Ultipro is the ultimate choice for HRIS!
Updated July 29, 2016

Ultipro is the ultimate choice for HRIS!

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Overall Satisfaction with UltiPro

It is really nice to have one main person to call instead of getting bounced around through an automated menu and call center type response. As long as that one person is a good fit for your company, and they are knowledgeable, it is a great customer service model. We have had to escalate support before, but that has been an extremely effective solution.
Ultipro is our HRIS solution for the company. We use it for all HR and payroll functions - recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, benefits, talent management, performance management, time management, compensation management and succession management. All administrators are in the HR/payroll department but managers have reporting access as well. Everyone in the company uses Ultipro for time management, leave management, open enrollment and performance reviews.
  • Business intelligence and reporting. This was our main reason for choosing Ultipro. The reporting capabilities are robust, easier to use than other providers and are more technologically advanced. They understand the KPI's that we need to track and evaluate.
  • Configurability. Ulti is very flexible on allowing clients to build their own fields based on their company needs, and you can actually report on those fields! And you aren't as limited to where you add a field - most (if not all, haven't found one yet that can't) modules and windows can be configured.
  • Responsiveness to client requests and ideas. Ultipro has implemented features at the request of clients and it is great to see that they welcome the feedback and work hard to incorporate the ideas to help us manage our business better.
  • Rapid response - the payroll critical tech support is fast, knowledgeable and efficient. You don't have to worry about missing your deadline.
  • We struggled with the general ledger coding, but only because we have a complicated GL and we didn't have access to code it ourselves. Ultimate fixed that in 2015. They opened up the GL to their clients last year. Now that we can update and revise our own GL coding, we have no issues with GL!
  • Customer service. The customer service model is excellent as you have one dedicated service rep. You can build a relationship with one person instead of being bounced around to multiple reps and whoever happens to be answering that day/time. We did not like our previous providers process of "press 1 for HR, press 2 for payroll, press 3 for tax." Sometimes you think you have a payroll question and it turns out to be tax - or you know it is a payroll question but the payroll person transfers you to tax! We used to have a lot of frustration with our previous provider's tech support solution. The only draw back to Ultimate's customer service model is that if your one dedicated rep is new or less knowledgeable it can be frustrating to feel like you are training them or that it may take longer for a solution. Fortunately you do have the ability to escalate to your next level customer service rep.
  • We have found some limitations within the compensation model as to the pro-ration rule not working properly. I understand they are working on that, but our annual wage increase process ended up being more cumbersome as we had to do some manual manipulation. Looking forward to that module being upgraded.
  • Ultimate needs to get the mobile app up and running, especially for the ATS portion in recruitment. Feedback from candidates say that applying through a handheld device is not user friendly. I understand this is being developed now.
  • Another compensation related comment. Managers should be able to see their employees compa-ratios, pay grade and ranges at all times. Right now they can only see them when we have a task assigned (annual salary increases for example). This is something that should be easily accessible always.
  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
There are a lot of choices for training and it is nice to hear other clients' questions. Have had excellent instructors.
We only had in-person training at the annual conference but this is so worth it! Attending Connections and signing up for the hands-on learning has been more effective than any other method. Also at Connections are tech support available at any time to help you work through questions. This is probably the biggest benefit of Connections!
UltiPro is definitely well suited to corporate environments where the majority of your staff are using computers daily. As with any electronic solution, it is harder to implement with manual labor type jobs. Ultimate needs to work on their mobile app solution for traveling employees accessibility. We have been able to take all of our manual processes and convert them into electronic with Ultimate. Some work arounds maybe, but so far nothing impossible. Even though there is room for improvement Ulti is by the far the best solution I have ever worked with.

UKG Pro Feature Ratings

Employee demographic data
Employment history
Not Rated
Job profiles and administration
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
Organizational charting
Organization and location management
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Not Rated
Pay calculation
Support for external payroll vendors
Not Rated
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
Salary revision and increment management
Approval workflow
Balance details
Annual carry-forward and encashment
View and generate pay and benefit information
Update personal information
View job history
View company policy documentation
Employee recognition
Not Rated
Tracking of all physical assets
Not Rated
Report builder
Pre-built reports
Ability to combine HR data with external data
Not Rated
Performance plans
Performance improvement plans
Review status tracking
Review reminders
Multiple review frequency
Create succession plans/pools
Not Rated
Candidate ranking
Not Rated
Candidate search
Not Rated
Candidate development
Not Rated
New hire portal
Manager tracking tools
Corporate goal setting
Not Rated
Individual goal setting
Line-of sight-visibility
Not Rated
Performance tracking
Job Requisition Management
Company Website Posting
Publish to Social Media
Job Search Site Posting
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Not Rated
Applicant Tracking
Notifications and Alerts

Using UltiPro

500 - All functions - maintenance, custodial, management, HR, finance, accounting, IT, executive, risk management, tax, marketing, audit.
45 - No one is dedicated to supporting Ultipro. Our Benefits person answers questions about Life Events and Open Enrollment. We have two payroll employees who answer questions about time, schedules, garnishments and leave. We have 1-2 HR staff who run the performance and salary reviews and they will answer questions during those processes. Other than initial training on the system, we don't have much on-going need for support to end-users.
  • Enrolling in benefits (because it is once/year)
  • Resetting passwords
  • We are hoping to go completely electronic for personnel records. There are some limitations right now.
  • Would like to get company financial information into a report for Human Capital. Currently still pulling report data into Excel to incorporate into a professional all encompassing report. I know it is possible as I have seen the Ultipro dashboard for this. We just aren't there yet.
  • Really want to roll out policies and acknowledgments through Ultipro. They aren't quite capable of that yet.
Even though there are areas to improve, as with any vendor, this is a great solution that meets our needs and is a vast improvement over previous solutions. They are so responsive to our improvement requests that we will just look forward to when they are rolled out!

Evaluating UltiPro and Competitors

We selected Ultipro because it was the single best solution to address the majority of our needs and wish list. It was less expensive than some other solutions we felt were too user unfriendly and complicated to use. The cost was very reasonable and comparative to other solutions that definitely did not offer as much. Their model of one price per employee per month was much better than being nickeled and dimed for hidden costs constantly. Ultimate showed a dedication to providing solutions that are easy to use and understand and yet address business needs, KPI's, and viewing HRIS as strategy instead of support. Their predictive analytics are way ahead of the game. We wanted more than just a tool to run payroll. We had multiple solutions before to accomplish what we needed. With Ultimate we were able to accomplish all of our processes in one solution. Other vendors were missing features we needed or wanted (a requisition process for recruitment is one example). ADP's tech support was not effective, putting it nicely. It was extremely frustrating to get bounced around to different people and then discover we knew more about how their solution worked than they did.
Yes - 

We had ADP for payroll and Ceridian for recruitment. Before that we had Great Plains.

Neither ADP or Ceridian (or Great Plains) offered a complete package, in one solution, that would meet our needs. The reporting capabilities weren't great in either one. Both had pros and cons. We had frustrations with ADP's benefits solutions and their reporting module. Our biggest frustration with ADP was their customer service. My Payroll Manager could have worked for ADP and done a better job at solving problems. Payroll vendors should only hire tech support that understand payroll (have run payroll before) and those that have been an end user in their software. We only used Ceridian for recruitment, and that worked pretty well. Their reporting capabilities were lacking however.

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Ultipro's product features absolutely sold us. Their business intelligence and predictive analytics were top of the list for reasons. We were lucky the price was good because that could have been a factor. We had a great sales person, but we had a great sales person from ADP and I learned back then that that could not be a factor.
Fully understanding how things work and how they work together (among modules) is more important than if they can do something. How it is done is critical to developing the right set up.

UltiPro Implementation

Make sure you have the time and resources to dedicate to the project. It will take time, especially if you are converting history. Take extra time up front to plan your initial organizational levels and set up codes, then the rest goes smoother.
Yes - Different modules were different phases. Obviously you have to start with building your organizational levels and set up codes before the rest. We chose to implement core/payroll first, then add compensation and reviews when we needed to (annual process anyway). Succession is last to implement.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled
  • Getting the general ledger right.
  • Ability to extract data from our previous vendor was a huge hurdle and long painful process.
  • Vacation accruals took time to get right.

UltiPro Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - All support is included in the one PEPM cost!
The project implementation team was fabulous. Our main person, Michelle, was the most knowledgeable person I have ever found with any vendor, understanding their product and our needs at the same time.

Using UltiPro

I think it is more user friendly than any other solution we have had in the past.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • All functions are easy to perform. Sometimes it seems there are unnecessary steps (too many clicks) in a few areas, but overall the end-user experience is very easy.
  • Business Intelligence takes some training because it is complex. But with proper training you can get it. And the BI customer service is fantastic at answering questions very quickly.
  • Too many steps in approving vacation requests.
Yes - We don't really use it, mostly because we have feedback that it needs work.