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Cori Fowler | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 18, 2015

Finding your Vibe in the storm of production

Score 7 out of 10
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My organization comprises of a small group of individuals that interact with 3-4 clients each on a daily basis. Maybe not a lot, but when in media production and website design and development, keeping it all together takes its toll. I was looking for a solution where we could have a centralized location for the data materials collected from our clients (e.g. content to be used for websites, scripts, graphics for videos); post project ideas, meeting notes; keep track of production schedules from start to post completion (social sharing, delivery of content, etc.), in a centralized area to post new tips and production shortcuts. These things were needed and more as time progressed... all the while being maintained in a clean and appealing interface. (We're creative people!) Micro Focus Vibe really came through for us. It delivered what we needed. My team was quite comfortable with the setup, and also using it to set up temporary client accounts to share data, thoughts and messages. It's hard to get the creative to slowdown and record their thoughts and processes, but Vibe made it easy enough for my teammates to jot down what they're doing, what needs to happen with their projects, and I get updated all the while.
  • RSS Feeds: As a project manager (at the time and still am in a sense) being updated as information is posted helped me to stay on top of progress as it happened. The feeds also allows me to foresee problems before they happened, coming in like Super Woman to save the day...kidding (or am I?).
  • Customizable workspaces: While we've got our video project workflows down to a science, our website projects are a different monster. Because we offer customized websites, each client's needs are different from the next. Vibe's Workspaces reflects this - not only for our projects, but for the users as well. Everyone has a different way of organizing their thoughts and with Vibe no one has to fall in line with cookie cutter layouts...or at least they can start out with one and develop it into their own.
  • My god MOBILE DEVICE Support: I know many many many project collaboration tools have migrated to the mobile device platform - but I found that a lot of times, features are limited. I'm always on a go and can't always access my Surface for a brief look at what's going on. But when you fall in love with a platform, it makes it all the better that it is usable outside the confines of my desktop box.
  • Export calendars or sync calendars with programs like Outlook.
  • Easier way to print or create reports on projects (completions status, tasks left to be done, etc.) for paper trail lovers. The workflow process is nice, but it takes time to configure. Most of my teammates weren't quite in love with that aspect.
  • Instant messaging for those of us who don't like the phone and want to keep project related work conversations in the same window.
  • I really wish there was better is a way to display videos. In video production, we're always trying to find ways to share our progress and being able to do so in the same platform without one having to download it would have pushed Vibe to a 10 star rating.
I think Micro Focus Vibe is very well suited for organizations that work in a team collaboration front and have to share documents. I think this really shines in organizations that have a standard set of information that gets lost in the sauce because of the sheer amount of people in an organization. In this case, the Wiki is very helpful in this setting. I wouldn't quite recommend this site for video production houses unless you are patient enough to correlate your needs to the many many features available through Vibe...because it all boils down to patience.
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Rob Zweistra | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 13, 2015

Novell Vibe the beauty and the beast.

Score 5 out of 10
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We are in the process of testing Novell Vibe to be used for the entire organisation. For this we have to test two parts. The landing pages, corporate wide and for users individually. The second part is implementing forms and workflows to automate some processes in order to make them more paper-friendly. We have a distinct division between office and work floor. As the company is project driven Novell Vibe would be a good choice and we have the full Novell suite so it will also be linked in with our Novell GroupWise mail environment.
  • Novell Vibe connects GroupWise mail with Vibe natively which means you can access Vibe from within the mail product.
  • Once forms and workflows are set up, the access structure on who sees what or not is very effective.
  • You can use Novell Vibe as your main intranet with everything from wiki's, blogging and more fully automated and still in synch with your internal organisational structure.
  • After playing with it for a while i found that through jsp it is highly configurable.
  • Having build lot of websites over the years this is one of the most user unfriendly systems I [have] run across. The learning curve is very steep and a lot of stuff is not findable on the internet.
  • The Java used under water has some quirks that makes working with the interface almost undoable. If you make a tree and you change something in that tree it is completely reset to the top level every time so the workflow is broken constantly.
  • There is no copy option in the tool which is strange as 80% of the things you build is the same or similar with minor adjustments like a different color code. Like the previous remark this makes the workflow constantly interrupted.
  • The learning curve for a regular user is also a little too steep. They can do too much and it goes beyond the daily things they need to do with it. To configure Novell Vibe so that the user is protected from doing or seeing too much is a lot of work which means you will have to hire an FTE to manage Novell Vibe alone.
  • Because the end product depends on the use of jsp pages a lot it requires you to hire a specialist with a big salary-tag to build it for you. once it is up and running changes will be very dependant on the guy you hired to build it!
  1. How fast can I implement it fully for an organisation?
  2. How many hours must I invest to get it up and running?
  3. How does it compare to the competitors similar software?
  4. Once up and running how much time and money will it cost me?

From the point of how it looks I would like to use it. As it is part of the Novell suite I would like to use it as I have already paid for it. So in conclusion with the help of Novell I might be able to implement it the way I want it but without extra cost.

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Richard Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 19, 2014

Vibe Review

Score 9 out of 10
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We are using Vibe primarily for its workflow/work process abilities. It has replaced clumsy spreadsheets that can't reproduce what Vibe does for us.

We now can track the flow of our inventory throughout it's process over multiple sites and know at what state it's in. Our workflow is designed to be extremely user friendly. Most interactions are just one click, where the user checks that their part of the process is complete and notifications get automatically sent to coworkers who need to know that particular step is complete.

We also use the shared calendar as departmental calenders.
  • Workflow management is where Vibe excels
  • Shared file access
  • Shared calendar
  • The most pressing improvement is in printing. In speaking with Novell techs Vibe was designed as a web tool, no paper necessary. However in the real world our folks love their paper printouts. Vibe utilizes views for various functions. A print view that's easily configured would be an awesome upgrade.
  • Customized in JSP. Vibe is completely customized using JSP. I don't know it. I'm not a programmer. I can work things out, but programming isn't my forte.
Vibe is part of our license and if it's part of yours you should take it for a run. I believe the strength in Vibe is the workflow element. If you are looking for ways to track something with accountable processes, then Vibe is worthy of the challenge. It also will fill file sharing needs and calendar needs. There are many aspects that we don't use but could definitely implement, like the wiki. Having a wiki for new employees to learn company lingo is one that comes to mind.The hardest part is collaboration. Some employees don't like to share their knowledge or don't want to since they don't see what's in it for them. The software will allow easy collaboration, but sometimes you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.
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Donna Moyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 08, 2015

Why to Consider Novell Vibe as Your Next Team Collaboration Solution

Score 8 out of 10
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Novell Vibe is being used across our entire organization. We use it for file access and tracking progress of projects and customer support.
We also install Vibe for customers and work with them to design their access as well as set up their complex workflows.
  • Novell VIbe is extremely easy to install and very intuitive to use
  • Novell Vibe provides a secure environment for teams to collaborate
  • Novell Vibe provides the ability to create complex workflows to streamline an organizations process
  • Novell Vibe could be improved by adding the ability to print forms that are completed during a workflow or information entry
Novell Vibe can provide file sharing and team collaboration services for most environments. Teams that need heavy project management functionality like Gantt charts and resource allocation would be better served by using a package like MS Project.
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Jason Preuss | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 30, 2014

Experiences with Novell Vibe

Score 7 out of 10
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This product is being used as the backbone of our intranet. It is used across the entire organization. The problems it addresses are mainly company wide communication and electronic form usage. We are also using it some for file storage.
  • You can create electronic forms with powerful workflows behind them. This allows for supervisor approval/rejection of forms. The workflows also allow for email alerts when certain stages are met.
  • Built in social media tools. Each employee has a feed which other employees can follow.
  • Allows employees to create teams in which they can chose members and rights.
  • The product has a small user base, have had problems finding solutions online.
  • Upgrades are not as frequent as they could be.
  • Need to know JSP to do advanced customizations.
If you are already using Novell products, it fits seamlessly in. If your company is 100% Microsoft then maybe SharePoint would be a good alternative. For small firms with a limited budget for an intranet solution this could be a good choice.
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Chantal Kluthe | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 14, 2014

Tools for team and project management

Score 8 out of 10
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We used it on projects and areas in our daily business operations to collaborate with all of our employees involved. It also provides great way to keep communication flowing. We used as a central repository for documents and contracts.
  • Improves communication
  • Keeps track of assigned tasks
  • Document collaboration
  • Team work environment
  • Saving documents from word using the Novell vibe add in is slow and sometimes word will freeze before the document can be uploaded to vibe
Does your team want a collaborative work space?
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 07, 2014

Good Vibe-rations

Score 9 out of 10
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Novell Vibe was a huge success in replacing our intranet and introduced a solution to address several problems and wants: department landing pages (for related news and info), blogs, discussion threads, wiki (we use it for IT change controls), surveys, calendars, LDAP sync to Active Directory (giving users the ability to access it externally), and a mobile app, just to name a few.
The most attractive piece, from a maintenance/administrative standpoint, is that it allows us to assign user rights at any level. From a single entry to an entire landing page. It puts content-management in the hands of department managers.
  • Rights. You can grant users/groups rights to specific entries (i.e. an entry for IT eyes only).
  • Due to how it's built, you can access it via SSO internally, and access it externally (workstation/app) using credentials.
  • Wiki. We created a Change Control wiki to help document changes to our systems.
  • Personal Workspaces. These are very dynamic and useful in keeping track of tasks and projects.
  • Application Integration. We integrated our email and IM systems. Especially useful when working on projects with team members across multiple sites.
  • The app needs some enhancements (i.e. phone numbers aren't touch-and-call)
  • There can only be one global landing page. Meaning you can't have users go directly to their department page. Our work-around was putting links to their pages on the global landing page.
  • The Photo Album capability is cumbersome.
  • Blogs seemed to be the only way to successfully set up a landing page as it offered the most flexibility.
It is well suited in a mid-scale to large-scale, multi-site environment with 150+ employees.

Questions worth asking are:
Given our business requirements, would it be best to implement out-of-the-box, or have some hired-out programming for company-specific needs? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.
With the rights capability, can you get buy-in from department heads to maintain their content, or do you keep it in IT?
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About Micro Focus Vibe

Micro Focus Vibe is a web-based team collaboration platform developed by Novell, and was initially released by Novell in June 2008 under the name of Novell Teaming. Novell's acquisition by Micro Focus was completed in April 2015.

Vibe is a versatile collaboration solution that can serve as a knowledge repository, a document management system, a project collaboration hub, a process automation machine, or a corporate intranet. Users can upload, manage, comment on, and edit content in a secure manner. Supported content includes documents, calendars, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, tasks, and much more.

Document management functionality allows for document versioning, approvals, and document lifecycle tracking. Users can download and modify pre-built custom web pages and workflows free of charge from the Vibe Resource Library.

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