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What is Gremln?

Gremln is a St. Louis startup offering basic publishing platform for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One area of focus is compliance. The platform includes a compliance package that includes approval workflow, keyword filtering, and message archiving. They are also currently…

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  • $6 per month
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What is Gremln?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gremln is a St. Louis startup offering basic publishing platform for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One area of focus is compliance. The platform includes a compliance package that includes approval workflow, keyword filtering, and message archiving. They are also currently working on a Listening / Sentiment Analysis module. Gremln offers a basic free edition and paid plans start at $6 / moth and go up to $99 / month.

Gremln starts at $6.

Buffer, Hearsay Social, and PointBurst are common alternatives for Gremln.

The most common users of Gremln are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used Gremln for multiple companies' social media plans. For some organizations, such as conventions or smaller companies, it has been used by one person to manage multiple media sources. I personally have recommended it for company-wide use (though I'm not sure my suggestion was implemented). Because Gremln allows one or more persons to easily access, view, and manage many social media sites, it's convenient. It's also pretty easy to use, and I think the layout and tools are much more eye-pleasing and simpler to learn to use than other programs.
  • Easy to learn to use.
  • Excellent at managing multiple media sources/sites.
  • Inexpensive for what it provides.
  • Some of the tools/applications don't work, as it's still a relatively new service.
  • Sometimes contacting support can be frustrating (IE support won't actually explain what is wrong, but just tell you it's not their problem).
  • Gremln has helped us reach way more customers than trying to post separately in each of our social media platforms.
  • We have better customer interaction and feedback after being able to post across many outlets.
  • Employees have more time to focus on answering questions, interacting with customers, etc now that they can set up and monitor posts with Gremln.
I feel that Gremln is a perfect tool for someone looking to manage several (many) social media sites in one application. It's easy to set up and learn to use, and for what Gremln provides it's inexpensive. Can easily be managed by one person.
Gremln Basic is much easier to use with better options than Hootsuite Free. I also found that with Hootsuite Pro, it was still difficult to find tools and manage for the average user. An extremely well-versed social media professional might have an easier time, but even then I think the overall layout and feel of Gremln is more pleasing.
I love using Gremln, and I encourage its use by those trying to get all their platforms managed in one service. I was part of the Gremln Beta, and we had a grandfathered account that is no longer featured. Because of difficulties using that account now (and an unhelpful customer support experience), I can't give a score of ten. However, if I had never had access to the account that I did in beta, I'd likely give Gremln a ten and absolutely renew.
Chekesha Rashad, CMP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Gremln companywide to manage our business' social media postings and updates. Everyone from interns to contractors are trained to use Gremln for social media management. We are able to schedule in advance (up to six months) messaging that meets our strategic marketing and branding plans and better manage our time.
  • We are able to use multiple social media platforms to post messaging on all platforms
  • It is very user friendly.
  • You can schedule up to year in advance.
  • The dashboard could be resigned to be visually appealing by creating a better use of white space.
  • Make the scheduling post tab more prominent.
  • Rather than have the columns vertical, my preference it would be to horizontal stacked.
I think that Grmln works best for small businesses that are not in position to hire a brand management company or specialist. They can still feel in touch with the purpose because they are still personally involved in the messaging. It best suited for businesses that have less than 7 social media platforms for their company.
  • Increased time management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Easy of use to follow up on posts and hashtag inclusions.
I have used both Hootesuite, Twitterscope and Grmln. Using the individualized brand platform (Twitterscope) still meant that had to separately post to my other networks. Hootesuite is comparable and the only thing that really makes it standout is the the social media management certification. The downside of that is that you have to pay continue to pay a monthly fee to maintain the certification. Grmln is simply easier to use.
Currently, my company is rebranding itself: new name and restructuring the business. So we will sign up under the new company name. We recommend that our clients use Gremln as well and we then manage their social media accounts. They have also given us postive feedback about how easy it is to use.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Recurring tweets.
  • Scheduling tweets.
  • Posting to multiple accounts.
  • Editing tweets.
  • Finding scheduled tweets.
  • Recurring tweets every hour instead of every day.
  • Increased employee efficiency.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Increased brand exposure.
The pro version is cheap. It is relatively easy to use. The recurring tweets are very helpful and not many other services offer that. It is worth paying the monthly price for this feature alone.
Are you looking for basic social media management? Do you have several social media accounts that you manage? Are you looking to save time while managing your social media? Gremln helps to make managing social media easier and more efficient. The pro version has great value and I would recommend it for someone on a tight social media marketing budget.
Marketing and public relations.
Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Creating awareness for upcoming events.
  • Informing clients about what is going on with the company.
  • Sharing relevant articles and information.
  • Reminders for people to come to an event.
  • Promote friend's information and events.
  • Share new information about the company.
  • Promote articles for clients.
  • Share articles about friends of the business.
  • Live-tweets at events.
Hootsuite. It didn't have the recurring tweet feature that we needed.
The recurring tweet feature.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Prior Experience with the Product
The price was worth the value.
Longer trial period for each level.
  • Implemented in-house
  • learning how to use the service
  • training employees how to use it
  • figuring out how to analyze the data
Be patient. Identify what you want to know how to do first and learn the basic functions then move onto the more complex features.
  • Self-taught
Yes. I would recommend this approach to others.
I believe it is just right for this type of product.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
The were attentive to my needs but I had and responded in a timely manner.
My tweets weren't posting correctly and I was getting frustrated bu the Gremln support team show me what to do and I was able to post correctly after that.
  • schedule posting
  • recurring posting
  • posting on multiple accounts
  • using the analytics
  • reading the data from posts
  • find and editing a scheduled post
The basic functions are easy to use but when you get to the more detail functions it gets more difficult.
The product delivers what it says it will and is useful for making your time more efficient.
The product worked when needed and never gave us any problems.
The product did what it said it would and even the more complex parts of the program we eventually got working.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • This product is good at publishing. It is very easy to use. It allows me to publish in real time quickly, and I can publish on a schedule if I like. Participating in the conversation is important for staying engaged with existing and potential customers,
  • This product does not aggregate content about a brand or an industry very well. Actually, it collects the information just fine, but it does not make it easy to set up custom streams and the UI is poor. There are a lot of good features that are hidden in menus and modals.
  • The reporting in this product is poor. It is too basic and is missing some key engagement metrics.
  • I am able to grow my reach and measure that. I am also able to engage with existing and potential customers and measure that.
While the publishing is easy, better than HootSuite for example, but less intuitive than other platforms like Spredfast, the listening and measuring aspects are weak. Setting up search streams is fairly well hidden from users, and the process to add streams is not very intuitive. In fact, this tool has a lot of the same UI/UX problems that Hootsuite has. However, for the price, and given the good effort they make at user training, this is OK.
Gremln is a good system for a publishing oriented small business. The listening and analytics are not enterprise ready yet and the UI leaves something to be desired.
We both are hands on personnel. We help clients with their social marketing and social support.
  • I use it to listen for conversations about my industry and company. I also use it to participate in those conversations. Finally, I use it to understand how much engagement I am driving through my participation.
I am a consultant, so I use several products. I didn't necessarily switch to Gremln from anything. I thought it might be a good fit for a client and I wanted to try it out.
In comparable price ranges: Sprout, HootSuite, Postling
  • Implemented in-house
Adding an account for this SaaS product was easy
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
The inline videos are very clear
Yes and No. The paradigm is very similar to other social media management systems and the social network themselves, so the basic functions are easy enough to find and use. However, there are some more advanced features that are hiiden away in menus and modals that make them difficult to find.
You need to add your social accounts and choose your notifications settings.
Not necessary for me
They have in line videos that are very good.
The usability on the listening side is poor. The process to set up streams is not very intuitive, involving too many steps. Also, the ability to create custom search streams is fairly well hidden.

The reporting is pretty weak as well, with separate click through reports from other types of engagement, and a lot of engagement types within Facebook and Twitter are simply missing.
I have had no issues with availability
I have had no issues with performance
  • No
NA. This is an online purchase for the level I use
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