Mailigen is a web based integrated marketing provider offering email, mobile and social marketing. In the SaaS platform, you can gather subscribers, prepare, send or schedule email campaigns and receive real time reports. One can leverage statistics for behavioral segmentation and lifecycle email marketing. Mailigen offers several integration points including online surveys that you can use to segment your audience and send personalized emails. "bang for your buck" Email Platform, minus some perks.Mailigen is used as one of our Digital Marketing platforms for our monthly email campaigns for marketing purposes. The platform is solely used by the Digital Marketing department and is not accessed or utilized by any other sectors of the business. The largest business problem Mailigen addressed was their ability to accommodate our growing mailing list at a much more cost-effective rate when compared to various competitors in the market.,Cost of Service: This strength is self-explanatory, but some may assume that a lower price point could result in lesser than features or services. This is not this case for Mailigen. Mailigen provides a variety of functionalities that more expensive and popular platforms offer. Speedy Technical Support: In the world of email marketing, you never know when something will go wrong. Whether it be your own doing or a network/system issue, the Mailigen team is quick to respond via email or phone call. Easy to use 'Drag & Drop' editor: Not all of us are expert at coding emails and email design is becoming more and more tricky. It's difficult to constantly be on top of all browser, device, and email platform changes that seem to occur on a daily basis. Mailigen's 'Drag & Drop' editor allows for anyone, regardless of experience, create and design an email campaign that renders nicely across all browsers & devices.,Data Analytics: In comparison to many of their competitors, Mailigen's data analytics fall slightly short. Their platform should have better accessibility of analyzing data/statistics in a more comprehensive and in-depth manner. Exporting Reports: Just as Mailigen slightly lacks in the data analytics department, so does the functionality of exporting marketing statistics that could be beneficial for monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.,8,Increased company's annual revenue for 2017 Mailigen has allowed our business to expand far and wide - demonstrating to customers that our pricing and services are far superior to any competitor in the industry.,Listrak and MailChimp,1 to 5 million,Both,Listrak, MailChimp, WordPress, Coursera, Pluralsight, GitHub, Canva, Adobe Illustrator CC, Balsamiq, Microsoft Visual Studio Team SystemMailiGen Mail Marketing Makes SenseWe use MailiGen for our customers (and for ourselves) for bulk mailing operations such as sales, promotional, marketing and survey mailers.,Mail deliverability. MailiGen gets the mail delivered. We have our own data centre hosting and servers but struggled to get our bulk mails reliably delivered. Since we switched to MailiGen delivery rates have more than tripled. Template editor and tools. There is a rich assortment of tools for preparation of mailers. They are easy to use and we often train customers is a single 2 hour session. Mail List security and manageability. Cloud based mail lists are important best practices for some of our corporate customers, who often store mail address lists in Excel. These lists get lost, damaged and stolen. The MailiGen list management tools centralize list storage and provide tools for segmentation, importing and exporting. Stats!! The mail campaign stats that MailiGen provides are world class. They are simple to understand and rich in depth. Our customers love the stats.,One thing we would like is the ability to send test mails to any mail address during campaign development. Currently the system sends only to the designated mail addresses. So sending a sample to a customer to a marketing person is harder than necessary.,9,Better delivery of mail campaigns giving better ROI numbers Better stats so that we can assess what works and what does not.,,4,8E-mail marketing tool for both big and small, experienced and new to e-marketingWe use Mailigen for communication with customers via newsletters which are sent out on a regular basis. It's mostly used by sales/marketing people to increase sales, but occasionally our retailer manager uses it for mass information that 100% needs to reach everyone. With Mailigen we know who's receiving and reading our messages and can send out additional information and offers to those who are interested and idenitify people who needs to be approached differently.,Live customer service and feedback instantly Easy to use e-mail marketing tool that can be used by both small business without a real experience in e-marketing and e-marketing professionals that seek a powerful tool to address their needs. Flexible and scalable price plan.,Segment creating could be more functional and may include statistics from previous mails. Time to time I need to use more advanced functions like "send information to people who clicked on link A". It does not allow the user to choose mobile/tablet friendly templates. I'd like to decide myself.,9,Faster identification of people interested in the current product from the full database. Advanced filtering and segmentation to optimize and personalize the campaigns you're sending (so men don't get women's boots promo and vice versa) Ability to schedule your campaigns. Eases the stress on marketing people and provides better time planning for projects.,MailChimp,Mad Mimi,2,10,Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,As the company has grown, I might include CRM systems that offer similar functions, service and support. Although E-mail marketing tools usually integrate with CRM's & ERP's our CRM is not that popular nor Mailigen, nor competitors products offer integration for it.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Out current contact system is less popular in the world so we had to configure it ourselves instead of using the already available integrations,8,10,Yes,I sent a message to my customers but did not receive it myself and the upper management did not receive a copy of it. As this message was important it made me and even more my employer nervous. «What do you do now? Send another mail, wait?» I asked their support for an explanation and in less than 15 min I had my answer - apparently there was a bigger problem with one of the large e-mail providers (who also provides our companies e-mail). It turns out all the other users had received the message, others received it when the e-mail service provider solved his issues. My employer calmed down and I was relieved that i did not send another copy of the message to the whole database.,AB testing newsletters Segmenting and identifying who is your subscriber Creating a personified e-mail message that addresses the recpipient,Creating a custom style CSS internet subscription form without any knowledge of HTML and CSS Advanced segmentation (f.e. selecting people who have clicked on the link on message A and read the message B),9Personal approach and overall great platform!In CrazyDeal we use Mailigen on daily basis for send our best offers to large scale customer base in multiple markets. The product has helped us to shorten the sending period of our daily newsletters tremendously and has given us a chance to analyse our customer behaviour in a more intuitive way.,Very personal and accessible product experts - we're in contact almost daily Option to automate the newsletter sending according to our specific needs Constantly developing platform - value is increasing all the time,Not all the customer support rep's are on same level More info about customer behaviour would be appreciated Info about new features and tutorials could be more efficient,9,Better understanding of our customers Efficient customer service Increased employee efficiency,Mailbow,10New level of Email and mobile marketingEmail + Mobile marketing solution is very ergonomic and useful tool. Our sales department regularly is communicating with existing and potential customers and informing about products and new solutions. For our sales staff this tool is very easy to use and for reasonable price. Fast return on investment,Ergonomic tool Fast return on investment Professional service support,Company could provide more information about additional services,9,Positive effect on sales process Improved product selling results Active support for sales department,,9
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Score 7.6 out of 101
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11 Ratings
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Score 7.6 out of 101
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Taylor Patton profile photo
May 04, 2018

Mailigen Review: "Best "bang for your buck" Email Platform, minus some perks."

Score 8 out of 10
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Mailigen falls short to Listrak due to Listrak's far superior contact, conversion, and message analytics. Some features are unavailable or not easily integrated with the Mailigen platform compared to its competition, but features such as model acquisition & shopping cart abandonment are available. The ability to integrate such features into your website may be easier when using a competitors platform, but easy usability comes with a price. Extra perks such Coupon managers & etc. are useful features that allow you to generate Barcodes & QR codes, as well as track various data analytics when implementing this feature. Small items as such are what Mailigen lacks in comparison to its competitors, but their price point kicks the rest out of the water if you can live without some of the bells and whistles.
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Mārtiņš Pakulis profile photo
February 04, 2015

Mailigen Review: "E-mail marketing tool for both big and small, experienced and new to e-marketing"

Score 9 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

  • MailChimp,Mad Mimi
  1. Although both Mailchimp and Mad Mimi are easy to use, they are both limited in the customization options for advanced users.
  2. Mailigen integrates with vast majority of CMS's used in my country
  3. I can directly in real-time get answer to my questions - haven't filed a support ticket for a while.
  4. Autoresponders for people joining my mailing list were one of the factors we chose Mailigen. You set them up once and never have to worry if the new subscriber has received information about your product.
  5. Pricing policy - Mailigen is cheaper for businesses that work with a large database of customers.
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About Mailigen

Mailigen is a web based integrated marketing provider offering email, mobile and social marketing. In the SaaS platform, you can gather subscribers, prepare, send or schedule email campaigns and receive real time reports. One can leverage statistics for behavioral segmentation and lifecycle email marketing. Mailigen offers several integration points including online surveys that you can use to segment your audience and send personalized emails.

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