Appian - perfect tool for our ongoing business transformation
Steffen Liedtke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated February 04, 2020

Appian - perfect tool for our ongoing business transformation

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Overall Satisfaction with Appian

It is used as a BPM application for new customer signup and follow up on process task management, including SLA reporting. The next major development utilizing the Appian platform to receive real-time information from our national fleet about collection/service outcome with back office teams task creation and performing off system tasks based on information provided.
  • quick mockup simple forms to show end user how the data will flow.
  • task setup based on time or other triggers works very well with the the SLA reporting streamlining teams performances.
  • real time information now available and we can pro actively resolve issues now and inform our customers that issues are resolved before they actually knew the issue existed.
  • whole Appian Version updates require our full change team to do UAT. There should be an automated tool provided by Appian to highlight what processes will be affected by the version update.
  • we have issues with time/date conversion to Australian standard time as some of the time stamps are based on Washington DC time. This makes GAP analysis when issues reported by end-users challenging some times.
  • certain default form layouts cannot be amended to our needs and require a total new sprint to get exactly what we need - which again is time and money we need to invest and something a change request on a form should do the trick
  • we are using Appian platform on tablets for our whole recycling trucks/fleet and have for first time a real time visibility on how we are tracking (daily over 1500 collections nationwide)
  • customer billing dispute has decreased dramatically due to real time driver comments with photo and GPS data available straight away.
  • SLA reporting helps us to identify bottlenecks in our internal processes across teams and we have improved our whole operations.
  • before Appian platform BPM it took us 2-3 weeks to deliver a recycling bin after a customer signed up with us, but NOW 48hr max after the customer signed electronically the recycling bin is at customer location and the service can commence.
The team that we worked with and still get support from are amazing. Their skill set and willingness to get the best outcome for us was/is very impressive.
The flexibility to use the platform for any business process makes it extremely competitive. We are already planning our next engagements with the Appian team to get other processes on this platform.
more intuitive as it can be changed quickly into what we needed.
BPM, real time data visibility, task tracking

Using Appian

200 - Enduser (truck driver), Approval Management, Field sales reps, back office teams
4 - IT professional, BA's
  • User stories
  • Bugs
  • Enhancements
  • improved reporting
  • surfacing process issues we could improve our over processes
  • more approval tasks
  • digitalisation of still ongoing paper-based processes
use it every day and it improved the way we do business

Evaluating Appian and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
I would get a better understanding of the after project implementation support. That also forms questions in regards to BAU support and adding features that are constantly promoted by Appian.
Their 80/20 approach (80% workable / 20% fix bugs after implementation) at the time is not the best way when several processes are implemented and documentation should be done, but business SME's are tight up with the next process implementation.
Appian should provide a list of external vendors who are able to support their product at the same high standard as Appian does it - but with the fraction of the cost.

Appian Implementation

Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - The after project implementation support needs to be handled better.
  • Server speed - unsure it could handle our new processes as intended
  • documentation not apparent

Appian Support

Slow Resolution
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Slow Initial Response
Yes - The bug was not resolved, and it took a long time to get an answer. One major issue for us is the time difference. We are based in Australia and the Appian engineers are based mainly in the east coast of the USA.
The bug we have raised is about Date/Timestamp displays with our automated data extracts in EST and not in AEDT. That makes it difficult for reports, as time converters are required.
The Appian team in Melbourne helped within minutes of raising an issue with our database on the server and they could get it working within 30min which included a restart of the whole system. This minor outage was handled exceptional well by the local support team and suprise to us, it was free of charge.

Using Appian

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Task completion
  • Reports
  • reverse tasks (e.g. cancel previous inputs)
  • some button functionality