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April 09, 2020
Nicolas Hubert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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IBM Cloud File Storage is being used to store large amounts of data across the organization. We use it to retrieve data easily and store it in different chunks. It is not used by all departments, just IT-related departments, and mostly by engineers. It addresses problems related to big data, data processing, and analysis.
  • Adjustable/extensible volume of stored data - You can really scale up.
  • You pay for what you use and it is very transparent.
  • Hard to master because of a lot of different functions.
  • Documentation is not so helpful.
IBM Cloud File Storage is well suited for storing and retrieving data in large organizations. In smaller organizations, I would recommend choosing another solution that is lighter and easier to administrate.
For example, I had to retrieve all the financial transactions from Jan 2018 to August 2018 that had some specific features, so that I could run my ML algorithms on it. It was pretty quick to retrieve that data even though it was stored in different locations.
I just had one issue requiring contacting the support. People were very friendly and helpful. I cannot rate better because I have not been exposed to other similar situations (just had one single issue in 6 months), and cannot rate lower because this proves that IBM is trustworthy. I think it is fair.
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April 08, 2020
Sandeep Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use IBM Cloud File Storage to manage and access unstructured data solutions based on S3-compatible interfaces. It offers very high performance and is easy to manage. It also offers easy data migration and backups.
  • Easy migration.
  • Great for backups.
  • Hard to manage access for uploaded files.
  • Migration of data is a little tricky.
IBM Cloud File Storage is well suited for backups and transferring files. It offers huge data storage, of up to 15TB.
The support is great. I feel AWS support is a little slow, but I really feel IBM support is much faster than AWS.
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May 29, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our organization is currently using IBM Cloud File Storage to host and store our clients' private information. It is currently being used across the whole organization. The business problem it addresses is allowing our organization to have a scalable and cost-effective way to store our data in a safe and easily accessible manner.
  • Quick Implementation
  • Cost Effective
  • Scalability
  • Depending on internet connection - Latency
  • Not the easiest to use
  • Too many configurations that can interfere with permissions
IBM Cloud File Storage is well suited if you have a fairly large organization that needs an effective way to store your information and files where it can be accessed anywhere as long as your employees have a stable internet connection. Where it is less appropriate is that you're not able to access any of the information if you don't have access to the internet.
We haven't explored other IBM portfolio products or implemented any other systems or software into our current infrastructure.
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April 07, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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IBM Cloud is being used across our entire organization as way to organize and consolidate business needs. It truly helps keep track of everything and helps employees better serve our clients. We have tried other programs but IBM Cloud File Storage seems to be the best option for all our client needs.
  • Helps organize all our files with easy access
  • High-speed access to all our needs
  • Cost is high for smaller companies
  • Every now and then there are glitches
Our organization works with clients across many functions and being able to have all our employees access all different types of files is very helpful. We are able to share documents across sectors and can access them from anywhere. I wouldn't recommend this if you just need internal file sharing.
Any time we have had an issue with the program and needed support, IBM has been great. Whether it be via email, calls or instant chat, we always get the support we need and in a timely matter. Their support is without a doubt, top notch and we highly recommend it.
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January 21, 2020
Georgios Samaras | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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EMISIA has been using IBM for all its data storage needs to secure privacy within its own network and take advantage of all file-sharing options companywide. The whole organization has been involved in its implementation and so far our work network runs it to support day-to-day operations, such as NFS shares and constant backup needs. So far so good!
  • Backup options.
  • Performance provisions.
  • More flexibility in storage option, although the limit of 12 TB is quite good.
  • A more detailed manual when it comes to the implementation of the software in the company.
It depends on the size of the company, or the needs of management to run day-to-day things on massive or small storage packages. The most important thing to keep in mind is the durability and amazing connectivity of IBM's storage options, so with that being said if you need to run massive amounts of data on a daily basis and use file sharing then you can safely try it and see if it works well with you. Its interface is also extremely good.
That is the most important part of their services. Anytime I had questions about interface issues or technical support, there were absolutely no questions left unanswered. Their customer support is there 24/7 to answer any questions. Additionally, Cloud File Storage is getting updated constantly and after every update, we receive a detailed notification of those changes. Kudos!
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January 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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IBM Cloud File Storage is currently being managed and ran by the Information Technology Department. The entire organization's file structure is housed here though. It allows us to easily store, manage, and access our secure information in a stable and reliable environment. Using this platform gives us the flexibility and assurance that our valuable data is safe, secure, and ready when we need it.
  • Easy to use management tools.
  • Secure access to files.
  • Price is steep for new users before trying it out.
  • I'd like to see automatic exports to local drive storage.
IBM Cloud File Storage is useful for storing large amounts of private, sensitive data as a means of securing it and keeping it backed up to prevent data loss. It is not as useful yet in terms of accessing documents and files that you would be using daily or weekly. It takes getting used to the interface, but once you do, it is pretty simple.
Anytime I have needed any assistance with setting up or troubleshooting an issue with this software, whether it be through email or phone, their support team has been helpful, prompt, and easy to work with. I am overall very satisfied with the support they provide that I receive. One of the most helpful teams.
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January 17, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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The control over both capacity and total IOPS per storage volume is a great feature of IBM Cloud File Storage that my company recognized. It is used to share information among the departments of the college. As we work with clients, it is very useful to share files, modify, and comment when developing the materials. It helps with a great deal of managing the different kinds of applications and storage of files as well as archiving.
  • Great price for storage.
  • Faster loading.
  • The navigation could be more user-friendly.
  • Features like sharing outside cloud.
The endurance level and capacity are great in IBM Cloud File Storage. The name of the company is already making it reliable. You won't be unsatisfied with its performance, but it has to be linked with everything in the workplace to make things easier.
IBM Cloud File Storage is a great way to store safely and share files with clients and administrators safety. The pricing also makes it more easy to maintain in a non-profit organization. There is always room for improvement. The navigation could be more user-friendly as many employees and clients are students.
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January 16, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Multiple departments used IBM Cloud File Storage to sync documents, training material, and sales presentations. It was fast and easy to access from all areas within the business. The amount of storage was also wonderful as we could upload GBs of video training content.
  • Optimize speed for fast file access
  • Easy to integrate and access through Windows/Mac workstations
  • Better disaster recovery options
  • Ability to set up multiple RAIDs within arrays across different networks
Well Suited:
A business wanting to take a lot of important/critical content and host it in the cloud for all areas of a business to collaborate and share files with. This could be from a small business for simple backups or enterprise for multiple departments. I highly recommend this solution for those needing to upload video content as we did.
Those in our organization that have reached out to IBM for assistance with some light support questions received prompt responses and follow-up communication. IBM even offered to have an on-site resource if needed for us to be sure we were configured correctly at one of our locations. We were very pleased with their level of service.
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What is IBM Cloud File Storage?

Deploy and customize flash-backed NFS-based file storage from 25 GB to 12,000 GB capacity with up to 48,000 IOPS. Increase storage capacity or adjust performance on the fly to adjust to changes in workload demands.

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