Quick Base - The Future of Rapid Application Development!
Updated December 14, 2023

Quick Base - The Future of Rapid Application Development!

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Overall Satisfaction with Quickbase

Our company uses QuickBase across the majority of our company/organization. It's been able to assist with better managing where our fleet equipment is, to assisting operations teams with better, more comprehensive tracking of work sites in real-time. Ultimately, it has helped move us away from using old, outdated Excel spreadsheets to track daily business operations, while being able to improve the end users' experiences. Previously, the spreadsheets would have to be checked out by each person who was working in that project, whereas now they can all access the project from wherever they are, and it also reduced the number of copies that were being saved locally back in the Excel days.
  • Their support team has a good record of listening to feature enhancements by their customers.
  • Their Empower gatherings provide great opportunities to hear from fellow customers, as well as hear about new product plans before they are published electronically.
  • They roll out feature enhancements in a timely fashion and allow early adopters to opt-in for these features to get familiar with them, as well as provide constructive criticism or praise accordingly.
  • Their lunch webinars are always very useful at showcasing upcoming releases as well as a way to easily interact with their product teams to get questions answered.
  • The inability to further customize the end users' ability to request app creation as an account administrator. The only way to currently turn this ability off is to remove a very useful portion of the product.
  • Sometimes, but not always, when a bug is noticed and brought to their attention, the communication of when the fix is deployed gets lost.
  • As an account admin/realm administrator, I've noticed that sometimes the navigation experience between the various areas of the product seems to function slightly different depending on which page you are on.
  • QuickBase has offered us time savings by allowing multiple users to access the system vs. having it locked by an Excel spreadsheet.
  • It's also given our largest business unit a significant cost savings by allowing citizen developers to build and customize applications as the business needs change. It's also cut down the total amount of time the entire team used to spend compiling individual reports to share at the management teams' weekly meetings.
QuickBase has made it simpler for our company to provide real-time reporting of how projects are going, helping to forecast if additional resources are necessary to stay on target for completion, and it's made it simpler for larger teams to ensure the same work isn't accidentally completed twice through an automated assignment/checkout process several of our applications are utilizing.
We were already utilizing QuickBase pre-COVID, so thankfully by having the majority of our applications already in-production and being used by the company helped create a nearly seamless transfer when we went from a majority office presence over to the entire workforce becoming WFH in a very, very short amount of time. Now that the pandemic is officially over, it's allowed our users to continue using QB, regardless of where they're physically located. It's been a pivotal product to help our US operations continue to accurately manage clients needs with employees throughout the US as well as an India-based workforce that was recently created (within the last three years).
We have a vast array of customers, all of which use many of their own unique systems to get their jobs done. QuickBase is able to take all those very unique projects and help us to track them in a "one shop spot". It also allows us to take our very own internal complex workflows and keep better tabs on each one. The largest advantage we've recently noticed was the ability to have dashboards that can source their data from more than one app, making it simpler for our project management teams to see overall figures, rather than being stuck with a siloed view of only data from the same application the dashboard was built within.
Since implementing our instance of QuickBase back in 2014, we haven't needed to look into other products. At this point, we're not entirely certain another single product solution could provide us with the benefits we've seen using QuickBase. As long as they continue to roll out new and exciting features with little to no bugs present, then we'll continue to use their services for our needs.

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  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
QuickBase has certainly allowed us to build apps quicker, improve greater visibility among end users and team members, solved several business challenges that our business units were facing, and allowed at least two of our business units to build a better way to track and report where work was being done. Instead of taking weeks worth of work by a dedicated development team, our citizen developers have been able to build out applications within a week (sometimes within a day!) that provides operation with the exact information they requested. Remotely situated team members have also been able to receive greater visibility into their projects, making it simpler for these users to know what work is currently being handled and which jobs still require some attention.
Yes, our organization has been able to benefit from the rapid application capabilities that QuickBase offers to its customers. For example, we have several business units who are utilizing citizen developers to further enhance their BU's daily processes. Originally, QuickBase applications were being built and maintained by our Information Technology team, which often held up overall progress of these apps being built due to IT's available resources and time constraints. Now that the business units who delve primarily within QB have their own citizen developers available, they have been able to justify hiring more team members to keep up with the demands of executives and operations management. QuickBase has been able to empower our organization's business users by allowing them to make alterations and entirely new apps in short time, as opposed to enlisting the help of a standard development team to build these apps for them.
As long as the citizen developer is able to comprehend and retain knowledge, QuickBase development is usually relatively simple for new app builders to pick up on it. QuickBase also provides its own university program, which allows app builders to review the product's offerings, get a hands-on feel for what to expect when they begin building out their own applications and provides assessment/quizzes along the way to test your knowledge of the product. Our IT team is always available to help resolve issues and to help build out new applications to help ensure that the table structures make sense, but for the most part our citizen developers 'run the show' for their app. We do conduct reviews of apps either annually, or after significant app enhancements have been made to ensure that best practices are being followed and to help support scalability in the future.
I had created my first application around seven months after becoming more acclimated with QuickBase. I had done what was requested by the app owner back then, but as we all know, things change throughout the course of work. When the time came to begin to provide the additional users with a more customized user experience, I found it relatively simple to make the requested feature enhancements with them, as well as rebuild the existing reports to accommodate the changes. To be safe, I did use a copy of the production app as I was building the changes, made several adjustments along the way based off the feedback the primary end users provided to me. Once they were satisfied with how everything looked and felt in the copy, I replicated the changes within the production app, then cleansed and updated the necessary records. Overall, the changes were relatively simple to make, since QB specializes in the ability to make changes quickly and easily.
QuickBase is a great platform to use if you have multiple business units that operate similarly to each other. As long as the end users have Internet access, they'll be able to access the app within QB. It also provides for better versioning control, since users are able to save a copy locally, something that Excel falls short with. The rapid application development available within QuickBase is also one of its very strong points since the app builder can usually make form and report changes on-the-fly to accommodate the app owner's request. If you need a way to easily interface with workers running inventory within a warehouse or out in the field, then QB is certainly capable of answering that call.

Using Quickbase

1300 - The vast majority of those users consist of production employees. They use QuickBase to help track projects and help ensure they remain on-track as well as ensure the client's hotter items get handled quickly.
20 - These consist of business systems analysts, application specialists, and a small group of DBA members. The skillsets range from understanding SQL, JavaScript, Python, Jinja, and an understanding of standard functions.
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
  • Cloud-based Solutioning
  • We've had a couple business units create CRM apps to keep a closer eye on customer relations.
  • I honestly don't know what else we could use it for, since we're already using it in many diverse ways.
For our use-case of QuickBase, there really aren't any other products out there that can offer us the same out-of-the-box solutions they provide to us. We're also so integrated with it in our daily processes that to move away from it abruptly would cause mass chaos, so it's going to be renewed for at least the next several years.

Evaluating Quickbase and Competitors

Yes - We were previously using a massive Excel spreadsheet to track who was working on what throughout the week, so as one would imagine, that was an absolute nightmare to both update and ensure all users entered data in correctly. QuickBase's ability to be cloud-based and offer multiple users to view the same record at the same time was a hands-down winner for our decision-making team back then.
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Ease of Use
  • Other
Not having to store it locally was our largest determining factor, followed closely by its ability to be much more scalable than our Excel spreadsheets it replaced could ever dream to be.
I wasn't involved with the purchasing process, only with ensuring it was a success when it was deployed to the masses.

Quickbase Support

Their support teams are usually quick to respond to any issues that present themselves, their employees are receptive within the user voice and Quickbase communities, and they are always friendly in their responses and make it easier to know you can reach out to them whenever you need some additional guidance.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I wasn't involved within the latest go around for purchasing Quickbase, but I believe we have an elevated level of support purchased to ensure our issues don't go unanswered for too long. Having that extra security of knowing we have access to higher tier support is a nicety, even though it comes at a higher cost.
Yes - The last bug I brought to their attention was fixed within an acceptable amount of time. Thankfully, it's been quite a while since I had to submit anything that was directly related to a bug with their product. I do know a few others from our company have submitted tickets to address bug issues that still seem to be open several months later, so I'd say they're about midrange when it comes to addressing bugs within their product.
I recall having a pressing issue with a user who couldn't sign into their system because of an authentication discrepancy between our active directory and what QB had for their account. It got handled within 30-35 minutes from when I submitted the ticket and marked its urgency rather higher, since that employee/user couldn't record their work or view what they were supposed to complete next.