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What is BindHQ?

BindHQ’s agency operating system aims to enable technology-driven MGAs, MGUs & Wholesalers to bind more business and expand their revenue.BindHQ’s cloud-based platform reduces total cost of ownership with no hardware or servers to maintain, reduced upfront capital expenditures, and once…

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User-Friendly Interface: Users have consistently praised BindHQ for its user-friendly interface, with many reviewers stating that it is …
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BindHQ Review

10 out of 10
December 18, 2020
BindHQ is used across the whole organization. BindHQ is the main platform where we track our business. It provides a program that is both …
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  • $25,000 per installation
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  • $300 per month per user
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Product Details

What is BindHQ?

BindHQ’s agency operating system aims to enable technology-driven MGAs, MGUs & Wholesalers to bind more business and expand their revenue.

  • BindHQ’s cloud-based platform reduces total cost of ownership with no hardware or servers to maintain, reduced upfront capital expenditures, and once the user is live, product upgrades are continuous, and automatic.

  • BindHQ’s integrated, multiple line of business comparative rater instantly inputs, rates and compares risks across binding authority markets, giving producers more time to underwrite and write better business for carrier partners.

  • BindHQ’s open API integrates with best-in-breed third party suppliers, whether that be third party risk data providers, business intelligence tools, electronic payments and premium finance companies, or compliance tools making frictionless transacting a reality.

  • BindHQ’s integrated accounting, taxation and compliance functions can reduce back office costs - creating cash flow to reinvest.

  • BindHQ out-of-the-box reports gives the user tools to better manage the business, while aggregating data to guide strategy for the medium term.

  • BindHQ’s policy management systems enables MGUs and Program Managers to get a product to market in weeks and incorporate into the comparative rater to push best risks into the user's own programs.

BindHQ Features

  • Supported: Cloud-based 'coretech' agency operating system, 100% uptime, no server costs or hardware upgrades
  • Supported: Fully integrated multi-LOB comparative rater
  • Supported: Open API linking BindHQ to best in breed software solutions amplifying the power of your technology
  • Supported: Integrated accounting, taxation & compliance
  • Supported: Comprehensive Knowledge Base & Online Support

BindHQ Screenshots

Screenshot of BindHQ's to-the-minute reporting dashboard provides owners and managers with the tools and insights to manage their companies to higher profitabilityScreenshot of BindHQ's brokerage workflow manager provides submission tracking to help producers track their submissions and personalize their outreach at scaleScreenshot of BindHQ's intuitive UX and UI makes entering submission data a breeze and its smart automations removes the need for duplicative data entry - giving valuable time back to producers to focus on core revenue generating activities

BindHQ Integrations

BindHQ Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUSA, Canada
Supported LanguagesEnglish

BindHQ Downloadables

BindHQ Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)30%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)70%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)0%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

User-Friendly Interface: Users have consistently praised BindHQ for its user-friendly interface, with many reviewers stating that it is easy to navigate and understand. The layout and design of the software were particularly highlighted as modern and visually appealing. This positive sentiment was shared by a significant number of users.

Effective Search Feature: Many users have lauded the search feature in BindHQ, expressing their satisfaction with its robustness and effectiveness in quickly retrieving specific information. Reviewers mentioned that they rely on this feature daily to track down accounting details, making it an invaluable tool for their work. The high praise for the search function indicates its widespread popularity among users.

Time-Saving Bank Reconciliation Module: A notable number of users have commended BindHQ's bank reconciliation module as a time-saving feature. They appreciate how it eliminates the need for manual Excel reconciliations and simplifies the process. Users find selecting the bank account, date, and final balance sufficient to reconcile items efficiently. Additionally, they highly value the ability to review large deposits using a CSV file.

Confusing Terminology: Many users have expressed their frustration with the confusing terminology used in BindHQ Claim. They find it to be inconsistent with what they are accustomed to, leading to confusion and potential errors in their work processes.

Lack of Email Out Functions: A significant number of users have raised concerns about the absence of email out functions in BindHQ. This limitation prevents them from easily communicating and sharing information within the system, forcing them to rely on external email platforms or manual methods.

Inefficient Renewal Process: One particular user has described the renewal process in BindHQ as inefficient and absurd. Unfortunately, this negative experience highlights a substantial drawback in terms of how smoothly and effectively renewals can be managed using the platform.

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December 18, 2020

BindHQ Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BindHQ is used across the whole organization. BindHQ is the main platform where we track our business. It provides a program that is both efficient and user friendly for our employees.
  • The search function does particularly well. Not just in finding policies but in providing categories like payments, receipts, suppliers, agencies, etc.
  • There are multiple report functions that allow for exportation to CSV. These can be opened in excel to assist in back-up and tracking.
  • The team behind BHQ is very open to suggestions in functionality to help make our job easier and improve functionality.
  • An idea to help reduce time would be for contact information to be readily available. Most times you must hunt for this information. It is in one place, but even w/ a link that goes to the agency, then to the contacts screen so much time could be saved if that information was on each policy. It adds up with all the time it takes to point and click over and over again.
  • An option to set up an auto-ran report daily so it does the little things for you and emails it to you or provides a notification in BHQ.
  • Though it is great it exports to excel. It would also be great if you could run reports that appear with-in BHQ providing hyperlinks to policies and allow you to set up tasks for follow-ups all on one screen. It would be great if we could sort and organize it too. Right now, there is a lot involved in doing this. The internal report would need to have: Policy #/Insured(hyperlink), Eff/Exp date of policy, producer name, due date, balance due.
  • Allow multiple NOC’s to be issued for different reasons and show what kind of NOC has been issued at the top. When issuing NOR it should auto-populate the effective date as most times than not there is not a lapse.
BindHQ is great for the insurance industry. Scenarios in which it is used in accounting:
1. Looking up policies and seeing if they have been paid.
2. Sending out statements and allowing for review of those statements in an organized function. It provides Agency Bill/Direct Bill, Receivables/Payables, Open/Closed. 3. It allows for us to post/offset and make decisions based on producer, carriers, finance companies and agents directions.

Scenarios where it is less appropriate.
1. Outside of the insurance field. But just saying that as for right now. It does not mean that this kind of platform is not usable for other industries, but it would need to be modeled to fit each industry. It has all the core structures needed to help organize and run a business.
When comparing these to BindHQ, without a doubt, it is MUCH easier to navigate through AR and AP modules, applying cash, issuing checks, viewing policies, working remotely (no remote desktop), Gmail features with attaching emails to policies. But the main takeaway with what outshines than any other agency management system out there is the smooth transition from moving from AR to AP modules. You just can’t find that anywhere.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BindHQ is our platform for filing and clearing accounts and so much more. It is arguably the most important tool we use on a day to day basis. Scottish American uses it across the entire organization as it is the place where producers, producers in training, assistants, support roles, and management can all access information. Whether it is production goals for an office, individual team or renewal retention for a producer in training such as myself; we use it as a metric and an "at a glance" tool to gauge where we are for that week, month, quarter etc. BindHQ enables us to work cohesively with people around the country/world by giving us one destination to service and underwrite accounts.
  • The option for us to CC the BindHQ email to file our correspondence with agents, carriers etc. is my first point for convenience. It is important for us to document just about every piece of every conversation we have and that option makes it seamless to operate efficiently and diligently.
  • It is easy to navigate. Simple as that. The layout is aesthetic and well spaced. The pertinent information pertaining to individual accounts is accessible and placed right across the top of the page.
  • The ability to move from the current account to an expired account or the other way toward the renewal is very helpful. Often we need to access the previous years information and being able to do that just with a simple drop down at the top of the page makes it quick.
  • The search function is too picky. For example if I were to search "Grapevine" but made a simple typo such as "Grapevinee" the account would be nowhere to be found. In a world with similar named insureds and countless policy numbers we need a little bit of room for error when tracking down accounts by name. In a crunch an agent will call and give us an account name such as "The Chill Bar" but if the named insured is entered as "John Hancock dba The Chill Bar" the search will often come up empty.
  • The inability to alter or correct the email subject line after 15 minutes. The 15 minute window is great to correct some information or alter it as new information becomes available, but I don't understand the time limit. Additionally, if you were not the sender of the email you cannot amend it at all. As a team we all work out of the same files and cohesively so sometimes the need to reword some of our files is necessary but unavailable.
  • There will be periods of time where our emails to not print into the file. It won't last all that long but emails missing from the file can result in issues for us down the road. Not only do we need to keep clean files for legal purposes but also for account clarification as we continue to work and underwrite the risk.
  • Occasionally, we will be unable to build quotes in BindHQ. It is usually resolved within the hour but we often find ourselves needing to offer a quote in a shorter time frame than that. The support getting this resolved is swift but the issue remains.
This is a tough question as there have been zero scenarios in my work day/experience where I would say it was not suited for the situation.
  • BindHQ aids in our business objectives as it allows us to track the objectives. Our production numbers are accessible company wide and keeps every producer and every team on their toes. Accountability is big part of Scottish American and BindHQ is formatted for just that.
AIM was our platform before BindHQ. I was not with Scottish when we made the transition but I had used AIM with a previous employer. BindHQ is far more user friendly and simply put its easier to see. Let me elaborate, the setup is clear, and built for the user. Other platforms such as AIM are difficult to find what you are looking for. The subject line of the emails we print it shows bold and allows our eyes to pick up the key words we may be looking for in the file. Most platforms I have used in the past were antiquated and served the function of simply filing information without the ability to add value. BHQ not only serves as our documentation destination but also a tool to expedite our process while increasing accuracy.
Daniel Ginden | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Scottish American is using BindHQ throughout the entire organization as each department can work simultaneously on a particular account from start to finish. The platform features are time saving in the workflow process by allowing single entry of documents on any account and not requiring individual downloads thus speeding up the quoting process on the front end.
  • Production Reporting - The BindHQ production feature is a quick and easy way to review the entire organization's monthly production and it allows each individual to track their own personal goals in real time
  • Organization - The system provides a very clean and detailed file so not only can our production teams/underwriters have easy access to any document at anytime, it also allows for simple company partner audits
  • Rating option directly from account input - I would like to see this feature launched so that we could have a single entry feature that can obtain rates from multiple carriers
  • Bdx Reporting - This would help with binding authority business, especially when a monthly report must be sent to a carrier partner
BindHQ would be well suited for any organization that works on a high volume of accounts that needs to streamline their workflow process to become more efficient
  • Positive - By streamlining our workflow processes it has allowed our production teams to focus more on production and generating more business and not on backend data entry and time wasting functions that we had with previous systems.
  • Positive - Production teams are now able to work together seamlessly on a single account regardless of employee location allowing for remote working to function without any time restraints
From a workflow standpoint, BindHQ keeps better organization of the account in a timeline manner better than OnBase. In comparing AIM and Image Right, being a single entry system gives the advantage of better workflow to BindHQ. At the moment, the reporting I would give a slight advantage to AIM, however, adjustments are being made to offer better reporting to BindHQ.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
BindHQ “BHQ” is being used by our entire organization. In the accounting department. It is used in many ways such as applying deposits, cutting checks and reconciling monthly bank statements. BHQ competes against the static server-based legacy systems with a mobile, cloud-based system that allows an individual & team to work remote (particularly important in these times).
  • UX - User friendly layout in particular the search feature – BHQ offers a modern 21st century take on an insurance system with users quickly and intuitively picking up the key functions of BHQ. I particularly love the robust search function. I use it daily to track down accounting information such as check #’s, vendors, & memos.
  • Bank Reconciliation – The bank reconciliation module has saved me tremendous time (no excel recs!), plus it is super simple. Just select the bank account, the date, and final balance then it is point & click for the reconciled items. I particularly appreciate pulling a .csv file to review those large cumbersome deposits that have over 100+ entries to them.
  • Bill Payment – It is quick and easy to handle bill payments to vendors from selecting the vendor to choosing your expense GL and finally payment options. It is simple & clean.
  • Bill Credits – Currently in BHQ, a bill credit is separate from creating a regular bill, but I think an option to directly create a bill credit from the bill expense (click an option menu and click “create bill credit”) would save time & reduce errors.
  • Bank Reconciliation – Currently in BHQ, a voided receipt/payment in the bank reconciliation module is not highlighted as voided. So, when an item is in doubt, one would have to directly look at each item to confirm if voided or not. If BHQ could highlight or mark a voided receipt/payment in the bank reconciliation module that would allow me to quickly zero out the voided item and its respective void.
  • Accounting & Finance Reports – Currently BHQ offers a variety of financial reports, but I would love to see reports further enhanced, particularly the 1099 report. I think it would be helpful for the 1099 report to pull a notes section to act as reminder for special cases such as agents wanting 1099’s mailed to a different address on file.
BHQ is well suited for the current economical situation as it is a mobile, lightweight program that is suitable for use in the office, at home, or on the go! BHQ is also well suited for team collaboration, for example, when I am trying to resolve an issue with a team member. I can quickly share the link to the bill, payment, or vendor at hand to get on the same page, discuss and resolve the issue.
  • BHQ has benefited my overall objectives with handling bill payments, bank reconciliations, and reports.
  • I cannot speak for the companywide ROI, but I believe BHQ has benefited my peers on all fronts of the company’s operations. I see our producers easily generating binds & inputting policy documents.
10 - The support team offers quick assistance while providing tangible resolutions.
BHQ is a user friendly, lightweight program that runs anywhere you have internet access! I use it at home, the office, or even at a nearby coffeeshop. It's hard to beat that kind of mobile work lifestyle particularly in the current world climate.
Yes, the bug reporting process went smoothly. It was resolved to my satisfaction and in a short time-frame.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I can only speak to my use of BHQ as a Producer/Underwriter, but it’s been a game-changer as our book continues to grow (switched from AMS360/ImageRight). All departments (production, claims, accounting, etc.) seem to collaborate and work through the platform without issues. In my experience, BHQ has been a great solution for challenges my team and I have faced surrounding reliability and "portal fatigue" when multiple systems are meshed together (e.g. Salesforce and AMS360). It's been convenient having all the essential features I use in a variety of different programs and applications in one central platform. I have yet to experience any serious system outages or debilitating issues that knock our teams offline for hours at a time (*Knock on wood*).
  • Reliability: Over the past two years, my team and I have only run into a few small issues (commission wasn’t automatically populating on the submission file for our products, etc.)
  • User-friendly: we have several Lloyd’s products we underwrite and issue through the system and it normally takes me less than 10 minutes to create the submission file, underwrite, select forms, and issue a formal quote for an account. This turnaround speed has turned into a serious competitive advantage for my team and me and has been an asset getting us in the door with new agency partners.
  • Flexibility: I travel a lot either visiting agencies or taking full advantage of the freedom of working remotely. Being able to access BHQ from nearly any device makes it easy to use between devices, whether it be at my home office, on the road, or on a chairlift (I'm an avid skier).
  • The system is relatively young and accommodates basic reporting features at the moment. For example, currently, I'm not able to produce agency-level and account level data using reporting tool, which makes reviewing an individual agency partners performance a little more challenging. However, the support desk willl send me custom reports if I communicate what I need.
  • In the past, the support team has been less than responsive but they have improved over the last 6 months.
The system is very reliable and user-friendly. I seldom encounter issues that require immediate technical support. Although the support team was not super responsive in the past, the bugs and Issues we experienced caused only minor inconveniences and were resolved in a timely manner all things considered.
  • Overall, moving to BHQ has been a positive experience and has reduced a fair amount of overhead associated with the maintenance and operation of several systems we used to used.
  • As with any system migration, there were some integration pains, but it freed up our producer to focus on producing and support staff to focus on improving our operations instead of cleaning data and organizing account files between systems.
  • The system has also made underwriting inhouse programs much more simple and efficient, allowing me the flexibility to customize forms and add a large variety of coverages to standard products with ease.
  • It’s allowed our producers the flexibility to access the system anywhere on any device, which has allowed many in our company to relocate and travel with relative ease.
It was hit-or-miss in the past but they seem to have taken steps to improve this. As of the past 6 months, they've been pretty quick to patch bugs and fix issues when we report them.
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