Bomgar - The Game Changer
Updated July 20, 2018

Bomgar - The Game Changer

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Overall Satisfaction with Bomgar Remote Support Software

Bomgar was brought in as a remote appliance but it has turned in to so much more. I call it the game changer for us. It interlaces well with our Kace K1 appliance and the interface is simple to use, even for the novice. As we progressed in our usage, we saw the value in allowing outside vendors the ability to use jump clients on servers they frequent. This also worked well for internal departments who needed the same great secure access to internal infrastructures like HVAC controllers. But what impressed me the most about Bomgar was our rollout of the chat feature to our users. Now we chat with our end users and sometimes, fix issues without having to even make a connection to their machine. And our students even get in on this, not just from the campus but from their homes. To help a student who can't register for class when they are out of ideas and fretting at the last minute, miles or even states away, well that is a game changer.
  • The ease of remote access Bomgar allows is second to none. You have many options when it comes to remote support from the Bomgar button on the end user side to manual entry of that machine's ID or IP address. If you want to use RDP, they do that too.
  • Performance is always up for discussion when all situations and networks are different. But when we were seeing connection and graphics issues with 2 other remote solutions, Bomgar just worked and did it well.
  • If features are your thing, Bomgar has that and then some. And they are always adding to the toolbag. They are more than remote access and I see their role increasing and the tools too.
  • Only issue I really have is the jump client goes to queu when our remote vendors shut down their machine. Works in our favor if we lose our connection but that never happens. And this is such a small issue but had to put something in here.
  • We went from zero student support off campus to a feature we now provide. We also had no chat support before Bomgar.
  • Our typical day before Bomgar was 80/20 foot to the ground versus desk work. That has flipped if not raised closer to 90% of our time now spent in our office where we can field more calls and chats while still pushing software and reimaging remotely.
  • We went from 5 techs supporting 1500 machines to 7 techs supporting over 3000 machines and now we also support the student population where before Bomgar, we did not.
  • Symantec Norton (SMB), Novell's Console One and Ultra VNC
Hands down, Bomgar out performs the previous remote applications I have used. It also trumps them in features and options. It is far more capable when it comes to escalation permissions and passing over sessions to other people or even getting others involved. And the ease of use is like no other I have seen.
Bomgar gives us the ability to extend our technical support out to users who are not on campus. This comes in handy when students have issues with passwords or registration and they need a little assistance. And Bomgar works across many platforms, no worries if the student needs help on their tablet or pc or Mac. We can connect to their home devices regardless.

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Using Bomgar Remote Support Software

15 - We assist in all manners of business from book store support to faculty classroom issues. Bomgar allows us to reach all sections of our network including our PCI machines. The tech side of the shop uses Bomgar for every day assistance and pc issues while the network side accesses servers, shares and KVM's to keep everything up and going on the back end.
3 - Bomgar is managed by one of the technicians and he has a pretty good grasp of everything associated with the box. He also takes care of any access issues that may be needed from end users or outside vendors. Hardware is taken care of by a couple techs who are server certified for repairs. And if there is anything above or beyond any of the aforementioned issues, I am Bomgar Administrator certified.
  • Outside support for those who are not on campus and need it
  • Outside access for vendors
  • Internal support for 3,000+ device and their users.
  • We never imagined we would be able to offer support to students. Bomgar has made that happen
  • We have always had issues with outside vendors using anything and everything to connect to our network. Now they all use Bomgar through an Embassy account and everything is monitored
  • I want to see all departments have access to Bomgar so if a student is in need of financial support, we send them to the financial aid queue or if they are in need of counseling, then they go to the counselors.
We have many reasons to keep our Bomgar. Security is one of the biggest reasons. Not only is Bomgar one of the most secure means to connect remotely, it also records everything you do so there is no question as to what is going on or who is doing it. If an end user has a complaint, you have the tools to validate which party did what and when.

Evaluating Bomgar Remote Support Software and Competitors

Yes - We replaced UltraVNC because we wanted better security, more performance and features, and we were looking for something that would allow us the ability to queue requests from users without having them call in first to find a tech available for assistance. We looked at other programs but Bomgar seemed to fit our needs better than others.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
Our biggest issue was going to surround features. We had a remote tool that did just that. But we wanted something that could be extended to more users and allow them the ability to fire off an initial contact for support. We also wanted something with better security and something that would let us share our desktops. What we got was that and so much more. We don't use all the features offered but we should.
If we could go back, we would have probably narrowed down the list a bit more. Before we even started testing it was apparent we were going to go with Bomgar. They simply had more to offer and were more supportive in assisting us in the evaluation process.

Bomgar Remote Support Software Implementation

Listen to the professionals. Bomgar was there the whole time to help us get up and running, then they trained us on the initial usage of the system. It was smooth and efficient.
  • Our biggest issue was getting the word out and teaching the end users how to use it

Bomgar Remote Support Software Support

We rarely need support, that is a huge benefit for us. But if there is a situation where we do need support, they are always there to assist and they understand what needs to be done usually before we do.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - We rely heavily on Bomgar. We rarely if ever have issues with it but it is one of those tools that you can not afford for it to be down.
We were updating our box last year and there was some issues with it taking the new update. Bomgar remoted in to our machine and made the needed changes to get the update complete.

Using Bomgar Remote Support Software

Bomgar is easy to use and the layout makes things convenient. Even for someone who has never used it but has some technical ability, loading the software and waiting on the next task to come through is easy enough. Once you start to learn the details of creating connections or finding machines that are anchored to the system, you start to move forward at a pretty quick pace.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Sharing files between machines doesn't get any simpler
  • Moving machines around in the queues is easy enough and it's a great feature we use often
  • The Bomgar button is amazing. We deploy that to other systems and if someone needs us, there is no need to call
  • Sometimes I find it difficult to navigate the more advanced options of Bomgar. I'm sure if I used them more often, they would be as foreign to me