Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom)

Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom)

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Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom)


What is Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom)?

FoxitPhantom PDF is a document management software offering from FoxIt.
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Product Details

What is Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom)?

FoxitPhantom PDF is a document management software offering from FoxIt.

Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom) Video

Make your PDF work flow with Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom) Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

FoxitPhantom PDF is a document management software offering from FoxIt.

Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom) starts at $14.99.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Foxit PDF Editor (FoxitPhantom) are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
FoxitPhantom PDF was rolled out organization-wide to replace Adobe Acrobat and achieve significant cost savings. Most in the organization need a simple PDF reader and this tool does the job. Some groups within the organization insisted on keeping Adobe (i.e compliance, legal, marketing) due to higher than average document review and redlining, but the compatibility between the two tools is not perfect.
  • PDF Viewing
  • PDF Editing
  • Viewing Multiple PDFs at Once
  • PDF commenting/annotating
  • Compatibility with other PDF tools
  • Design/User experience
FoxitPhantom PDF could be well suited for basic PDF reading/editing needs. In order to function properly, I think everyone in the organization needs to be using the tool. In cases where an organization has multiple PDF tools, FoxitPhantom PDF can have compatibility issues. This is especially true when working with outside vendors who use other PDF tools, like Adobe, for annotating or reviewing your annotations. For example, comments or annotations may not show up correctly or are not as intuitive as in the PDF tool they were created on. Other internal teams like compliance and legal also use Adobe because they did not like Foxit and review so many documents. For those who do not have Adobe internally, Foxit can cause annotations to be missed when they aren't intuitively displayed to the Foxit user when they were written in another tool like Adobe.
  • Positive - Lower cost on standard PDF software
  • Negative - Compatibility between other internal groups/outside vendors that use other tools like Adobe for annotations
  • Negative - Sentiment about change to Foxit from the previous tool (Adobe Acrobat)
Foxit Phantom is pretty easy to use, but it is not as intuitive as the latest Adobe PDF products. Although the initial transition across the organization was filled with negative reactions, I think that over a few months, all departments were able to adapt to the new software and feel like they could find what they need within the tool.
Indifferent rating. I have not had to contact support or customer service FoxitPhantom PDF. Our internal tech support was equipped to handle basic questions during the initial rollout and employees helped each other through the transition from Adobe Acrobat.
FoxitPhantom PDF is a cheaper alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It can get the job done with basic PDF needs, but the user experience is not a slick as the Adobe products with the recent updates. Foxit was ultimately selected to reduce the costs for a basic PDF reader and editing tool and overall, it has got the job done.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
FoxitPhantom PDF is being used throughout my organization. It is being used to view, edit, protect, covert, merge and annotate PDFs. It has come in handy especially when converting documents from PDF to Excel and vice versa. When looking for software that provided all these powerful features, this came in at the lowest cost.
  • FoxitPhantom carries superior editing tools over Adobe Acrobat and similar products. It allows you to modify text, images, & objects in a more robust fashion
  • Integrates well with Microsoft Office products such as Word, PPT, & Excel
  • Allows you to work in a nearly paperless environment
  • Not that this is unique to just FoxitPhantom, but the OCR technology can certainly get tripped up with more complex documents
  • Converting documents from PDF to Excel can still have problems
If you are looking for a cheaper replacement to Adobe Acrobat, this is the product for you. It does just about everything Acrobat does and some of the similar features work even better on FoxitPhantom. The ribbon UI on the software is similar to the Microsoft Office suite products, so it is an easy transition to make.
  • OCR conversions have saved immense time for entering AP bills.
  • Merging documents has never been easier.
  • For the low price, you really couldn't ask for more.
FoxitPhantom PDF has all the same basic features that Adobe Acrobat carries, except I have personally found the editing and annotating features to be superior with FoxitPhantom. Not to mention it feels like Adobe Acrobat comes with more bloated software, whereas FoxitPhantom feels faster and takes up less space.
FoxitPhantom PDF integrates very well with the Microsoft Office products, which is where I found I use this the most. It performs about as well as can be expected, without any out of place latency. Whether it be merging, deleting, editing or rearranging pages, its performance holds up even with larger documents.
If you are used to working with Microsoft Office products, then you won't have much trouble utilizing this software. Most of the features are intuitive and easy to figure out. One drawback I have found is when I have multiple PDFs open at the same time it doesn't allow me to split the documents apart and view on multiple monitors. You have to toggle back and forth between tabs. Perhaps there is a way to this, but that function is not readily obvious.
When my department transitioned from Adobe Acrobat to FoxitPhantom, it was fairly harmless. Mostly all of the users didn't have any trouble picking up on all the basic features, even our less sophisticated users.
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