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IBM Bare Metal Servers provide performance, flexibility, on-demand provisioning, and control. Choose between hourly or monthly pre-configured servers or customize with single to quad processing solutions.. Bare metal servers are available worldwide and with no monthly contracts so you can build the best solution for your workloads. Order a monthly bare metal server built to spec, and we’ll have it to you in two to four hours—with 500 GB/month outbound bandwidth included. Order an hourly bare metal server, and we’ll have it ready for you in 20 to 30 minutes. Public outbound bandwidth is charged per gigabyte.

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Pricing - can be a bit more expensive than some alternatives. Also, [in our experience,] we were … these [kinds] of high load/performance needs, perhaps it [would] be more cost-effective to look for other options, such as IBM Cloud Virtual Servers.

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customer site is not convenient Relatively high prices of hardware and bandwidth Relatively high prices for storage Not flexible server storage configuration … It's higher price but you get better quality Good and fast support Overall your risk is lower

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team was responsive, until [in my experience,] it wasn't. Ongoing special pricing / sales on bare metal servers Device cataloging including firmware revision … who chose IBM and who [in my experience] are willing to pay 5x - 10x the price of Bare Metal Servers compared to other offerings. … application workloads into IBM Cloud would be benefic…

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Monitoring issue Pricing issue expensive Support … I always choose IBM products for security, cost effective price, and good technical support. … data transmission, without cost. Browse hourly, month to month, or held charging, and that's only the tip of the iceberg,…

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No option to define maintenance times. The offering from IBM is a bit expensive. … The expensive offering from IBM is obstacle to get the business buy-in. Moving the Investment

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Problem with some platforms Support is very expensive High price compared to other vendors … I always prefer IBM products for security, cost effective price, and on-tim…

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customization is also amazing where we can choose custom cores and based on it, pricing is done. Also, it has the latest VMWare software whereas other vendors use … Monitoring The pricing is a bit costlier The UI is not user friendly

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Quicker time to value. Great product. Improve customer satisfaction.

Related Quote from Sireesha Kotharu

(rarely, but yes) Availability of data center in a particular location. Pricing Monitoring Lot of notifications … very similar solutions but when we take a closer look at our needs and the pricing model each of the providers have, it is quite obvious for us to choose

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Europe and Asia. It allows for performances to be met at a generally cost-effective price point so we can deliver our products consistently, continuously,

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At the beginning bare metal servers were very expensive cost Not enough support to handle questions like load balancing to figure … because of their quickness of resources Reloading OS takes a long time Pricing Everything seems slower than a virtual server 1 … Virtual servers I am pro…

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continuity issues There was a severe outage in mid 2020 for five hours that cost us 40 man-hours to fix

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Reliable infrastructure, 100% uptime in so many years. Network capacity and pricing. Real-time support.

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has any issue during 6 years in service. Service pricing is quite higher then the average market price, there was a moment that we were in difficult financial … infrastructure, 100% uptime during last 4 years in service. The service price is higher than most competitors but…

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Performance. Large offers choice. Prices. … 100 Mbps default uplink. Limited bandwidth. Price for better network connectivity. … multiple products offered by the same provider is very important. You reduce the cost of your infrastructure. Using Bare Metal Servers with…

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our business scale and grow over the past 6 years. Service has been good, pricing has been fair, and we have peace of mind by working with a top-shelf vendor … Fair pricing Latest technology Real-time…

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professional managed data center. The cost was higher than if we had had an in-house solution, but totally worth it. The higher cost vs cloud was a factor to switch … Some services are expensive if you compare them with cloud infrastruc…

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Cost is high if no startup credit is applied for before initiating work on it … other options can compete with them. Our experience was very good. For the price, we were able to make remarkable achievements in processing our medical research

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and a lot more cost-effective than paying by the hour/per use. Test environment. Cost effective. Cloud Bare Metal Servers are much cheaper than if you do

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companies that can afford the premium support plan, as downtime is generally not acceptable for any company but unavoidable if you can't afford premium support … if you require server clusters and/or multiple server locations, and can afford the tech support plans, then this is a solid, stable option. … being paid to sit around as our entire operation is…

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Expensive compared to other providers. Lack of included priority support. Admin portal … to why premium support isn't included in Bare Metal products, as they are priced far higher than their virtual compute products.

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servers and capacities. Network capacity and pricing. … Better hardware options for longer terms. Better pricing for longer terms. Better upgrade incentives … quickly, available, and running strongly. It's great to have a known fixed cost per month.

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scalability is easy and all of the services are very cost-effective. No more AWS! IBM is the best! … Scalability Cost effective Performance Security … If you are using AWS, SWITCH! IBM is half the price, has the same scalability, and has excellent support.

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emergencies on the back burner simply because we didn't pay enough in monthly fees.