Why HubSpot Enterprise makes sense to this financial insurance company.
November 24, 2014

Why HubSpot Enterprise makes sense to this financial insurance company.

Rob Anchondo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Sales & Marketing

Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

We use HubSpot across our entire organization. It allows us to effectively market ourselves and engage prospects. We use HubSpot to develop and cultivate leads. In addition HubSpot allows us to nurture our existing clients and deepen our relationships with them. In addition it gives us real time insight into the effectiveness of our message and [allows us to] make changes immediately.
  • HubSpot allows us to automate the drip marketing process. As a prospect completes a form, it delivers the fulfillment immediately. In turn our sales associates can immediately engage that prospect based upon the information that they just provided us.
  • HubSpot provides us with accurate analytics regarding the content of our marketing. By using their reporting tools we can gauge the response to our marking efforts. We see immediately whether or not our content is being received positively allowing us to achieve our goals. We can immediately discern trends and make adjustments to our marketing strategies.
  • Using the HubSpot system is remarkably easy. You don't have to be a computer scientist or expert programmer. With a small amount of training, you can jump in and immediately begin using the system and see results. You can start off very simply with the system and grow into all of the tools that HubSpot offers. From day 1 we saw an immediate return on our investment.
  • Because HubSpot provides so many tools and adds tremendous functionality to your marketing efforts it can sometimes feel overwhelming to completely understand and utilize all that it has to offer. I know in our case that we are barely touching the capabilities of what HubSpot has to offer. I wish that we would have established a more structured implementation of HubSpot.
  • HubSpot has provided us with an immediate return on our investment. From day 1 it has provided us with an effective marketing tool that has allowed us to engage our prospects. We have seen our conversion ratio from lead to client dramatically increase. More importantly it has allowed us to quantify the conversation process. We now have real time metrics that tell us how many marketing activities we need to engage in to convert a lead to a customer.
  • HubSpot has also given us greater employee efficiency. We know when a lead came in, how they came to us and we can measure how quickly our sales associates engage that lead. It also allows us to prioritize our leads, therefore focusing our resources on those leads that are most likely to become clients first.
We did not evaluate other products. Quite honestly we were extremely impressed with the capabilities of HubSpot. Once we saw HubSpot we were hooked. HubSpot allowed us to create and implement a thorough marketing strategy. In addition Hubspot has allowed us to create attainable and measurable marking goals.
Our marketing process is completely ingrained with HubSpot. At this point we are looking to build a complete marketing system that works as a single cohesive unit. At the core of that unit is the HubSpot tool. Over the next year we will be migrating to a new CRM that will integrate fully with HubSpot. In addition we continue to develop our own proprietary systems that integrate with the HubSpot system. Our goal is to provide our sales associates with real time data that they can use to convert more prospects to clients and at the same time provide real time data to our company decision makers so they can set our long term goals. Another plus is that Hubspot continues to add value with new features and tools regularly.
Our HubSpot representative has done a great job of identifying areas where we are using HubSpot effectively and introducing us to opportunities where HubSpot can improve a function of our marketing. I would recommend that you engage a representative immediately in the selection process and have a very candid conversation where you describe what you are currently doing, but more importantly your future goals. HubSpot has helped us to shape our marketing goals and to implement a strategy that ensures that we achieve them.

Using HubSpot

10 - Sales and Marketing, Marketing Operations and graphic and marketing design.
4 - Must have good computer and technology skills. Our graphic designers create content that is then utilized within HubSpot.
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page
  • Forms
  • Automate drip marketing
  • SEO and Blog
  • Integrate with CRM
  • Website landing page creation and optimization

HubSpot Support

Support is very responsive and knowledgable. In addition our account representative is very accessible and key member of our overall support team provided by HubSpot. Our issues are addressed quickly and are always resolved.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We are currently in the process of working with our account representative to deepen our utilization of the tools that HubSpot has to offer. She has been instrumental in helping us to identify areas of our marketing strategy that could see an immediate impact from HubSpot. In addition she has helped us to uncover new opportunities and strengthen areas where we use HubSpot.

Using HubSpot

Very easy to use. Good support functions.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Landing page creation
  • Email marketing
  • List segmentation