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ServiceNow Pricing 2022

Customer service is what keeps a commercial company running, but not all teams can use the same software. Businesses that offer a technology service or application need to be able to provide technical support and manage their own workloads. ServiceNow IT Service Management can provide teams with the organization and automation needed to engage clients and resolve problems.

What Is IT ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform that serves Information Technology (IT) companies with business software solutions. The platform offers tech teams upgrades for your service delivery to clients and day-to-day IT workflow.

ServiceNow has many products and services for IT, Finance, Healthcare, and more. Some of their best products include IT Operations Management (ITOM), DevOps, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as part of their Now Platform. One of their most commonly used software is the IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

What is ServiceNow IT Service Management?

ServiceNow ITSM can be used to provide quality service to end-users, streamline your problem management, and speed up your overall product management of your team. ServiceNow explains this in an article that goes over the importance of an ITSM and how they work. You can find their definition page here.

The software gives teams access to powerful automation tools for business processes. This includes self-service virtual agents and predictive intelligence. They offer seamless integrations with productivity apps like Microsoft Office Suite and Slack.

The license costs for the software are not upfront, but they offer a feature breakdown of their packages. Their ITSM, ITSM Professional, and ITSM Enterprise packages all come with agent automation features, reporting, and workforce optimization with skill-based routing. You can even create templates to expedite agent workflows, such as building a custom incident response template for collaboration and easy communication.

What is the Cost of ServiceNow IT Service Management?

Whenever a product doesn’t offer upfront pricing it becomes difficult to make a decision, especially if you have to talk with sales and go through a demo process. Sales representatives do their very best to explain why a product is the best fit for your team, but user reviews provide a more in-depth viewpoint.

ServiceNow has a clear positive reviewer sentiment with a trScore of 8.4/10 and the Best Of award for 2021. This, of course, doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Most of their reviews are balanced and offer constructive feedback along with praise. You won’t need to worry about heavily biased reviews commissioned by the company.

The general highlights reported for ServiceNow are the ease of use, ability to integrate with other applications easily, and improved workflows. The common negatives tend to be some struggles with specific processes like calendars, or not enough fields in incident creation.

Some specific complaints mentioned were it costs more to “integrate it with MS Teams even if the organization has a license for both.” One end-user that enjoyed the product enough to give them a 10/10 rating, but had trouble with customization and found it really required developer skills to get the platform to fit their needs.

Another user said that the setup was a little overwhelming and that the interface didn’t offer a dark theme. Not having a dark theme is actually an accessibility issue because of the wide array of vision impairments, many having issues with bright lights and colors online.

After looking through the feedback for ServiceNow, it’s clear that they do have a strong reviewer sentiment because of their performance. This doesn’t mean they’re perfect, and they could very well have issues for your particular use case. You can read through the reviews yourself right here.

What is an Alternative to ServiceNow?

Jira is a major software company with a popular service option for advanced tech teams. Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) is a popular help desk solution for IT service companies. Their pricing model offers cloud plans and an on-premises deployment plan. Their Data Center plan is a self-management option for teams that want to choose which infrastructure they use to deploy while having full control over their data.

The subscription plans for the Cloud version account for up to 3 agents in the cost. All paid plans have the option to purchase more agents, up to 5,000 per each website you need to be managed. The freemium plan allows 3 users for one web platform and is feature rich and offers a taste of most of their features.

Jira Service Management Cloud Plans

Cost per agent








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Jira Service Management Data Center Plan

Cost per agent

Data Center

$17,200 per 50 agents a year

It’s not necessarily clear cut whether they’re a better choice than ServiceNow. We can’t compare costs, but we can confirm Jira has affordable plans for startups and small teams. They take up over 12% of the help desk market and are popular with small, medium, and large IT businesses. ServiceNow is also very popular with all sizes of IT businesses and makes up over 7% of the IT management service market.

When it comes to feedback from end-user reviews, Jira Service Management has the same positive reviewer sentiment as ServiceNow ITSM. Their trScore is 8.4/10, and they were a Best Of software for 2021.

If you want to see an exact breakdown of features and feedback from user reviews, there is a comparison between the software here.

You can also find a list of direct competitors to ServiceNow here. There you will find both popular software like Microsoft Dynamics and more niche software like Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite.

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If you’re looking for more related software, you’re certainly in the right place. ServiceNow is industry specific to ITSM software, but you can also find similar services with help desks or management software. You can even find customer relationship management (CRM) software that can help you meet your customer support needs.

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