Zoho CRM is a bespoke suit hiding on the clearance rack. You'll think you're getting away with something buying it.
September 19, 2021

Zoho CRM is a bespoke suit hiding on the clearance rack. You'll think you're getting away with something buying it.

Marc Fishman | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is being used primarily by both our operations and sales departments. Operations has access and uses it to store account-related data. Sales uses it to organize leads, contacts, and accounts. Simply put, it's the beating heart of our organization — save only the integral call center software we utilize. We employ a simple adage in our company: If it doesn't exist on Zoho CRM then it doesn't exist at all.

In terms of what problems it solves? It's hard to not dive deep into hyperbole. Because I can truly say: it solves every problem we tackle. We are a business that (sadly) lives on 'speed-to-lead'. As such, we've been able to develop a multi-step automation process that processes inbound leads, passes along crucial marketing and branding information AT THE SAME TIME as we are notifying our business development team to reach out. Because of workflow customizations like this, we can compete with companies twice our size with ease.

Beyond that? Zoho CRM is also integral to automating our sales cycle and processing. We've set to task new account implementation, account status, and account cancellation workflows to move tedious and often mistake-prone work into seamless processes that reduce error and improve our efficiencies.

Simply put? It's a singular solution to keep CCSP competitive and healthy as a company.
  • Custom workflows to automate and notify team members of import data.
  • Customizable forms allow for limitless UI improvement.
  • Integrations with other Zoho applications allow data to be shared.
  • Reporting on demand.
  • Actions/Schedules do come with a bit of a learning curve.
  • Depending on usage and availability, there are pockets of service hiccups.
  • In-Platform emails are not integrated into ZohoMail.
  • Allows us to have Salesforce level tools at a price point that is unmatched.
  • Automation increases team efficiencies exponentially.
  • Customization means the CRM conforms and props up specific company directives.
While it takes a bit of a learning curve to appreciate some of the nuances, Zoho CRM ultimately feels like one of those big red boxes of tools you see in a mechanic's shop. It's a literal plethora of customizable modules that you can shape and reshape into the mold that makes your business run. Every facet (seemingly) can be tweaked with, integrated elsewhere in the platform, and ultimately customized to meet the needs of your business. I tend now not to think "what feature of this software can I use to solve a problem?" but instead think FIRST of the problem I have, and trust within Zoho CRM there exists the tools or programable workflows that can solve the issue.
Same tools at a better price-point. What it may lack in "UI-panache" it makes up for with customization and flexibility. We are a smaller company, and with Zoho CRM have been able to achieve our desired workflows and results through the educated building of workflows and custom modules. Simply put, I'd dare anyone to find as robust a platform for the price.

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In less than 2 weeks "in" the platform I was able to make a multi-step integrated event-driven marketing program that deployed crucial branding and marketing materials to inbound leads captured at a conference. Capturing a lead deployed customer-facing as well as sales team facing notifications that ensured a seamless process to put new potential customers into the funnel.

Beyond this, the new "Canvas" toolset has allowed me to begin redesigning modules from the ground up. Doing this will increase team efficiencies by several orders of magnitude. At the same time, all of this will not impact captured and necessary data. Data, which through an integration directly to Zoho Analytics, will allow us to create executive dashboards to better communicate team wins and losses.

Zoho CRM Feature Ratings

Customer data management / contact management
Workflow management
Territory management
Opportunity management
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)
Contract management
Quote & order management
Interaction tracking
Channel / partner relationship management
Case management
Call center management
Help desk management
Lead management
Email marketing
Task management
Billing and invoicing management
Pipeline visualization
Customizable reports
Custom fields
Custom objects
Scripting environment
API for custom integration
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability
Social data
Social engagement
Marketing automation
Compensation management
Not Rated
Mobile access

Zoho CRM Support

LARGE CAVEAT: We pay for Zoho's Premium Support on our plan.

Zoho's support staff are responsive, caring, and passionate. When we have a concern or issue, we have (and will continue) to rely on their expertise to see our needs met. Whether it's been tapping our specific technician to assist in custom coding of actions, scripts, or other "bells and whistles," we've always found our needs met — even if at times we've needed to concoct a work-around within the system. Combine this with access specifically to users groups, and organized support-based events. I've never felt 'in the dark' when it came to opening a ticket (so to speak) to get to a solution.

Using Zoho CRM

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • Creating custom workflows.
  • Creating automated assignment rules.
  • Customizing modules to align to company goals and metrics.
  • Anything related specifically to needing to create code-based actions
  • Reporting is easy, but there's not automated delivery to email
  • In-Platform emails do not 'cross' into ZohoMail; creates issues for SalesTeam working out of both
Yes - It works decently. Frankly, a CRM isn't something I'm seeking to use regularly on a mobile device though. But in a pinch should I need to look anything up, Zoho CRM on my phone has been overly cumbersome to navigate. And being integrated with Cliq and Mail does allow me remotely to always be connected and available to my teams.

Relationship with Zoho Corporation

When our company needed to switch our billing and some parameters, the company bent over backward to try to meet our needs. While there were some "imperfections" when it came to dialing in the predictable invoicing and it required a little back and forth with our rep. Eventually, everything was ironed out, and never at the cost of our use of the platform.
Working with everyone at Zoho has always been a boon. Everyone is friendly, professional, flexible, and receptive to feedback. While, sure, not every demand we make rises to the top of the punch list, we always feel listened to. And when answers aren't 100% in our favor? Reps, techs, and cohorts are quick to offer workarounds and solutions that keep the trains on track. In the time we've been Zoho users, we've always felt heard. And with a company of their size managing the moving parts of dozens of apps all at once? I'd strongly think that should matter to anyone considering them.
We needed to transition from month-to-month billing to annual billing back to month-to-month billing. Doing so could have been daunting with the amount of customized add-ons, and various features we feared might be tabled in the transition. But nothing of the sort occurred. We were able to switch back to the preferred billing without impeding business for even a minute.
If you have the capability to go annual? Do so. There are fantastic benefits to it. And if you're of the size that could utilize it? Enterprise support is worth its weight in gold. Having a person 'in the know' on your team means you can reshape Zoho to align to your specific needs and goals with ease. And even with the added cost? The savings in time, energy, and effort repay you in spades.