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September 15, 2019

Let me Chime in!

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Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Chime

Right now it is being used by operation and the engineering department. We found it easy to use and very clear, especially on international conferences. We are able to communicate within a second or two for a quick meeting. We have an account set up just for engineering to use and it has been very useful for our sprint planning meetings.
  • Very simple custom URL for easy sharing. No long dial in, participant codes, international numbers.
  • No software to download for either party, probably the best reason to switch. People hate when you invite them to a meeting and then you first have to download the software. Many companies block their employees from downloading outside software.
  • Manage Team. It is very easy to manage the users on your account, add, delete. This is a huge time saver.
  • I believe that Chime could have an easier interface. It certainly can be more intuitive when navigating around the software. Can be fixed by a simple call to action like Start, End here is my number and URL.
  • Customer service is a bit of a crapshoot. Some of the people at Amazon are wonderful, others treat you like your a two-year-old navigating a computer for the first time. I just need simple answers to simple questions.
  • Marketing. No one knows about Amazon Chime so when you send someone an invite, they always question it to make sure I didn't send them an incorrect URL.
  • Anytime that my teams do not have to have that frustrating first 5 minutes of a call asked if everyone can hear and are you on, makes life so much better and starts the meeting off on a positive note.
  • Knowing that Chime is very reliable, domestic and international, gives me some peace of mind that my teams and I are in good hands. Communication is vital for our business and I feel confident in Chime.
  • I would like our company as a whole using the same vendor for online conferences. We constantly try to streamline our vendor list, but I do understand the interface criticism. Amazon has never been known for its design aesthetic and user experience.
They are all good products, but here is why we switched:

1. UberConf. This was the first conference software we used. It used to be great, it actually had a free version that worked perfectly. Then the service started to falter, mostly lag time between user and presenter. And then, the final straw, during someone in my offices' call, you heard the words "You must upgrade to continue to use the service" and it kept going in a loop. Ridiculous.

Skype and GoTo I use when my clients want to use it. I just do not like them because you have to download software on both sides. Very annoying and can make people late for a meeting.

Some customer service reps are great, but I find the majority are not really giving you service, they are not solving the problems and issues can go on for weeks. It is very frustrating and has made me question my decision to stay with them. Once again, there are some great ones that actually follow up when they say they will and have concrete answers, even if they say they are still researching, at least I know someone is on it.

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For now, I believe Chime is great for internal use within a company. We use it regularly for our remote teams, especially for sprint planning, developer meetings, stand-ups, etc. The sales teams are hesitant because the interface is not the easiest to navigate and they are worried the people they are presenting to will get frustrated.

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