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Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights


What is Full Circle Insights?

Full Circle Insights (formerly Full Circle CRM) is built on the Salesforce platform and is primarily a marketing performance management tool. It is used to calculate the ROI from marketing programs and includes robust analytics dashboards. As such it integrates…

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Users have found Full Circle Insights to be a valuable tool for account matching and tracking touch points and engagement from known …
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What is Full Circle Insights?

Full Circle Insights (formerly Full Circle CRM) is built on the Salesforce platform and is primarily a marketing performance management tool. It is used to calculate the ROI from marketing programs and includes robust analytics dashboards. As such it integrates with the major marketing automation…

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Product Details

What is Full Circle Insights?

Full Circle Insights Video

Report on lead volume and conversion with Full Circle Response Management. Gain full funnel visibility, along every stage of your sales cycle.

Full Circle Insights Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found Full Circle Insights to be a valuable tool for account matching and tracking touch points and engagement from known records to closed opportunities. The software generates insightful marketing analytics reports and identifies campaign responses, enabling users to track ROI and ensure proper follow-up on campaigns. Additionally, users leverage Full Circle Insights to understand conversion rates, sales velocity, and performance across campaigns, regions, and different departments.

One of the key benefits of this software is the visibility it provides into the marketing funnel and marketing attribution, helping users track the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Full Circle Insights allows users to track the ROI and effectiveness of their campaigns and inside sales activities, providing them with metrics that can be used in Salesforce reporting and dashboards. Users rely on the software to measure campaign influence and identify the campaigns that contribute the most to their funnel and wins, prompting them to maintain clean data and optimize their funnels.

Another important use case of Full Circle Insights is its ability to help users understand lead to opportunity conversion by marketing channels and attributions. This enables them to launch effective campaigns and improve existing programs. Users appreciate the software's capability to track prospects from the beginning of the funnel to the point of dropping out, which assists in analyzing and improving campaigns. Full Circle Insights also helps track which campaigns contribute to opportunities and progress through the funnel, enhancing campaign analysis.

With Full Circle Insights, users can accurately measure the ROI of their campaigns and allocate budget accordingly. This solves the problem of not having clear insight into revenue-generating campaigns. The software also addresses challenges such as reporting divide, limited historical response tracking, incomplete funnel visibility, and inaccurate campaign attribution. It provides insights into how marketing activities impact the pipeline by attributing campaign responses to opportunities.

Full Circle Insights has proven valuable for users in terms of saving time, improving visibility into marketing's contribution to revenue, replacing manual tracking, and providing segmentation capabilities. It offers a clear understanding of the lead funnel and improves communication using common metrics such as MQL, TQL, SQL, conversion rates, and velocity. Users have successfully implemented Full Circle Insights to report on marketing attribution across the buyer journey and unify data in their CRM. The software also enhances campaign analysis and alignment with marketing budget categories by tying revenue back to broader source categories and individual assets.

While users have encountered some data issues, they recognize that Full Circle Insights works as designed and helps enforce campaign attribution with opportunities.

The user reviews provide the following recommendations:

  1. Take the implementation process slowly and ensure enough resources for a successful rollout. Understand what is needed before considering the software and have a business process set up with a team ready to help with implementation. Connect with Account Managers for any questions or assistance. Use a contact-based model instead of leads and switch reporting to campaign member reporting. Document configurations and decisions made during implementation, and have multiple people who understand the system to avoid issues when someone leaves.

  2. Properly implement and integrate the product, test different models against the current pipeline, ask many questions during implementation, and understand the database before setting score thresholds and choosing model attribution. However, be cautious when evaluating predictive analytics companies and educate oneself about minimum dataset requirements.

  3. Be prepared for a lot of data work when switching to the software, have enough resources for a smooth launch, and be okay with funnel metrics and custom model reporting on two different reports. Look for vendors that offer more account lifecycle management. Customize reports to meet specific needs and work closely with the representative for support and best practices. Document internal processes during discovery/setup and ensure that opportunities support attribution measurement.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Full Circle Insights was used by our marketing team to better understand campaign performance as it relates to impact on our funnel and on revenue.

It was used primarily within marketing but also used to support better insights into sales development performance.

The main challenge Full Circle solved for us was to create a standardized data model and schema for tracking performance. Pulling this data from disparate systems to Salesforce and making that a single source of truth.
  • Easy to understand data model and attribution model
  • Expert implementation support
  • Connecting tools to Salesforce as single source of truth
  • Full Circle needs to improve ABM reporting functionality - better reporting at an account level.
  • Identify professional services partners to help with deployment and process improvement
  • Better connect with Data Warehouses and custom attribution models
  • Better connect with digital tracking tools such as GA, Doubleclick etc. without having to rely on UTM tracking from Salesforce
Very suitable for traditional SaaS businesses who have good adoption of Salesforce by their GTM teams. Connects well if sales teams use the opportunity object well in Salesforce.

Less impactful if Salesforce adoption is poor or instance is highly restricted.
  • Eliminated underperforming channels such as content syndication which accounted for up to 20% of spend
  • Improved funnel velocity and inspection of Marketing to SDR handoffs
  • Created an attribution model which provided better transparency to company leadership on marketing performance - unlocked more budget
  • Good value product and ROI was positive within a year.
Full Circle's main competitors are standalone reporting tools which perform well and are a good first step into attribution.

All tools require significant investment to improve your marketing data model and how you plan and execute campaigns.

Full Circle is heavily married to Salesforce and takes advantage of Salesforce's reporting suite vs. visualizing in a standalone tool. This approach also works well if you prefer to visualize data in an alternative tool such as Tableau or Looker. The proprietary approach to visualization used by Bizible and BrightFunnel are less appealing to enterprise companies who are building a modern stack.
Bruce Brien | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • The primary business problem solved for us was waterfall visibility across multiple channels
  • The secondary business problem solved for us was the accurate attribution of marketing influence throughout the waterfall.
  • The tertiary problem solved for us was the accurate tracking and visibility into lead initiated activity (response management).
  • We worked closely with the vendor to add functionality to their current release to allow us to track multiple separate waterfalls simultaneously in order to operationalize the new Sirius Decisions Waterfall model. With the needed changes, the product works as advertised, and is providing the specific results we anticipated. In 6 months, we have not found anything else that we would want to change.
  • Beyond the reporting efficiencies gained through the automation, The ROI for Full Circle CRM does not come from the product directly, but from the decisions that can be made from the insights uncovered. We can see what is working and what is not, whether that be programs, processes, or people. Prior to implementing Full Circle CRM, we were making intelligent guesses based on a fuzzy view of the situation.
  • Full Circle CRM has uncovered opportunities for our organization to improve our marketing and tele-sales operations, which we have implemented and can see the results.
  • Our conversion rates are up across the early stages of our waterfall and we expect that trend to continue into our opportunity pipeline as we get further into the implementation.
Full Circle CRM has solved a major visibility problem for us that was the result of architectural differences between Eloqua and that cannot be solved by reporting alone. We rely on this visibility as much as the core systems themselves.
In full disclosure as a professional services marketing agency and consultancy, based on our very positive experience with Full Circle CRM, the robustness of their offering, and our ability to work together, we have entered into a partnership to provide implementation and consulting services in cooperation with Full Circle CRM. Rather than paint this review as biased, I hope that it provides insights into our decision to partner with an impressive and growing company.
  • This product is used to provide real-time visibility into our marketing, tele-sales, and sales waterfalls including conversion rates, stage velocity, and current inventory balances.
  • We also use the product to attribute marketing influence to leads and opportunities at various stages of the funnel, providing us with a more accurate reflection of the effectiveness of our programs.
We did not have a solution in place.
We looked at BI packages that had connectors into sfdc like Domo, Goodata, and Birst. We also looked into the capabilities of both Eloqua and as we have both already implemented.
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
Bulldog Solutions is a professional services company. We applied our own implementation methodology and professional lead management assessment in collaboration with the vendor's very professional on-boarding process to achieve the desired results.
When I look back at where we were on November 25th compared to where we were on January 25th, having been live for just one month, the difference is amazing. Our management discussions had already moved from discussing the validity of the data to the implications of the insights. As we approach the mid-point in our year, it is difficult to remember the old days when we could not see the road in front of us.
  • In-person training
The instructor was the same person who guided our implementation so they not only knew their application but they were also familiar with our data and our specific configuration and processes within They were able to provide customized instruction to match our needs and personnel.
The vendor only provides one level of support that is included in the offering.
The vendor worked with us tirelessly, never complaining about our broken processes and bad data. In fact, they went above and beyond their responsibilities to assist us in the process re-engineering and the data clean-up.
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