Great experience!
Updated July 18, 2023

Great experience!

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Overall Satisfaction with Talkdesk

All the associates and managers at the operations team use Talkdesk daily for their phone calls and voice mail needs. The biggest help Talkdesk brings to the company is the assistance of having a phone call and voice mail system. Talkdesk is very important for immediate access to us from our customers. They are able to call us, leave us a voicemail, and get information from the recordings just by giving us a call. We are also able to organize voicemails, by reassigning them and using the transcription feature to add information on our clients to our CRM.


  • User friendly
  • Great support
  • Communication
  • Voicemail management
  • Agent status
  • Call flow


  • Frequent bugs
  • Easier access to the 'recent activity' when on a call with a customer
  • Be able to change your future status, while still on a call, like it was possible before
  • Editable 'home' page
  • Sending user to offline or another status randomly
  • Less phone delay
  • Increased service level
  • Assisted with working from home
  • Improved CRM system
  • Decreased negative reviews
  • Assisted with language distribution of inquiries
  • Easier call transfers
It's very user-friendly and its best feature is the CRM integration, which saves us a lot of time on having to manually input data into our system. There aren't any other softwares in the market that can provide this extension of services that are needed in our team. We also save a lot of time with data collections, since the admin tab produces those for us.
We were very satisfied with the implementation of Talkdesk. The team was able to gather all the data and information about the system we had in place at the moment and delivered us a Talkdesk plan that suited our needs. We had a few calls after implementation where our questions were answered and gave us the confidence to continue using the system.
Anytime I contacted Talkdesk via phone or email, the response for service has been exceptional. Sometimes my question was able to be answered in one email or call, but the times where it wasn't, I was quickly able to jump in a Zoom call with one of the tech associates, and they walked me through the solution to the problem.
I was not part of the decision making of selecting Talkdesk, but I can say that it is a better service because it covers a lot more needs than the previous one. While Talkdesk works as a flow in its base, the previous software did not and it felt more individual.

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Talkdesk is very well suited for teams that are working from home. It is easier to log in wherever you are, still be reached by your customers, and have your colleagues available for consultation or blind transfers in one click. It is also well suited for companies that have clients who speak different languages. Using the call flow, we are able to direct calls in specific languages to the agents that are fluent in it, saving us a lot of time with unnecessary consultations or blind transfers.

Talkdesk Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Outbound response
Call forwarding
Click-to-call (CTC)
Warm transfer
Call scripts
Call tracking
Multichannel integration
CRM software integration
Inbound call routing
Omnichannel inbound routing
Quality management
Call analytics
Historical reporting
Live reporting

Using Talkdesk

100 - Talkdesk plays a crucial role in the daily activities of operations teams. It serves as a comprehensive tool that enables efficient and effective communication between customers and us. It offers various essential features that aid in streamlining operations team activities. Firstly, it provides automated call distribution (ACD), which helps direct incoming calls to the most appropriate agent based on predefined rules or criteria. This feature ensures that each customer query is routed to the right person, improving response time and overall customer satisfaction.Additionally, it offers interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities. It allows customers to navigate through menus using their telephone keypad or voice commands before reaching an agent. This self-service option reduces wait times by addressing simple inquiries without requiring human assistance.Moreover, talkdesk often integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enabling agents to access relevant customer information during interactions.
4 - The enhanced communication through talkdesk contributes to better internal collaboration among team members. It also facilitates efficient data management by capturing important metrics such as average handling time. These analytics allow managers to identify areas for improvement while monitoring performance indicators critical to achieving operational goals. The skills needed are mostly critical thinking, fast action and collaboration.
  • Inbound call from customers
  • Outbound call from customers
  • Data collection for management
  • Managing agents
  • To create scorecards
  • Assign calls in the language agents speak
  • After call notes
  • Survey from customers
  • Route calls better to the correct department
  • Real time data
Renewing the use of talkdesk is a cost-effective solution for our company. By continuing to use it, we can leverage potential cost savings and efficiencies. For instance, talkdesk may have features that automate certain processes or enable better resource allocation, resulting in reduced operational costs. Secondly, renewing the contract contributes to enhanced customer service. Talkdesk likely offers specific functionalities that improve customer satisfaction and support. This could include features such as intelligent routing or real-time analytics that help agents provide personalized assistance and resolve issues more effectively. Thirdly, renewing the contract ensures seamless integration and compatibility with other systems or technologies used in our company. Having a unified system across different departments or functions enhances efficiency and reduces potential disruptions caused by incompatible systems. Moreover, there may be benefits gained from data sharing or streamlined workflows enabled by an integrated platform.


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