not as intuitive as they should be (while still being more intuitive than most competitors, if I'm being honest). Processes such as transferring a resident to a new unit, changing lease dates, or adding a new contact to an account can be exceedingly complicated.
  • Customers can opt out of any form of information sent through Entrata. As a prospect, that makes sense. As a tenant, not so much. Management frequently shares details that are absolutely essential to customers.
Entrata isn't perfect, but it is heads and shoulders above its competitors. They consistently respond to customer needs and continually add to their suite of services. The platform is attractive and was built for Google Chrome from the get-go, unlike some competitors that were stuck on Internet Explorer for years and years. That might not mean much to some, but I think it exemplifies that Entrata puts user experience first. It has a robust array of functions and I'm happy to use it.

For email marketing, Entrata is great. If you market by text message, Entrata is probably not your best bet. Customers are opted out of texts by default, so we've had to explore other avenues for mass text communications.
  • I think Entrata is a net ROI positive because it consolidates a lot of different software needs. Rather than paying for a CRM, accounting software, messaging tools, and e-signature services - you can accomplish everything in one platform.
  • Entrata simplifies the customer interface as well. A simpler leasing process means fewer lost leads.
The one competitor with whom I have significant experience is OneSite. Simply put, Entrata is better at every single thing. It has a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing interface. It is more intuitive. It functions better in more browsers. It has more property management tools and more functions available to customers.
I've used Entrata with three companies, all of whom have had an in-house liaison to the company. Consequently, I haven't had to work directly with Entrata support on very many occasions. However, I have personally seen feature requests added to the platform in a timely manner. That kind of service is rare in this industry.
Brandon Kenig | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize Entrata to manage websites and online leasing, including rental unit inventory, for three apartment properties. We manage and update housing inventory, create and deploy marketing content to our websites and social media platforms, maintain an image repository for all of our outbound marketing efforts, and maintain link tracking and vanity phone numbers.
  • Integration of lead-generation database with a website.
  • Ease of communication with apartment residents via email marketing, text, and web messaging.
  • Streamlined invoice and purchase management.
  • Standard website CMS functionality.
  • Unlimited file and asset storage in the cloud.
  • Website editing and content customization.
  • The user interface could be much more user-friendly and intuitive. Tools are disjointed, and some reports and integrations are several click-layers deep and not as accessible as they should be.
  • The integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for event tracking on-site is severely limited and lacking.
As an all-in-one solution (website, email marketing, SMS, online inventory management, leasing data, renter management), Entrata is very effective and provides solid integration with ILS (internet leasing services like and Zillow) for pushing out data updates. However, Entrata's website solution is turnkey, and lacks customization features standard in any generic CMS, requiring a redesign and new site template to just add new content.
  • We have efficiently tracked and monitored with internet listing services (ILS), which have produced leads and leases for us.
  • We've bundled our costs and saved thousands of dollars from having to maintain a website and database with another provider.
  • We've been able to employ vanity phone numbers and URLs for marketing purposes to gauge the efficacy of our marketing channels.
Entrata is completely cloud-based and provides much more integrated functionality, but fewer custom features. Also, Entrata's UI could be greatly improved. Overall, Entrata's API is more open and allows for more third-party integrations and ILS connectivity over time than its competitors. Combining the marketing portal (website, email marketing, SMS) with leasing management (renter invoices, rent collection, late fees, move in/move out checklists) provides for a unique, bundled service platform.
February 26, 2019

The Glory of Entrata!

Abel Mercado | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Entrata is used on a day to day basis at my current place of work. We use it to keep track of residents, applicants, rent, utilities, and so on. Cardinal Management Group (the management group that oversees our team) uses Entrada at HQ, as well as at every property. The great thing about Entrada is that it's full of different abilities and minimizes the need for different programs!
  • Entrata does a great job of reminding you when you need/ should follow up with customers and you can use the Entrata email function for easy and fast follow-ups!
  • Applicant Screenings! It is so helpful to be able to do an Experian Credit Check on the same program where you have all the applicant information.
  • Every customer in Entrata has their own activity log where you can take note of any customer interactions that take place!
  • Sometimes, some of our customers won't require a follow-up but there isn't an option to opt them out of follow-ups but the leads will still appear.
  • Access. Some of the things that should be accessible to all team members aren't (creating templates, saving signatures, or seeing credit screening details) and putting in a ticket or asking for permission can be time-consuming.
If you are working at any student or conventional property, I would highly recommend it!
  • Entrata has helped keep our budgeting in order and has made it simple to generate financial reports.
Entrata is the one stop shop for property management CRM! It has so many functions that make leasing periods efficient and effective while making resident management easy to handle.
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