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What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket from Australian-headquartered Atlassian offers source code management and version control.
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Bitbucket - the Git solution for professional teams
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What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket from Australian-headquartered Atlassian offers source code management and version control.

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Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams. Collaborate on code with inline comments and pull requests. Manage and share your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team. Use built-in continuous delivery for end-to-end visibility from coding to deployment....
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitbucket from Australian-headquartered Atlassian offers source code management and version control.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.3.

The most common users of Bitbucket are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Matthew Budram | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bitbucket is perfect for all sized companies - it works even if you are using the free version and it works even better with the paid versions. Initially, we started out using bitbucket as simply a code repository so we could quickly set up projects - as we expanded and started using Atlassian's project management tools then it became important for us to integrate the development teams with the PM teams. The integrations gave Project Management teams insights into the technical issues without necessarily being burdened by the details. I especially like the ability to have control over changes being deployed directly into production - running continuous integrations to ensure the code quality is maintained!
  • Atlassian Integrations especially Jira.
  • Easily configurable continuous Integration.
  • Product backlogs can be visible from Bitbucket.
  • Prettier Project Pages
In the Caribbean - with limited resources, it is nice to know a company will be there in assisting you to grow. They will start you off with a very good free tier and you can scale easier on a predictable budget. Bitbucket works especially when you are using Atlassian's toolset. If you aren't married to the company - then you can explore others like GitHub which offers comparable features without much compromise.
  • Integrations with Jira
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Positive ROI especially with increased communications between PM and Developers
  • Positive ROI - don't need a release engineer
When GitHub was acquired by Microsoft my previous organization had concerns about paywalls and additional restrictions that might be placed on the projects. We had made a move to Bitbucket as a result. The acquisition didn't seem to have any implications on the overall company and it might not have been worth the switch, but there was very little difference. Bitbucket obviously had better integrations with Atlassian JIRA and therefore worked better.
The 5 developers are the primary users, using it to tackle code sprints and code reviews. The final person is an infrastructure guy with some background in doing automated deployments. His only integration is usually to set up deployments or make minor adjustments. The developers also participate in the development of items in the product backlog - outside of code sprints.
Honestly - there is no real need to support Bitbucket. Once someone is there to manage the creation of the project the rest is a cakewalk. Developers are all aware of how to use platforms like bitbucket and GitHub, so support is becoming less and less of a need. The majority of users require 1-day training on the appropriate use of the tool and then after that, it just works.
  • Continuous Deployments/Integration
  • Code Reviews
  • Updates to the Product Backlog
  • Customer Service can get some insight into when problems/issues are solved by tracking [the] project issue page.
  • Releases can be accompanied with release notes that, if well written, can go straight to the client.
  • Confluence Integrations
All products have room for improvement. The system improves over time with better and better integrations and I look forward to even more features without paying extra! The system has increased transparency across my organization and with this transparency comes increased throughput on projects. I don't think I can go back to any other system and we are definitely married to this product.
Darian Rawson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use bitbucket to host many private code repos for all of our projects. We leverage the git versioning and branching to manage releases of app software, web apps, web sites, codebases and other projects. We manage a team of around 10 with group based policy access to branches and repos that streamlines our workflow across Mac and Windows developers working in Javascript, LeSS, ScSS,, and many other web technologies.
  • The interface is awesome, and accomplishing tasks is fantastic
  • There are many tools and options within the repo setting available to you
  • Manages pull reqeusts and user based access control to branches
  • Hosted which means the code is out of your control on someone else's server
  • Web interface can sometimes be slow
  • More hooks
It is well suited for smaller agile teams of designers and developers that don't want to spend too much time setting up a git server on their own. I can't tell you how incredibly easy it is to get started using git versioning with Bitbucket! It's almost too easy. I definitely recommend allowing yourself some time to find the best workflow that suits you and your team. The great thing is with Bitbucket it is flexible so that you can easily adapt your workflow as your team grows and changes.
  • We can now work faster without worrying about working over each other's code
  • Peace of mind knowing that the code is securely distributed to team members
  • Initially, it feels like using Bitbucket makes you slower, but it takes time to adjust to new skills
Drastically simpler both in pricing and ease of use than the competition. For only $10/month your team has unlimited private repos! That is an outright bargain! If you are a small team that doesn't require all of the advanced services that come with larger infrastructure and more cost associated with the competition, consider this product!
Our users include UI designers, back end and front end designers, graphic designers and developers. Our team comprises various levels of design and development experience, and a range of software from small code editors to complex IDEs. We have many team members working on various levels of static and dynamic development.
You really only need one person to fill the role of administrator and gatekeeper who assigns people to the team, gives the team groups and roles. From there you can use minimal effort to ensure that your team members are following protocols, enhance your workflows by addressing and implementing feedback and tying in third party hooks to the service that also enhance workflow as well as implementing built in mechanisms for trouble tickets and Wikis.
  • Code Versioning
  • Distributed Code
  • Multiple developer environment
  • Makes it easy to switch codebases for a project and maintain simultaneous branches
  • Hooks into other products that let you leverage advanced and customized actions
  • Cloud based code implementations for live projects that are handled directly from the repo
  • Separating roles within the division to a more focused reviewer based system
  • Allowing designers and developers to have freedom as far as reviewing each others work
There isn't another similar product that I would be able to find that would meet all of these needs without me implementing my own self-hosted service locally on premises that was accessible to off-site team members. For the cost, this is one of the services that you just can't find a way to get rid of. It's incredibly affordable and incredibly beneficial.
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