ClickUp is the Ultimate Task Management Level-Up
August 11, 2022

ClickUp is the Ultimate Task Management Level-Up

Cassandra Shenning | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ClickUp

With MOVES, I used ClickUp to monitor the progress of a few items. The first and most helpful project that it helped me stay on top of was our customer acquisition objectives. Our company needed to track communication with 150-500 potential new clients in multiple cities, and with multiple people helping in this effort, it was necessary that the information rested in one place. The project statuses helped us understand where our potential clients were in conversion (did we call them, are they interested, do we need to follow up, did they say they would use our services, did they end up using our services?), and the tags helped by giving us a way to sort through different attributes of our potential clients (were they part of a VCA hospital group, were they women-owned, have they used another one of our specialists in that city before?) Additionally, the calendar feature helped remind us when we should be following up with our potential customers. Setup was a breeze, too. Uploading a modified CSV file to import all of our tasks that needed to be kept in Excel Sheets? That feeling of killing two birds with one stone never felt better. Another objective I used this for was what we called our "Launch Phase" where we would have to equip our veterinarians with equipment, marketing materials, training, headshots, create social media pages, etc. Having different lists, tasks, and blocking tasks really changed the efficiency factor in our launch phases. It helped keep things organized, and it helped keep our remote team connected to our HQ team seamlessly. I've changed jobs now, but I've brought ClickUp with me because it really increases my efficiency and helps me stay organized. While I still take a lot of written notes, I always come back to store them in ClickUp because it helps me stay organized and reduces the time I spend "looking for that note I took" because I can just go to the task or search for a keyword that I was using. I can track my progress and report back to my team where I'm at in an instant. Additionally, I've started a couple of side hustles, and you guessed it... I used ClickUp for them, too. It's just so easy to stay organized with ClickUp. It's so versatile between my computer and my smartphone that I can be extremely productive and organized, which is a necessity in my life. I love ClickUp and will sing its praises.
  • Hierarchy of Space, List, Tasks, Subtasks is great
  • Options for different views helps for different objectives
  • Customizable by color helps to connect things visually for me and my team
  • Clean, modern view of my tasks
  • Sometimes when I create a task, it doesn't show up right away. If I refresh my page, I can see it, but it doesn't always appear in the list right away.
  • Some of the things I wanted you guys have recently added, like Maps & Whiteboard!
  • I don't like that when a task is closed that it no longer shows up on my calendar. I found a workaround but it would be nice if I had the option to "remove closed from the calendar" or "keep closed tasks on the calendar". Closed sometimes means "scheduled" for me, so it is hard to see everything I've got going on.
  • ClickUp made working with a remote team a breeze. From North Carolina to California, we were never more than a click away, and that made communication so much better for us as a team.
  • ClickUp allowed me to oversee what my department was doing without having to call or email and ask for an update. I'd simply go to the task, review where they were at, read a few notes, and then know exactly what was going on. Not only did my efficiency improve, but my employees also didn't have to answer an unnecessary emails and let me know where they were at on a project. Better collaboration as a team.
  • ClickUp helps keep my marketing plan organized with the calendar function.
I think the greatest improvement our team saw was an ability to work independently but collaboratively in a seamless manner. Work is monitored by the entire team and allows for everyone to contribute in real-time without having to wait on an email from a team member with that outstanding bit of information. It's great because teams can come together, even across states, which our team did. We worked together in the same suite, and we also worked together from North Carolina to California.
By eliminating the need to communicate internally via email, we were able to streamline the communication process and increase our productivity as a team. Being able to review previous communication without having to touch base with multiple team members really improved our daily flow of work.
Trello doesn't offer as much customization, and communicating changes was difficult for me to do. I had difficulty defining my tasks in a meaningful way. The custom project statuses and tags change the game. Monday is nice, but the layout of ClickUp is far superior in my opinion. Monday doesn't offer the kind of views that I work best with, and knowing that everyone has a "what works best for me" is what helps make ClickUp my choice.

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Yes, Jira Service Management (Jira Service Desk)
ClickUp is great for project management, no matter what the project is. It's an excellent way to track the progress of a task in a team setting or on an individual basis. I've used ClickUp for tasks as small as home projects on my rental property and for projects as large as launching a new business in a new city. ClickUp is not appropriate for people who don't want to be efficient or organized. If you're looking to waste precious time and fumble through a bunch of notes and search for emails with the note from the boss, then ClickUp isn't appropriate. So, to sum it up, ClickUp is well-suited for any scenario that can benefit from organization and efficiency. Even the simplest tasks can be put into ClickUp. I really can't imagine a scenario that would be less appropriate for ClickUp. It's just that helpful & versatile.

ClickUp Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
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Gantt Charts
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Workflow Automation
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Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
Not Rated
Support for Waterfall Methodology
Not Rated
Document Management
Not Rated
Email integration
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Mobile Access
Timesheet Tracking
Not Rated
Project & financial reporting
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Evaluating ClickUp and Competitors

Yes - Trello wasn't set up in a way that allowed our team to manage tasks effectively. It lacked integrations and different board views. We didn't have the ability to collaborate in an efficient way. It wasn't user-friendly. For minor tasks, Trello fit the bill, but ultimately, we needed something more robust and customizable. ClickUp answered that call.
  • Prior Experience with the Product
ClickUp provided exactly what our organization needed in order to effectively and efficiently complete our tasks as a team working at HQ and also collaborating with a remote team in multiple cities across the USA. I can't imagine what we would have done without ClickUp. The integrations and import process really made our jobs so much easier. We didn't miss anything. The notifications allowed us to collaborate in real-time.
I would have started using ClickUp a long time ago. ClickUp is an elite solution for everyday and not-so-everyday tasks. Whether you have a small project or an incredibly intricate project, ClickUp fits the need there. I don't think I would change my evaluation process at all. I'm pleased with my decision.

ClickUp Support

I started using ClickUp when it was what most would consider a baby company. There were the occasional bugs that made working in ClickUp a little bit of a headache, but the support feature allowed me to chat with a real persona and communicate my issues. I would always get prompt support and someone willing to really help me, not just point me to FAQ pages. Not feeling like a number really makes a difference.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No, I didn't purchase premium support because I didn't have the need for it.
Yes - Yes, ClickUp did a great job resolving my issue. Not only did my concern not land in an abyss of "sure, but we'll also fix your problem"... a real person reached out to me to let me know where we were at with the resolution and contacted me again to let me know that it was completed and to reach out if I ever needed further help. ClickUp is great!
I was working in ClickUp and one of my tasks kept giving me an error when I tried to scroll through them on a list. The only way I could find that task would be to exit the task view and go to the list view and search for that particular task. I report the bug, and my chat support agent was immediately sympathetic in working with me and assured me that I would be the first to know when the bug was resolved. ClickUp is a great team of communicators.