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Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite


What is Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite?

Agiloft's Flexible Service Desk Suite includes the elements needed to manage a complex service desk: Internal Help Desk, External Customer Support, Change Management, Asset Management, RMA Management, and complete ITIL/ITSM capability. According to the vendor, these fully integrated applications…

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Agiloft has become an indispensable tool for a company of about 25 employees in managing various aspects of their product development …
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Powerful, customizable solution

9 out of 10
February 21, 2014
We use Agiloft as our customer-facing portal for support and service requests. In addition to supporting our internal workflow to quickly …
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Agiloft review

10 out of 10
February 17, 2014
Agiloft is being used across our company to support our telecommunications repair service business and track customer orders. Agiloft also …
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Product Details

What is Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite?

Agiloft's Flexible Service Desk Suite includes the elements needed to manage a complex service desk: Internal Help Desk, External Customer Support, Change Management, Asset Management, RMA Management, and complete ITIL/ITSM capability. According to the vendor, these fully integrated applications work together to form a single system of record for all of an organization’s IT service processes, for 360-degree visibility and control. The vendor says their solution is designed to adapt and scale to an organizations growing needs and processes.

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Features

Incident and problem management Features

  • Supported: Organize and prioritize service tickets
  • Supported: Service restoration
  • Supported: Self-service tools
  • Supported: Subscription-based notifications
  • Supported: ITSM reports and dashboards

ITSM asset management Features

  • Supported: Configuration mangement
  • Supported: Policy and contract enforcement

Change management Features

  • Supported: Change requests repository
  • Supported: Service-level management

Additional Features

  • Supported: Deep and rapid customization of every aspect of the system, without coding: custom business rules, dashboards, workflows, tables, relationships, end user interface, look and feel, and permissions
  • Supported: Rapid installation and configuration - Agiloft is the only company with the confidence to offer a 90-day unconditional warranty covering both the software and consulting services
  • Supported: Fully customizable end user portal

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Screenshots

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Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Video

Visit to watch Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite video.

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Integrations

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesAll

Frequently Asked Questions

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite starts at $65.

Cherwell Service Management, ServiceNow IT Service Management, and SolarWinds Service Desk (SSD) are common alternatives for Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite.

The most common users of Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)5%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)55%
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Reviews and Ratings


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Matt Gibson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
GTS LLC uses Agiloft Service Desk as a way for us to keep track of the items to address in our process of moving towards where we want to go. Myself and the other project managers, are not just managers, but also hands on. We have many projects to jump from and to. While this is not the ideal way to handle projects, it is how we keep them going without dropping the ball... as much.

Items that need to be addressed big or small are entered into the system. We categorize them as tasks or projects, then as we complete them we record the solution and who all cooperated and propelled us to the solution. As you can imagine this data comes in handy for many reasons. We could use this across the whole operation with a bit more time.
  • Keeps track of agenda items
  • Keeps track of hours spent on projects by contributor
  • Keeps a record of solutions
  • I find it hard to customize the menus and some of the logic flow. However, Agiloft has always helped us out and at a very affordable cost to us.
  • The cost per user after the first 3 is somewhat costly.
Agiloft is great for tracking events and recording the process to close the event out thoroughly and efficiently.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

The end-users have a separate interface from the tech-staff user which is very simplified and will auto-route the requests to the correct support team. The auto-routing is based on the request type, the user’s support team and if the support handles that type of request. If the user support team doesn’t handle that request type, the system will route the request to the default team for that type of request.

The product has decreased our time to resolve support issues.

  • Fully GUI based interface that has drastically reduced the time to add new features/workflows.
  • The product was very easy to deploy and add features like Single-Sign On and user provisioning from our internal DataWarehouse. Again, vendor support was a big help while implementing those features.
  • The workflows include a very comprehensive rule-based system that can trigger various actions like escalations, emails, changes of request state and more. All without any coding. Again, fully GUI based.
  • The documentation was a little dated, but they have recently updated the online help and now it is in line with the current version features.
Agiloft is a fully GUI based system that requires very little or no coding. That allows for a very quick deployment of a new install and for adding new features. Therefore, it works great for companies that don't want to write a new system from the ground up.
September 30, 2015

Why we love Agiloft

Max Henrion | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used Agiloft for many years for tracking bugs, enhancement requests, and other issues on our software and consulting projects.
We have also used to to create a sophisticated online tool to find and share energy data called
  • Agiloft is amazingly flexible, making it fast and easy to customize and develop sophisticated systems.
  • It has an astonishingly complete set of features. It can do everything we have wanted it to do.
  • Agiloft's customer support is great. They always provide a rapid response to our questions.
  • Its feature set is so complete, we have yet to find it missing something that we needed.
  • I wish we could automatically transition our CRM from Salesforce into Agiloft
It is ideal for managing a wide range of business processes from CRM to technical support. We use it for issue tracking and technical support. We also used it to create a highly structured knowledgebase with contributor content. It might be less appropriate for detailed quantitative modeling.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I spent several months searching for a good CRM software package. I was looking for a solution that was first and foremost easy to learn and use without requiring too much training time for our staff. It also needed to be robust enough to grow with our business and handle more aspects than just tracking calls and support cases while still being reasonably priced.
I evaluated several different CRM softwares before I finally came across EnterpriseWizard, now known as Agiloft. Most of the other CRM software packages were either too complicated or time consuming to setup and customize, or they were too expensive, many of the companies charging additional fees for each additional module or function.
With Agiloft, all of the modules are included, so there are no extra fees for activating additional modules. All we have to do is enable the new functions we want to use, and then customize them for our specific needs, so our Agiloft knowledgebase and functionality can grow and develop as we grow.
The Agiloft software is the most flexible and fully customizable CRM software package I found, and it goes well beyond the standard CRM functions. We were able to get started almost immediately by using the default setups included, and we were able to customize our configuration based on our needs with just a little guidance from Agiloft’s very knowledgeable team. We are able to track almost every aspect of our business in our Agiloft knowledgebase including the initial communications and demos for potential clients, equipment orders and installation training schedules, and the follow-up support and modification requests from existing clients.
We have been using Agiloft for well over a year now, and we find it hard to understand how we ever got along without it.
  • Automated Workflow that facilitates constant communication keeping all parties on the same page
  • Unparalleled versatility allowing new modules to be easily activated as the company grows and expands
  • Intuitive GUI that makes training new employees quick and easy
  • The wide range of the Agiloft software functionality can make it seem overwhelming to customize.
  • Currently, they offer a week-long, in-depth training class that would be more helpful to me if it was offered online as it is difficult to commit to being out of town for a week to attend the training.
The Agiloft website has some short training videos that both show you how to use certain functions and also help outline the functionality available (for those of us who don't always know what we're looking for until we see it).
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Agiloft to track calls at our software helpdesk and mange requests by our software users. We are able to generate activity reports for our help desk staff, trainers, and software programmers. These reports allow us to provide better training for internal staff as well as our software product users. We are also provided valuable feedback for product improvement.
  • Personalize for "US"
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Feasible Training Opportunitied
We wanted a product that would be user friendly for all our department staff (help desk support, trainers and programmers).
Eric Novikoff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We chose Agiloft to replace NetSuite for CRM (Customer Support Automation), SFA (Sales Automation), and general business process automation. However as we have used it, we're starting to consider it for other tasks as well. Currently our operations/support and sales/marketing organizations are using it. We switched from NetSuite CRM to Agiloft, because Agiloft could address fully custom support flows and timings which were necessary for our business. Netsuite made it impossible to respond to service requests as quickly as our SLAs promised our customers, and forced us into a standard support process that did not match our value proposition for fully managed high performance cloud services.We are switching from NetSuite SFA to Agiloft SFA because our sales people and managers, like in most companies "have their own way" of doing things and want the tool to support them in it rather than forcing them to comply with a standard method or requiring expensive and extensive professional services. We are investigating switching our billing from NetSuite to Agiloft because we have confidence in Agiloft's management team and their intention to listen to what we need and provide it as fast as possible. Our operations department is investigating using Agiloft for IT systems management, both for ITIL and as a human-accessible hub for cloud provisioning and billing information.
  • Easy coding-free customization and process-oriented customization interface allows us to delegate ownership of business processes to the layer of management closest to the users of the services Agiloft provides, allowing us to rapidly adapt to new business needs and avoid expensive and slow professional-service based development cycles or a dedicated in-house admin team.
  • Extremely flexible, so we are starting to use it for all kinds of things that we never originally intended it for, including managing change control for our customers, contract management, etc. People in our organization tell each other how effective the tool is which encourages using it to solve problems.
  • The product is clearly designed with forethought and ingenuity, which pays off repeatedly when trying to address a new application. The cleverness of coding-free customization endears it to its administrators.
  • High quality support and professional services from a well-trained onshore team are available so we never felt as though Agiloft stood in the way of implementation.
  • Though we have only minimal usage so far, Agiloft offers a lot of different ways to interface to other systems, which will keep it relevant as we build out our automation and encourages us to use it as a central repository that can be easily accessed, processed, and modified as necessary, enabling its automation features to make good decisions that support automated service delivery to our clients.
  • The look and feel is behind the latest offerings from competitors which can make getting users to switch to Agiloft difficult. In particular, there are limitations on formatting, placement, and type of custom elements on pages, or even custom pages themselves that contain unstructured content (essentially a custom dashboard.) These limitations have in practice not yet kept us from getting what we wanted done with the product.
  • The flexibility of the product begs for more nearly-complete custom applications (customizations) that can be instantly deployed and then tweaked to meet our needs. Creating one is easy enough, but this would speed the process even more.
  • I wish there was more financial functionality. Everything we do ties to the money, and being able to manage the money from the same app (AR/billing is the most important to us) would help a great deal.
Agiloft is most suited to meeting the needs of an organization that requires rapid and frequent process changes for critical processes, and values empowering the people who do the job to determine how best to automate it - essentially rapidly growing, democratic organization.It's hard to imagine an inappropriate scenario to use Agiloft, but one that comes to mind is organzations requiring a complete, finished, highly structured solution that they do not want to change over time. Agiloft is designed with the expectation that clients will adapt it to their needs so many functions are left undone, rather than throwing a "kitchen sink" at the customer and letting them choose what they need.The best way to work with Agiloft is to take the training class, then have a small success with a small team, involving the employees and first level management in the deployment. They'll tell everyone else how much they like it. This reduces the possibility of slow development cycles and an undue dependence on outside expertise, while maximizing the return on Agiloft's investment in easy customizability.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Agiloft is being used across the organization for 1) Tracking defects, issues, or questions about application/product issues, 2) Making and processing service requests, 3) Making and processing Application Configuration requests.
  • Agiloft's performance has been excellent. This includes 1) Scalability, 2) System response, and 3) Reliability. We have not had a reported issue with the system for at least 2 years.
  • Professional Services. When we had an issue interfacing with an external data mart we brought in Agiloft's Professional Services and got a quick, cost-effective solution.
  • Strategic Planning. As we look to the future we are hoping to move to the ITIL model. We love Agiloft's solution and have embraced it as our future direction.
  • Flexibility. This includes 1) Custom form design, 2) Routing based on just about any criteria, 3) Addition of attributes, 4) Search capabilities for end users.
  • We are primarily a Microsoft IT Shop. We would love to support/integration with SQL Server Reporting Services.
As I said we have used primarily for Issue, Service, and Application Configuration tracking. Agiloft is equally well suited to all of these areas and with their ITIL model you get the best possible design for approaching these problems.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize AgiLoft as the solution for our state-wide Service Desk Solution supporting 6,000 users in a state agency and higher education environment across 290 locations. AgiLoft has been a critical component of our centralized service desk architecture.
  • Quick and easy Deployment
  • Ease of workflow adjustment
  • Customization is simple and quick to perform
  • Customer portal GUI and template deployment
Would fit most any environment. Having worked in top 50 companies, startup, state agency, and higher education environments I can see how AgiLoft would be a great fit for any organization.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Agiloft as our customer-facing portal for support and service requests. In addition to supporting our internal workflow to quickly resolve customer needs, it allows the customer's internal users to collaborate and stay informed. We ultimately plan to use Agiloft for our internal users to request support and services as well.
  • There is a great deal of flexibility available to configure the product to meet specific needs.
  • The notification system is particularly robust, although in order to send text messages we must send email to #####@cellprovider. It works well though!
  • The rules and workflow help to standardize internal processes and improve ease of use for both end users and employees.
  • With flexibility comes complexity, so we have needed to use consulting time to implement some of our needs. The learning curve can be steep, but the product can accommodate nearly any scenario.
  • At one point we seemed to have some performance issues, but those seem to be in the past.
  • The text messaging integration would be nice.
The more you know about your own workflow, the better Agiloft will serve you!
February 17, 2014

Agiloft review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Agiloft is being used across our company to support our telecommunications repair service business and track customer orders. Agiloft also communicates efficiently with Quickbooks which we use for billing purposes. With multiple locations, Agiloft maintains a level of consistency throughout the company. Agiloft also allows us to track inventory levels of repair components as well as spare inventory.
  • Superior customer support
  • Ability to customize to our specific needs
  • A great partner
  • We have been using Agiloft for over a year and have had no complaints.
Our knowledge base was customized for our specific needs in our repair business.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Agiloft software to track our sales, contracting, invoicing, and customer training aspects of our business operations team. Because the tool is so adaptive, we are constantly adding new features for our end users, such as building a project management tracking tool that we built completely internally. We are demanding as far as data analysis and report generation are concerned, so we really rely on the tool to provide us with quick running and easily customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to build an entire CRM tool from scratch without any previous programming experience. This also enables you to make changes or add new features to your tool quickly and cheaply.
  • Agiloft CRM additionally excels at having the ability to automate tasks, such automatic templated emails, to updating specific records based upon conditions. The automation has freed up my team from mundane tasks.
  • Agiloft CRM also has great built in reporting capabilities the enable you to quickly design customized reports for your staff. Reports can be scheduled to run at any frequency you choose, which is great for management style monthly or weekly report updates. I simply schedule the reports, and they are in management's inbox when they arrive in the morning.
  • Agiloft's customer support so far has been very good, and I typically get responses back the same day I send in the ticket.
  • They could build a slicker look to the graphical charts output for the reports. These look a bit dated, and I would like the ability to customize them more.
  • I find that some features of the tool are difficult to find, and aren't necessarily in the most common sense of places. This definitely eases with experience with the tool, but initially it will take some time just to figure out the setup of the tool and where things are located. For example, permissions can be set on many different levels, which is great, but logically finding where to find the differing permission levels is difficult at first. I would suggest attending their admin training session to initiate yourself with the tool at first, so you're not as reliant on Agiloft initially to guide you in building the tool, which can get expensive.
We use the tool for a variety of different business processes, and we have not come across a scenario where the tool just would not work for us. Therefore, I cannot comment on where it would be less appropriate.
Elizabeth Lepisto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Agiloft is used by our entire organization, a company of about 25 employees. The primary purpose is to manage the workflow of our product development. The ultimate goal is to have this start at quoting, go through all operations teams until product delivery, and finalize with invoicing. We are currently creating this workflow, piece by piece, as we learn more about Agiloft and what it can do for our company.

It is helping to make the large number of processes we have more automatic, which makes things easier and reduces errors that manual processes can create. It creates automatic emails that employees used to have to create every time. Instead, they now click a button and Agiloft does the work for them. It also makes information more consistent, connects related information together, and gives us one centralized location for our records.

We also use it for several non-production processes, including time off requests, new hire on-boarding, internal projects, and employee recognition. We anticipate that we have several more months of work to build up everything we want to have on Agiloft.
  • Customization. We are able to take the foundation and default set up and turn it into exactly what we need.
  • Support. Although a ticket system and dealing with support almost exclusively online seemed not ideal to us at first, we know we can rely on Agiloft's support team to get back to us quickly and help us to find a way to do something, fix issues that are going on, and answer any questions we have.
  • Easy to learn. Although there is a LOT to learn, most of it has been intuitive and easy to follow. It's easy to try out different setting to see what will happen one way versus another.
  • Charts and Reports. Being able to see data in many, many different ways through the searches and views. Automatically emailed reports are extremely helpful.
  • Documentation. The Administrator Manual gives some information, but we end up just going to Support a lot of times to help us figure out how to do something.
  • It would be extremely helpful to see what other employees with other permission levels can see, without having to go to their computer and view it from there. It seems like this is only possible in the Charts/Reports section.
  • There seems to be several bugs related to working with an external database. Nothing major, but little hiccups now and then can get a little frustrating.
If there were only a handful of clients someone worked with, or if they're workflow was extremely varied and not easy to pin down into specific processes. If they work on a very case by case basis, Agiloft may work, but would be very different to set up than I have been used to. Key questions would be asking what their processes are, how they communicate with clients, and how the communication in their current company is.
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