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What is AODocs?

AODocs is a document management platform built for Google Drive. AODocs promises to let companies build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience.AODocs promises to provide security and processes without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience.…

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Users have found that AODocs is easy to use and provides improved document control and sharing capabilities. The ability to view past …
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What is AODocs?

AODocs is a document management platform built for Google Drive. AODocs promises to let companies build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. AODocs promises to provide security and processes without limiting…

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AODocs HR Onboarding demo

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Product Details

What is AODocs?

AODocs is a document management platform built for Google Drive. AODocs promises to let companies build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience.

AODocs promises to provide security and processes without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. The product aims to allow people to build human-friendly business applications, at the same time ensuring companies operate safely and efficiently, in full compliance with regulation. This can also lead to cost reductions that come by decommissioning legacy solutions.

Popular use cases include: automating invoice processing, streamlining employee onboarding, reducing the time and effort to prepare and conduct audits, improving quality control and operating procedures, and applying document retention policies. The company also says it helps with replacing SharePoint and other legacy systems.

AODocs Features

  • Supported: Workflow
  • Supported: Faceted search
  • Supported: Document validation
  • Supported: Retention / Records Management
  • Supported: Metadata & tagging
  • Supported: Check-in / Check-out
  • Supported: Security management
  • Supported: Version control
  • Supported: APIs and custom scripts
  • Supported: Watermarking
  • Supported: Reporting

AODocs Video

AODocs is the only content services platform built on Google Workspace, giving enterprises a new way to collaborate, with added security, control, and compliance for all of your business-critical information. Learn about how this innovative, cloud-based document management s...
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AODocs Integrations

  • DocuSign
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign)

AODocs Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAll
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found that AODocs is easy to use and provides improved document control and sharing capabilities. The ability to view past revisions has been particularly helpful for problem-solving. The software facilitates timely communications between geographically dispersed teams and allows people to track the progress of tasks. With granular access controls and improved security, users have experienced an enhanced ability to find content, manage workflows, and solve complex business processes. AODocs has also been effective in reducing stress during audits and improving document storage and management. Users appreciate the quick implementation process and stable app, which provides a platform for sharing and managing documents within large organizations. Additionally, AODocs eliminates the need for a SAN, resulting in significant cost savings. It allows users to access company-wide files remotely while preserving valuable metadata from SharePoint migrations. The software enhances document management, efficiency, collaboration among team members, automation, standardization, and control. It solves the problem of converting PDFs into searchable documents, offers custom document classes and workflows, provides a common document management system across all business areas, facilitates paperless transitions, ensures safe storage of official information, enables cloud collaboration with training tracking and auditing capabilities, enhances security and document control compared to Google Drive, implements approval workflows, manages centralized document storage, routes documents for internal changes and external approval processes. AODocs seamlessly integrates with Google products like ECM and has been successfully used for routing documents, managing injury reports and grants lifecycles, reviewing policies, managing dual credit approvals, creating documents like letterheads and client documents needed for work, providing better file management compared to messy files on Google Drive. It allows users to open any file they want whenever they want it and facilitates sharing documents with specific permissions to specific users. AODocs simplifies organized approval routes involving people across different locations, helps manage storage and Google accounts within the company, ensures controlled storage of official information and documents, offers document management with workflows and excellent searchability, and prevents accidental data loss. The software has been instrumental in managing day-to-day documentation in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, securely transferring non-disclosure agreements, allowing for the creation of custom folders and documents in Google Drive with controlled permissions. It has improved team communication remotely, streamlined complex processes involving multiple parties, organized and easily accessible legal documents and other files, made company documents accessible to remote employees, facilitated the transition to the cloud, and eliminated the need for a courier. AODocs helps manage storage and Google accounts within the company, ensuring the safe and controlled storage of official information and documents. With its document management features, workflows, and excellent searchability, AODocs has become an essential tool for users in various industries.

Users have successfully implemented document approval workflows and centralized document storage using AODocs. The software has been used for routing documents for internal changes and external approval processes, managing injury and illness reports, grants document management, reviewing new policies, and managing the dual credit approval process. Its integration with Google products, particularly ECM, has been seamless and efficient. Users have also replaced Windows Servers SMB shares with AODocs, implementing workflows for back-office tasks and allowing employees to access corporate data using their own laptops.

AODocs has solved small business problems by providing efficient document control, sharing, and management capabilities. It has been used to keep and share documents within a company, store and manage Google files within a records management structure, facilitate better team communication remotely, organize and delete records that have reached their end of life, streamline complex processes that require input from multiple parties, and keep legal documents and other files organized and easily accessible.

Users have also found value in using AODocs to make company documents accessible to remote employees, move more documents into Google Drive while maintaining security measures, manage day-to-day documentation in a more efficient manner, transfer non-disclosure agreements securely without the risk of breach, prevent accidental data loss through secure storage solutions, create custom folders and documents in Google Drive with controlled permissions, share files among small groups without using up server space or relying on email, manage departmental documents such as student files and petitions, share spreadsheets with coworkers for collaboration purposes, use it for workflow management in various business processes, manage businesses at an affordable price point compared to alternative solutions.

Overall, AODocs offers a comprehensive set of features that have been utilized by users to meet their document management needs. It has allowed for more efficient and organized file management, enhanced collaboration among team members, streamlined processes, and improved access control and security measures.

Easy to use: Users find AODocs to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing for secure and controlled document management while still being accessible to all staff. Some users mention that the simplicity of the platform makes it quick and easy to share, upload, and curate content. The ease of searching for documents within AODocs is also appreciated by users.

Google-based integration: Users appreciate that AODocs is based on Google, ensuring that all document history is maintained. They like how AODocs integrates into their business Google account and can be used with Google Drive, making it helpful for audits and safeguarding documents. This integration with familiar tools adds value to the user experience.

Responsive customer support: Users have positive feedback on the responsiveness of the customer support team at AODocs. They state that the assigned agents provide comprehensive instructions and walk them through the process. The quick and professional support they receive from the assigned representatives exceeds their expectations. Users praise the superb support team and expert services which helped them get up and running quickly.

Confusing differentiation between drive and AODocs: Some users have found it confusing to differentiate between Google Drive and AODocs, which has led to difficulties in understanding the features and functionalities of each platform.

Lack of notice regarding updates and changes: Several reviewers have expressed frustration with the lack of notice provided regarding updates and changes in the software. This lack of communication makes it difficult for users to stay informed about new features or changes in the location of existing features.

Difficulties with training material: Users have reported that the training material provided by AODocs is difficult to follow, lacking comprehensive examples or videos. This has made it challenging for some users to effectively learn how to use the software.

Users have noted several recommendations for AODocs based on their experiences:

  • AODocs is easy to use, scale out, and administer.
  • The platform is useful for streamlining processes and managing content.
  • It handles complex business processes effectively while providing full control over data.
  • AODocs is recommended for companies looking to invest in an expensive document management system.
  • It works well with G Suite customers.
  • The platform offers intuitive operation and has access management features.
  • AODocs provides extra security and is helpful for document management.
  • Users are advised to thoroughly research AODocs before implementing it.
  • Customizing a solution might be considered instead of using pre-set products.
  • Native Google Docs should be used to minimize issues.
  • AODocs has various options and is highly advisable for safeguarding information and managing files efficiently.
  • Its overall experience is good, especially when used with Google Drive.
  • AODocs is moving in the right direction, collaborating with other products to enhance functionality.
  • It is considered an asset for all businesses.

Additional recommendations include:

  • Reviewing the knowledge base and taking advantage of customer support for a better understanding of AODocs.
  • Using AODocs to cut down on costs and reduce clutter in the office.
  • Allowing ample time to set up libraries and document classes in AODocs.
  • Giving AODocs a try due to its low cost.


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Security policies at the folder level must be implemented so that each team or organization can access its documents, but not those belonging to other groups. Computers and software are significantly more reliable than people when it comes to carrying out this policy. Each file and folder in AODocs is automatically assigned rights, ensuring that only the users the administrator wishes to have access to them can do so. Because it prevents users from adding one another, it ensures the security policy set by administrators is always adhered to.
  • With this technology, you don't have to rely on experts all the time to design functional processes, which is a big plus for me.
  • There is a superb support team and expert services, and they'll get you up and running in no time.
  • Our document management system has been enhanced, and it now updates and maintains itself more quickly.
  • There is some difficulty in understanding the training material. Make it easier to understand how to use key features in real-world work situations by providing more thorough examples or videos.
  • Custom scripts would benefit from greater online training and certification options.
  • The user interface is a nightmare to work with. It could take anywhere from five to ten clicks to move a file to a new subfolder.
AODocs provides a world-class corporate content management solution for enterprises of all sizes. This company has top-notch product development, support, and professional services team, and they're building a community of like-minded customers who can benefit from one other's knowledge and experiences. A remarkable set of extensions, migration tools, and links to other relevant services make up the ecosystem of functionality.
  • Enhancements in security and fine-grained privilege controls.
  • As a Google-based service, all the data is preserved.
  • It's quite adaptable.
  • Customer assistance that is quick and efficient.
  • All employees have secure, regulated access to company documents.
  • There are two methods used to regulate access: workflow and state-based.
  • Improved content discovery abilities.
  • An understanding of the content and usage of our organization's resources.
Using AODocs, we can solve difficult business procedures immediately. Regular updates bring new capabilities to the platform. This workflow engine is superior to all others I've used in SharePoint and Nintex over the years. Until now, I (we) have not encountered a business problem that we couldn't solve. AODocs is a top-notch service.
DocuSign, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
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