symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)

symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)

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symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)


What is symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)?

symplr acquired HealthcareSource in July, 2021. The former HealthcareSource now forms the foundation fo the symplr talent management suite.
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HR Recruiting

5 out of 10
November 15, 2021
Position Manager is being used throughout the organization for the whole recruiting process. Our applicant submits an application online. …
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Healthcare Source

6 out of 10
January 21, 2014
We use it as our Applicant Tracking System. The whole organization uses it to enter Jobs and Review Candidates. It streamlines the …
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What is symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)?

symplr acquired HealthcareSource in July, 2021. The former HealthcareSource now forms the foundation fo the symplr talent management suite.

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Product Details

What is symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource)?

With the addition of HealthcareSource, symplr offers solutions to improve hiring speed, staff engagement, team skillsets, and employee retention while reducing premium labor spend. When combined with symplr’s existing workforce management solutions and credentialing capabilities, the combined end-to-end Patient Centered Workforce® solution aims to make it easier for healthcare organizations to hire, keep, optimize, and grow their workforce.

symplr Talent Management Solutions (formerly HealthcareSource)

symplr states they recognize how recruiters, hiring managers, learning and development professionals, and compensation specialists must work together to hire and develop high-performing teams and leaders in healthcare. symplr Talent supports the following initiatives:

Talent Acquisition

  • Use configurable, data-driven recruitment marketing techniques to attract, engage and build relationships with highly qualified talent in your area.
  • Match applicants’ work preferences with job openings so your team can focus on jobs with high-volume openings and low availability of qualified talent.
  • Communicate and coordinate tasks more effectively among stakeholders, including applicants, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Quickly fill positions by posting job openings to our healthcare-focused Job Board (previously online bulletin board), making it easy for prospective employees to apply for those posted jobs.
  • Reduce new-hire turnover by predicting applicants’ likelihood for job success, service excellence, and long-term retention.

Employee Performance

  • Create a high-performance culture through ongoing coaching, feedback, and professional development.
  • Engage and inspire employees to achieve their objectives.
  • Create employee development plans using scientifically validated assessment techniques.
  • Plan for tomorrow by identifying your potential leaders today.

Learning & Development

  • Build resilience by putting employee development at the core of the workforce planning strategy.
  • Embrace adaptive educational learning techniques to reduce reliance on classrooms and to better engage employees with online instruction of healthcare education and staff training tools like Minute Mandatories®
  • Proactively close skills gaps by creating a culture of continuous learning, track skill progression, and decrease time to competency.

symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource) Features

  • Supported: Electronic sign-off of current job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Supported: Manager-staff goal collaboration
  • Supported: Ongoing goals check-ins and updates
  • Supported: Online coaching and feedback
  • Supported: Dashboard and email driven process
  • Supported: Online self and multi-rater input
  • Supported: Clear consistent communication of performance outcomes

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symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

symplr acquired HealthcareSource in July, 2021. The former HealthcareSource now forms the foundation fo the symplr talent management suite.

Saba TalentSpace and PeopleFluent are common alternatives for symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource).

The most common users of symplr Talent Management Solutions (HealthcareSource) are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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November 15, 2021

HR Recruiting

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Position Manager is being used throughout the organization for the whole recruiting process. Our applicant submits an application online. The application gets to the recruiters end on PM any application/interview updates/ notes/ assignments etc are entered on that application. Hiring managers have access to post jobs etc
  • keeping track of applicants
  • navigation
  • access to resume, CV, etc is easy
  • navigation; not always user friendly or insightful
For recruiters and hiring managers, HealthcareSource Position Manager is best, especially when they have a lot of applicants. They can take a quick look at the little number that ranges from 0 - 100 telling them how much this person's experience relates to the position in question
Heath Achatz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used only in admin and HR. We use it for in house vacancies that can be applied for easily as well as having employees share the links to apply with people they know. It streamlines the hiring process, applying process, employee management, and employee reviews. Of course, the e-learning is used by all employees and keeps them up to date on necessary policies and procedures in the organization.
  • User tracking of e-learning
  • HR tracking of user e-learning
  • Easy to use interface
  • Intuitive design
  • Integration to a mobile app that all employees could use would be great
  • Additional color schemes would be neat
It really is the best solution to any organization that needs to provide and track employees continued learning or learning of policies and procedures. The tracking is great on all ends. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. It may not be suitable for an organization with under 10 people as it is quite extensive and may be a bit over the top.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Position Manager is used across our organization as our applicant tracking system. It houses our applicants into a central place for all of our locations.
  • I feel they do implementation well.
  • They have great vendors they work with.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • The system needs to be updated. It's simple and easy to use, but it is way outdated.
  • Roll out upgrades frequently and more timely.
  • Need calendar integration, social media integrations, CRM to application.
If an organization is looking for a basic online solution for applicant tracking - this would be good for them.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HealthcareSource NetLearning is used in our organization to ensure education compliance with many healthcare related regulations. It is used throughout our entire organization. It creates a great way of documenting the completion of education.
  • The user interface is simple. Everything is on one page and incredibly easy to navigate.
  • The program is solid. We haven't had a downtime in years.
  • The program syncs with our HR system very well.
  • Third party or custom built SCORM packages often have issues.
  • Limited ability to create custom reports.
  • Lack of ability to integrate with other programs.
  • Assignment system is extremely limited.
The key questions I would ask are:

Am I seeking the ability to educate with interactive content or document education? HealthcareSource NetLearning is stronger in documenting.

How specific do I need to be in educating? For house-wide and department-wide assignments HealthcareSource NetLearning works great. Distinguishing to micro-groups are more difficult.

Do I want to integrate with other products? This is impossible at this time. (3rd party courseware is possible, I am speaking of 3rd party report building software and other software integrations.)
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HealthcareSource is being used organization wide and the training of employees is provided via eLearning. Annual requirements are assigned, completed and recorded. Reports for compliance can be run at any time for measuring accountability. Scheduled employee training oppportunities are advertised, staff self enroll, the training is conducted and completions are recorded. Records of employee participation are readily available.
  • Customer service is available via email and phone when needed.
  • Individualized training sessions available for project challenges.
  • Provide personable service from all aspects of the organization.
  • When we had issues with compatibility of third party courses, the staff focused on our need and made it work.
  • To allow our team members choice, we offer training as either/or. The current system does not record either/or completions
  • To end enrollment of new hires for training at a set date, requires also ending the training of all those not yet completed.
Request an itemized purchasing order. Some things are bundled and others are not. Some things expire annually and others do not. This has an impact on the initial and subsequent years' expense.
Melissa Odom | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently have implemented Position Manager for job requisitions and applicant tracking across the organization. We also have Performance Manager also implemented across the organization. In Performance Manager we have completed 4 years of Leadership Common Review date appraisals and we are going into our 2nd year of Staff Common Review date appraisals. We are also implementing job descriptions across the organization and are about 60% completed on those.

We are still on Position Manager 10 and any new clients would be on Position Manager 11 and I know there are a lot of improvements in version 11 such as a better approval process for job requisitions.
  • Integration and file feeds with our core HRIS System, Lawson, is one of the biggest strengths of both products. Entering data once is a big time saver for an organization with close to 10,000 employees.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface makes this system easy to use with minimal training. During our initial roll transition we did have in person training but going forward for new employees, training documents on our HR Intranet site have been working well.
  • Reporting needs are met in both systems. Performance Manager has a custom reporting interface that allows you to create reports as needed. Position Manager has many built in reports and support will write custom reports as needed.
  • HealthcareSource developers are very open to suggestions from their clients on ways to enhance their products and new versions come out quarterly.
  • Unlike other software vendors I have used in the past, system changes seem to be very sell tested and put through the QA process before being released to clients.
  • There are a lot of custom settings that allow you to set the system the way you want in Position Manager. You can change the application and requisition to suit your needs.
  • I really like their support software - you can submit help requests by phone, email or a support portal. If it's an easy fix, the fix and communication is quick but when the support needs to move to an higher tier, communication can be slow and although I have no doubt support is working on it, communication could be better to let us know what is going on.
  • They do seem to be getting better about this, but when a new release is coming out and the changes are minor we often get the release notes 1-2 days before the system is updated. Due to varying work schedules, I would like to see the release notes a few weeks in advance. To their credit, the last release which had a few more major changes like a new navigation bar, they did give us a months notice.
  • I know this may be rare of the SAAS world, but I would really rave about the software if I had full custom reporting capability with full read-only database access so I could combine their data with my HRIS data in one report.
If their HRIS system holds all their data - employees, supervisors, positions then HealthcareSource can really take advantage of that data and save you a lot of time. We looked at a lot of systems and one of our needs was both Applicant Tracking and Performance Management and these systems work very well together. Other systems we looked at didn't have all our most needed features - we needed a vendor that could do both, integrate with our HRIS, report back data in a customizable fashion, and be user friendly. Some systems listed the features but during the demo and product reference calls we found they didn't perform as advertised. Some had reporting but the reporting was missing key data or didn't export in a data friendly manner. We have found HealthcareSource to be not only "pretty" - aka user friendly/non-cluttered but also had the engine under the hood as well that met our data analyst needs.
On the previous rating scale, I kept thinking "it depends". If I know it's an easy question or easy fix, the response is super fast. If I know I am asking something complex, custom or I just know it's not going to be able to be answered by 1st tier, it can take some time. I have worked on these issues with them (they are all very nice) I do now have avenues for finding things out from one person. We had one issue where we had a major problem and it required a software patch and their support team worked throughout the weekend to create, QA, and deliver the patch as promised. I was very impressed.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use NetLearning as our core Learning Management System across our system. It helps us to manage large system-wide application rollouts as well as maintain our Mosby and BLS classes.
  • It is a basic system, so it allows a basic level user to maneuver with ease.
  • SoftChalk is a basic authoring tool which assists in the creation of our modules.
  • NetManager allows for trainers to manage their classes from start to finish.
  • NetLearning does not appear to be advancing its software, but more only focusing on maintenance.
  • The functionality for an administrator is cumbersome and not always intuitive.
  • Mass module uploading capability is non-existent.
I would recommend this LMS for a smaller organization. It has difficulty with scalability.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetLearning is being used by our organization to onboard new employees and ensure that they have the correct new employee orientation. It is also used for certifications, such as BLS and ACLS, where the employees can complete the online didactic portion as well as sign up for the in person class. We also track any training for the hospital as well as CEU credits for nurses. Since they need their hours tracked to maintain their hours, this is very beneficial to our nursing staff.
  • When submitting tickets for NetLearning, the helpdesk is quick to respond to requests.
  • When helping you with a NetLearning issue, the helpdesk will call and walk you through what was incorrect, so that you know how to fix it in the future.
  • The NetLearning University Anytime Links are not accurate. So, after trying to fix an issue myself, I had wasted a large portion of time trying to follow directions and complete myself.
  • The training times are in a different time zone and most of them are before I start work for the day.
I believe NetLearning is a beneficial source, especially in a hospital setting where there are a large amount of trainings, certifications, or classes that need to be tracked. There is still a lot more I can learn within NetLearning, but the potential of what else can be done is great to look forward to.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The healthcare organization I work for uses Performance Manager offered by HealthcareSource. It is used by every employee in the organization and has had a significant positive impact on employee's involvement in their annual appraisals, goal setting and communication with their supervisors. This program is very user friendly and has allowed our employees to engage in their career and more actively participate in their future with the organization. In the long run we see this lowering turnover rates, increasing productivity and allowing us in HR to see the areas we need to focus on for training purposes (i.e. communication, job skills, trust in leadership).
  • When any company implements a new program they have specific needs that they want customized for them. Healthcare source did a great job providing excellent customer service to our HR and IT professionals working behind the scenes to help us maximize the programs potential at our organization. They did not limit us to any standard uses or prohibit us from reaching our internal goals. Some examples include specialized reports, data uploads of employee data and time frames for our annual reviews.
  • They provided us with training and retraining and more training on using the system. This included training new members of our team when we had turnover in HR and inviting us to conferences and webcasts regularly.
  • The presentation of the software was very appealing and that may seem small but it really helps appeal to the employees that use it for their reviews.
  • The communication between our HR IS system and their platform was cumbersome, this is always a tough spot to work with when trying to get two systems to communicate without having to rework the data. We did reach a point of success and it was due to the work on both sides.
  • I would have liked to have seen the way other healthcare organizations used the system.
  • It took a long time to get a chance to meet some of the team members from HealthcareSource due to our locations and once we did have a face to face meeting I felt much more connected with the team.
In order to be successful in the implementation and progress of PerformanceManager, the organization needs to dedicate internal team members to be trained and communicate with the HealthcareSource team. While they are very supportive, it is essential to have that internal team working with employees and communicating inquires and questions back to HealthcareSource when needed.
Ron Yardeni | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used HealthcareSource as a recruitment tool when I worked for 2 hospitals at their HR department in a capacity of Recruitment Specialist.
It is a user-friendly and effective ATS and I enjoyed using it.
  • Provides a full picture and a history of the relationship the organization had with an applicant.
  • Every step in the recruitment/hiring process is done through the ATS software.
  • Navigation within the program is easy and user-friendly. From sending an invitation to a denial-note it is there easily accessible.
  • Administrative functions are harder to use
  • Applicants can apply multiple times for the same open req.
  • Alerts are not a full feature.
No - in my opinion it is a wonderful tool!
January 21, 2014

Healthcare Source

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it as our Applicant Tracking System. The whole organization uses it to enter Jobs and Review Candidates. It streamlines the Recruiting Communication between HR and Hiring Managers.
  • Ability to communicate with Hiring Managers
  • Ease of use for Hiring Managers
  • Ease of use, have to open multiple tabs to streamline
  • Layout is not very visually appealing
Wish the application was clearer where applicants should upload resume.
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