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What is Rankinity?

Rankinity is a professional SEO performance indicator designed to help businesses enhance their website rankings on search engines like Google. According to the vendor, Rankinity offers a comprehensive set of tools for tracking ranks, analyzing visibility, and assessing competition. It caters to digital...

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What is Rankinity?

Rankinity focuses on long-term promotion strategy, competitor tracking, and keyword tracking to measure Internet visibility.

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What is Advanced Web Ranking?

Advanced Web Ranking is an online rank tracker suitable for both Digital Agencies and In-house SEOs. The tool boasts usrse among more than 18,000 companies worldwide, and provides ranking results.

What is Act-On?

Act-On is an adaptive marketing platform designed to drive personal and purposeful multi-channel marketing. Its foci are inbound and outbound marketing, for enabling a tighter alignment with sales and turning data into actionable insights.

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Product Details

What is Rankinity?

Rankinity is a professional SEO performance indicator designed to help businesses enhance their website rankings on search engines like Google. According to the vendor, Rankinity offers a comprehensive set of tools for tracking ranks, analyzing visibility, and assessing competition. It caters to digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists, website owners, e-commerce businesses, and content creators aiming to optimize their SEO strategies and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Key Features

Fast keyword position check: According to the vendor, Rankinity allows users to quickly check their website's positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) for any number of keywords, ranging from one to a million.

Support for multiple Search Engines: Rankinity supports rank tracking in Google (Mobile & Desktop), Google Maps, and Bing, providing users with comprehensive data on their website's performance across different search engines.

Local search by location: Users can configure the search location at the city, region, or country level, enabling them to track their website's positions in specific geographic areas.

Automatic and manual rank checks: Rankinity offers the flexibility to check positions manually or automatically based on a schedule. Users can choose to check positions on any day of the week or on the first day of each month.

Unified visibility indicator: According to the vendor, Rankinity provides a single indicator of website visibility, allowing users to evaluate their SEO performance by tracking the visibility of their website across all keywords simultaneously.

Keyword group visibility: Users can organize their keywords into groups and track the visibility of individual pages on their website, gaining insights into the performance of specific keywords and pages.

Visibility overview across projects: Rankinity offers an overview of visibility across all projects, enabling users to easily identify areas for improvement and track the progress of their SEO efforts.

Customizable visibility formula: According to the vendor, users have the ability to customize the visibility formula by assigning weights to keywords, aligning it with their specific requirements and goals.

Competitor analysis: Rankinity allows users to analyze the positions, visibility, and promotion dynamics of their competitors without any limitations, providing valuable insights for competitive analysis.

Identifying factors impacting visibility: Users can identify the factors influencing changes in visibility by analyzing the performance of their competitors, according to the vendor's claims.

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Score 9 out of 10
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Rankinity is the software our agency uses to track keyword rankings for clients and our agency. It's used by the digital team for clients we provide SEO services for. The software is only used for rankings and is not used for executing other parts of the SEO work we provide for clients.
  • Pay Per Ranking Check
  • Track Keyword Rankings by Location
  • Keyword Groups and Weighting
  • Keyword grouping could be more intuitive
  • Historical data is not always easy to pull
Rankinity is well-suited for agencies that provide SEO services for some clients. It's a great stepping stone tool while an agency scales it's services and builds a book of SEO clients since you pay per keyword check. The frequency of checks can be set for each client (project) so if services are performed monthly, you can set checks to happen at the beginning of the month.
SEO (3)
Keyword analysis
SERP ranking tracking
Competitive analysis
SEO Channels (1)
Local SEO
SEO Platform & Account Management (1)
Multi-domain support
  • Low-cost solution
  • Scalable as client list grows
Rankinity is simpler solution that's different than the all-in-one type solutions we've also used. A lot of it comes down to process and how service offerings are built for clients. We use Rankinity for clients where we're tracking a lot of keywords in a lot of different geographic areas because it's a more cost-effective solutions. But for larger clients, we typically rely on all-in-one solutions that offer more tools for SEO.
We've seen one major platform update (user interface overhaul). This has made the system much easier to use. There are some features that could still be improved like historical rankings but overall the system is good and aligns with the expectation for what you pay for it. Not a whole lot to complain about on the usability side of things.
No chat support, only email support. Whenever I've used their support system, I have received responses in 1-2 business days and the solution addressed my needs/concerns. I've really only had a couple of instances where I've needed to reach out to their support team since the system is pretty straight forward and easy to use.
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