Employee Performance Management Software

Best Employee Performance Management Software include:

15Five, PiiQ by Cornerstone, and Saba Cloud.

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Employee Performance Management Software Overview

What is Employee Performance Management Software?

Employee Performance Management software is a tool that helps companies evaluate an employee’s performance as well as gauge whether work goals are aligned with the goals of the department or company. These features can be used to drive performance evaluations, improvement plans, career advancements, and salary negotiations.

In a typical performance review cycle, an employee would use the Performance Management software to set goals and provide progress updates to these goals at multiple times during the year. A manager would then document their review of the employee or goals, document their conversations, and outline any changes or improvements needed. This helps ensure that the work goals remain in alignment with the business goals and ensure the productivity of the employee meets acceptable levels.

In addition to the performance reviews and improvement, some vendors bundle employee performance management software with other tools. Some may provide training courses or modules. Others provide tools to map out career development trajectories or talent assessments to identify and promote future leaders. Others may even come bundled with a full HR suite, including tools for recruiting, onboarding, and payroll.

Employee Performance Management Features & Capabilities

  • High level dashboards

  • 360 review - ability to capture feedback from subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors

  • Goal or OKR (Objectives and Key Results) tracking

  • Capabilities for traditional or non-traditional performance review cycles

  • Development and succession planning

  • Automated review cycle reminders

  • Integration with third party productivity or training apps

Pricing Information

Some employee performance management solutions come bundled within comprehensive HR platforms which will increase the monthly cost. If you are just looking for performance management software, you can expect to pay per user per month (usually between $3 and $15) and a set-up fee (in the $800 - $2,000 range).

Employee Performance Management Products

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Cornerstone OnDemand
233 ratings
127 reviews
Top Rated
Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based application for talent management. Cornerstone offers suites for recruiting, training, performance monitoring and planning, learning, and HR data management. It is scaled for enterprises.
Saba TalentSpace (formerly Halogen)
91 ratings
58 reviews
Halogen Software offers a cloud-based talent management suite that includes recruiting, performance management, learning and development, succession planning and compensation programs. It is optimized for mid-sized businesses.
82 ratings
58 reviews
Namely offers a cloud-based HR platform for integrated core and specialized HR services, including time and employee performance management and onboarding processes.
Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment
58 ratings
57 reviews
The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a simple yet effective assessment that is broken down into four primary behavioral factors, or core drives. These core drives and their relation to each other create a behavioral pattern that provides a framework for understanding the workplace behaviors of candidate…
SAP SuccessFactors
179 ratings
51 reviews
SAP SuccessFactors is a suite of HR/HCM products covering these capability areas: core HR and payroll, recruiting and onboarding, learning and development, performance and compensation management, workforce analytics and planning, and employee experience management.
PiiQ by Cornerstone
64 ratings
40 reviews
Top Rated
Cornerstone’s PiiQ is an SMB offering formerly known as Sonar6. PiiQ is aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses and includes core learning management and performance management systems, including content creation, mobile accessibility, and in-product reporting.
52 ratings
39 reviews
Bridge is the corporate version of Instructure's talent and learning management platform. Bridge provides core learning and performance management software, including reporting capabilities. The company emphasizes customer service.
Saba Cloud
60 ratings
34 reviews
Top Rated
Saba Cloud is a talent management suite which includes performance management, succession planning, learning management, planning, and recruiting. The vendor intends the cloud-based platform to be highly scalable to enable continuous corporate employee development.
38 ratings
30 reviews
Top Rated
15Five in San Francisco offers their employee performance management platform, which emphasizes employee engagement via pulse surveys and an emphasis on frequent feedback, fast one-on-one meeting planning, objective tracking, and other related features.
19 ratings
12 reviews
Reflektive is an employee performance management platform from the company of the same name in San Francisco, California.
Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys and Pulses
10 ratings
10 reviews
Quantum Workplace provides an all-in-one employee engagement software that makes managers the central drivers of workplace culture. Serving more than 8,700 organizations, Quantum Workplace’s technology gives team leaders direct access to employee feedback and personalized real-time insights, so they…
Small Improvements
12 ratings
7 reviews
Performance Reviews & 360sProvide employees with structured opportunities for reflection and assessment through performance reviews and peer feedback. Customize the questions, define who participates, establish a cadence that suits an organization’s schedule, and run reviews for different depart…
CakeHR by Sage
12 ratings
7 reviews
According to the vendor, CakeHR by Sage is an easy-to-use HR software for small to medium businesses. CakeHR is built with ease of use in mind, automating every step of the human resource process. CakeHR is designed with modular functionality to be customized for your needs. Accordin…
13 ratings
6 reviews
Lattice is employee performance management software for mid-sized companies, offered by a San Fransisco-based startup of the same name. It includes four modules: Reviews, Goals (objectives and key results, or OKR), Feedback, and Check-ins (weekly one-to-one meetings). Early customers include Reddit…
9 ratings
5 reviews
Trakstar's Performance Appraisal software helps HR and your organization manage feedback, goals and reviews. You can build customized appraisal forms, set SMART goals, and create flexible workflows to meet the needs of your organization. 360/Multi-rater feedback is an option. Trakstar's rich feature…
EchoSpan 360-Degree Feedback Tool
5 ratings
4 reviews
EchoSpan 360-Degree Feedback is an employee surveying and evaluation tool. It features a competency library for testing employees, as well as reporting and developmental suggestions.
Culture Amp
11 ratings
4 reviews
Culture Amp is an employee engagement software offering with functionalities such as employee pulse survey, onboarding feedback collection, and analysis of employee feedback.
10 ratings
3 reviews
BetterWorks provides continuous performance for organizations like AOL, BMW, Kroger, GoPro, Sony Music and Schneider Electric. This solution is designed to help leaders improve employee performance through seamless goal setting and ongoing feedback.The vendor’s value proposition is that BetterWorks …
Lanteria HR
2 ratings
2 reviews
Lanteria HR is a SharePoint solution for Human Resources and Talent Management. This solution facilitates and automates the entire HR management cycle in a company. It allows for a central storage of all HR information and guides and supports various HRM processes. Talent Management Features Onbo…
8 ratings
2 reviews
Achievers is a platform for managing employee rewards and recognition programs. It includes features for tracking employee performance against company or project goals, as well as tracking social recognition of employees for their achievements, and tracking available budget for employee incentives a…
Workhuman (formerly Globoforce)
5 ratings
2 reviews
Workhuman (formerly Globoforce) is an employee performance and talent mangement software solution from the company of same name headquartered in Framingham.
SkyPrep LMS
1 ratings
1 reviews
SkyPrep is an online training software that allows businesses, and knowledge providers to train, test, and manage their users. The software allows users to upload content any material they already have (such as PDF, Powerpoints, Excel, Word, Videos) and create courses and tests. There are also tools…
1 ratings
1 reviews
Khorus is is an Employee Performance Management solution. Some key features include At-a-Glance Business Performance, Predictive Measures, Goals and Status Updates, and Near-real-time Analytics.
HealthcareSource Performance Manager
2 ratings
1 reviews
HealthcareSource Performance Manager software is a paperless methodology for managing healthcare appraisals, job descriptions, skills, goals, and succession planning.