Insurance Agency Management Systems

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Applied Epic.

Insurance Agency Management Systems Overview

What are Insurance Agency Management Systems?

Insurance Agency Management Systems support the day-to-day operations of insurance agencies with back-office automation and customer relationship management features. These systems often include marketing automation, and at least include data management (customer data and policy document management) and analytics to support sales and revenue processes.

Insurance Agency Management Products

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Applied Epic
9 ratings
4 reviews
Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance agency management system from Applied Systems, described as advanced and scalable by the vendor, with available integrations with many 3rd party applications.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Sagitta is offered by Vertafore as their agency management system for larger insurance agencies, MGAs, bankers, and brokerages, featuring its capacity to scale and automate processes for multiple products and locations.
Vertafore ReferenceConnect
1 ratings
1 reviews
Vertafore offers ReferenceConnect, an information system for insurance agencies' business needs and to better serve clients.
Zywave BrokerageBuilder
1 ratings
1 reviews
BrokerageBuilder is an insurance agency management system from Zywave in Milwaukee, suggested to automate office processes and centralize customer data.
2 ratings
1 reviews
QQCatalyst is an insurance agency management platform described by the vendor QQSolutions as easy to learn and use, with internal CRM and marketing automation.
4 ratings
1 reviews
Vertafore in Denver offers their insurance agency management software. AMS360 offers production and renewal analysis, a general ledger, a client portal, and other management tools.
EZLynx Agency Management
3 ratings
1 reviews
EZLynx in Texas offers their Agency Management System as a system for centralizing and managing customer information and automation for the daily workflow.
Applied TAM
3 ratings
1 reviews
With Applied TAM, an insurance agent can automate operations and manage client relationships. Applied TAM offers greater visibility into clients and day-to-day operations. Reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks and better respond to client needs.
OneShield Software
OneShield Software in Massachusetts offers a suite of applications supporting property and liability insurers for billing and claims, policy management and undewriting, and relationship management, presenting a modular or end-to-end solution for agency management.
Nexsure is an insurance agency management system from XDimensional Technologies in California, boasting accounting, marketing, document and customer data management features among others, as well as being integrable with third party applications for additional functions.
Vlocity Insurance Cloud
Vlocity in San Francisco offers the Vlocity Insurance Cloud to provide online service to customers of digital brokerages and agencies, featuring analytics for business growth and centralized customer data and CRM. is a customer facing ACA insurance enrollment system for insurers that features compliant customer data management and enrollment tracking and analytics for enrolled insurers.
Applied DORIS
Applied DORIS delivers the fundamental capabilities, workflows and insurer connectivity needed to efficiently and securely run a growing agency within a single system. Reduce time spent accessing insurer websites and ensure that all client policy details are automatically kept up to date in your man…
Applied Vision
Applied System's Vision is an insurance agency management system with functionalities including electronic import and export of data and general ledger, and also customer contact information management.
Aspire Agency
Aspire Agency is an insurance agency management platform from Impowersoft, featuring CRM, policy and payment management, and marketing automation.
British company Insly offers a cloud-based insurance agency management platform offered as having a highly configurable interface and cloud storage for record and document management, as well as policy lifecycle and payment management applications and automation.
Jenesis, a small software company in North Carolina, offers their Insurance Agency Management Software to support smaller agencies needing document and customer data management, payment management, and some marketing features.
Newton by Agency Systems
Newton by Agency Systems in Texas is an insurance agency management system featuring general ledger and vendor management, and advanced reporting dashboard, and some employee management features.
Ozone Insuria
Ozone United, headquartered in Oman, offers Ozone Insuria, what they describe as an ERP for insurance brokers, providing business and financial operations automation.
QQEvolution2 is an insurance agency management software focused on customer relationships, upsells, and marketing, from QQSolutions in Deerfield Beach, Florida.
Special Agent
Special Agent is an insurance agency management software focusing on customer service and relationship management primarily, from the Massachusetts based company of the same name.
Eurobase Synergy
UK company Eurobase International offers synergy, an insurance agency lifecycle management system with a set of business management and insurance specific features (e.g. claims, underwriting, etc.).
iPipeline, headquartered in Exton, offers AgentOne to support captive insurance carriers with underwriting, quoting and other agency functions. The software is built on Salesforce and features single sign-on, integration with Salesforce1 for mobile access, advanced reporting and custom workflow.
NextAgency for Health and Life Insurance
NextAgency is a software suite for insurance brokers with two components: NextBroker, a modern agency management system with CRM tools; and NextHR, a basic employee management system you can give your clients for free. The vendor says NextBroker is a powerful yet easy-to-use agency management syste…
Ebix SmartOffice
Ebix, headquartered in Johns Creek, offers SmartOffice, the company's practice and agency management solutions for financinal service providers and banking institutions, supporting these agencies with CRM features, supporting client engagement, note logging, financial document and data management, a…