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What is Norton?

The Norton products, including Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, and Norton Security, are consumer antivirus and privacy protection products, and are now a product line of NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) after the enterprise security division of Symantec was acquired and is now…

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Norton Internet Security has proven to be an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, offering reliable protection against …
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Norton Internet Security Review

3 out of 10
December 27, 2017
Norton Internet Security is used as the centralized antivirus and security suite at a couple of our client sites. The centralized console …
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What is Norton?

The Norton products, including Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, and Norton Security, are consumer antivirus and privacy protection products, and are now a product line of NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) after the enterprise security division of Symantec was acquired and is now part of Broadcom.

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What is Norton?

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First Impression of Norton 360 Antivirus
We take a closer look at Norton 360 and their LifeLock plans - including pricing plans, sales, use case, user reviews and sentiment.

Norton Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Norton Internet Security has proven to be an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, offering reliable protection against various online threats. This software is particularly useful for businesses that deal with sensitive client information, as it effectively prevents users from accessing non-trusted websites, ensuring an extra level of security. Additionally, Norton Internet Security provides high-speed anti-virus protection, shielding against malware and other types of malicious software, which is highly appreciated by users seeking comprehensive internet security.

The software's features, including cloud backup, secure VPN, and anti-phishing protection, make it a valuable asset for users who prioritize their online safety. Norton's integration into company terminals is seamless and hassle-free, making it user-friendly for professionals and domestic users alike. It helps create trust with web customers in situations where face-to-face interaction is not possible. Moreover, Norton is compatible with various devices and systems, causing minimal conflict and latency issues.

Customers appreciate the ease of licensing that allows installation across different platforms, including some smartphones, making Norton Internet Security a versatile solution for both home and personal use. The software also receives positive feedback for its lightweight performance and economical approach to protecting multiple devices. Users find the interface clean and easy-to-use, while the improved intrusion prevention and zero-hour threat blocking further enhance the overall security experience.

Overall, Norton Internet Security is highly trusted due to its proven history in desktop and web security. Organizations rely on it to protect computers and files from attacks, providing a safer browsing experience. The regular updates ensure up-to-date protection against emerging threats, making it effective in scanning and protecting against malware disguised as email attachments or downloaded files. Users appreciate that Norton does not slow down system performance but rather enables confident browsing and opening of email attachments. The software has received positive feedback for its accurate detection of suspicious files without any false positives.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton adds a great value in relation to protecting our computers in the organizations from any sort of attack on our files. It provides a safer environment when browsing the internet and in downloading all files. It also performs a lot of updates almost daily which adds a great value.
  • Updates - regular.
  • Quarantine of files and it shows you what are the files.
  • It gives early warnings about any suspicious websites before opening.
  • Cost could be an issue. They could perform a free trial at the beginning for people to check.
  • It would be good if you can do an online free check of your computer.
  • While the updates are good sometimes your computer is attacked by a virus they did not expect.
We receive external data a lot from clients that we need to download and they come stored on external flashes or on hard drives therefore Norton helps us a lot in catching all the attacks with no delay otherwise we could have lost all the data we have on our computers.
Mohammed Badr | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Overall Norton is an incredibly useful and trustable antivirus in the market and has a history in desktop and web security. I like to recommend it to anyone who works from home with a personal laptop, it helps you save your files from threats. I actually have been victimization it for two years and I don't have any regret to date for my desktop file protection and anti-malware engine mechanically updates itself for contemporary threats and quarantines them in contrast to different alternatives. It even has a VPN with unlimited information that helped Pine Tree State and my team to check several of our internet apps that supported country timelines.
  • Norton is a completely clean-to-apply software program that gives many capabilities and options.
  • Antivirus is included, and your protection is always up-to-date.
  • Some pop-ups may be stressful with inside the lengthy run.
  • Sometimes it can be confusing because there are a few different programs that are used for different things.
From what I've been capable of testing, Norton is absolutely the fine antivirus and the most efficient. It's quite straightforward: scans are best a click-away and are reasonably speedy in terms of time. And even as Norton is a chunk expensive, it makes up for it with its excessive-quality. Also, extraordinary purchaser support!
John Danniel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton is a high-speed anti-virus software that creates a shield against malware and different types of malicious software. Norton has a cloud backup, secure VPN, and anti-phishing protection. It possesses a wide variety of tools for internet security. Its customer support consists of highly professional and friendly staff. Its real-time protection is able to identify any kind of threat entering a system with much efficiency.
  • Norton works quite quickly and is efficient enough to detect threats
  • It is very easy and simple to install and is without any complications and irrelevant inquiries.
  • Norton is available at a very reasonable price in the market and is not heavy on pocket.
  • The user interface of this antivirus is not many users friendly.
  • A little bit difficult for beginners.
  • Sometimes it takes much time while scanning the whole system as compare to other software.
Norton antivirus runs smoothly on our all types of systems and points out all malicious files instantly. Smart scan systems keep analyzing our system all the time and block infected files to enter our system. It keeps our important data secure from harmful malware and the firewall system protects our online activities. Its user interface is a bit complex for new users.

April 23, 2020

Norton Review

Amberly Crain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton has a high standard of quality and offers us online protection for our devices, with very extensive features, an intuitive navigation design and various customer service options at a relatively affordable price.
Browsing through the application is easy, without affecting the performance of the computer and guaranteeing a high malware detection rate.
  • It protects us live against all kinds of malware.
  • It has an intelligent Firewall for Windows and Mac.
  • It has an easy to use Password Manager.
  • Submit a Cloud Backup.
  • SafeCam to block unauthorized access to the webcam.
  • As a counterpart, the system lacks protection against computer worms in P2P networks (peer to peer).
  • Customer service is not immediate.
Software that adapts to all types of companies. Its update system is quite decent and provides security for many of the new viruses, malware, rootkits, etc. that appear every day. Its scanning system is also good, fast and effective, and generally manages to recognize the different potentially dangerous files.
SERGIO CHAVES | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When my company contracted the services of this technological program, the first impressions were quite good. The integration did not have difficulties in our terminals, being the same almost perfect. It has a visualization that makes it a very simple tool for all types of users, whether professional or domestic, that make its use very useful.
  • Advanced protection against web attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities. Stops threats that traditional antivirus techniques do not recognize. Filter unwanted e-mails through professionally robust antispam protection
  • Block phishing websites and authenticate trusted sites. Protects, stores and manages logins and personal information. Prevent hackers from spying and stealing information. Identify unsafe websites in search results.
  • It is one of the most effective antivirus when blocking and removing viruses
  • It helps protect and monitor the home network. Automatically protects the PC when it connects to public wireless networks.
  • Poor performance against Spyware and other threats despite claiming to act against them (recognizes very few and eliminates less) It is limited to viruses.
  • Regular blocking of incoming scripts (in front of other antivirus)
  • Little or almost no compatibility with the Windows XP Firewall, but they are involved.
The operating system can work with Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher with the latest updates, patches and service packs installed or I have also used it with a Mac that works with OSX 10.11 Regarding disk space, you need at least 2 GB of free hard disk space (additional space is needed for temporary and quarantined files).

Jackie Bassett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
There was a time when having Apple products made one a lower risk cyber target. Nowadays, everything and everyone's a cyber target. And the level of sophistication of cyber attacks keeps growing, seemingly undeterred.

However, phishing attacks are still the #1 cause of a cybersecurity breach, which means we all need to deploy "layers." We needed to best ensure our endpoint security was covered, which means mobile. So we researched the ocean of mobile cybersecurity products.
  • Easy to install, automated and timely cyber updates
  • Strong mobile cybersecurity without impacting speed
  • Interoperability with our other layers of cybersecurity products
  • Easy to use without impacting speed of performance using the mobile version, but I would recommend faster updates when a new virus has been discovered.
Every company needs multiple layers of cybersecurity. While we use other cybersecurity products for internal use, and by design that alone is great cybersecurity, we do prefer Norton for the mobile endpoint. It's both easy to use and doesn't impact mobile performance.

Norton was acquired long ago by Symantec, so interoperability with our other products is never a problem since it's their core business.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My team was switched over to Norton last year. Prior to that we had been using an alternate anti virus software. Initially, we went with a pilot batch for testing the stability and the response from the users. The feedback we got was mostly positive. My team liked that it didn't slow their system down or hamper their productivity. It also let them open email attachments and browse with a little more confidence. We often receive documents from clients or users that are sent as an attachment so email security was a high concern for us. Norton has done admirably with that. No false positives that I am aware of, and it flagged off a couple of files that were suspicious.
  • Fast scans that run quietly in the background without disrupting the productivity of the users.
  • Really good at detecting phishing and other suspicious emails.
  • Not resource intensive. Works fine on old laptops.
  • Works well without needing input from our users who are often not tech savvy.
  • Interface could be a little easier to go through.
  • Initial load time was high for some machines running on Windows 7
Really good if you have users running hardware that isn't cutting edge. Also very handy for users with limited or little tech knowledge. The pricing works well for small sized teams. If your organisation doesn't have a stand alone firewall, this one comes with one. Although it might be limited in capability compared to dedicated ones, it will suffice for most daily uses.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used this on my laptop for work. My work involved downloading Resumes and Documents multiple times on a daily basis so of course a security software is an absolute must. The requirement was something that would check and make sure I wasn't getting infected by a malware disguised as a document that was being sent to me. Norton did this job really well. It also comes built in with a really decent firewall which was handy when I am working while travelling and connecting to public Wifi. It kept my PC clean and secure in all the time I used this.
  • Can do a really quick scan that doesnt take much time.
  • Excellent malware protection.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Good detection rates.
  • Simple, clean interface.
  • It does impact the system performance. Not by a significant margin but it is noticeable. But its not bad enough to be a deal breaker. And if you have a decently modern PC I think you probably wouldnt even notice.
If you need a nice clean, no nonsense Anti Virus this one is it. The malware protection is excellent. The detection rates are solid. It scans pretty fast. The firewall is great and simple to set up and use. The browser protection is also really good. If you don't mind the (very) slight impact it can have on older systems when it comes to speed, then I can absolutely recommend it.
dhruv gupta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Some users are using Norton Internet Security on their laptops. It helps in notifying and blocking harmful websites, auto-fills passwords and other site form data. Norton Internet Security is lightweight and economical for 10 devices. It sports an easy to use and clean interface. It also has become less intrusive over the recent years and Sonar Blocks any zero hour threats. Norton IS is all in all is a good product and great value for money. The support team is also good and Norton offers chat option which is a great advantage.
  • Identity safe- One of the best I have seen till now. Simple to use and feature rich.
  • Robust firewall- One of the best and strongest Firewalls.
  • Lightweight
  • Good Account Management features.
  • Little or no learning curve involved. The user interface is easy to navigate.
  • Sonar is very good and has improved to a great extent in the recent 2-4 years but can be improved a bit more for enhanced detection.
  • Frequent Firefox and identity safe incompatibility issues
  • Very infrequently it detects valid programs like PowerIso as suspicious and doesn't let the user run them. The user can install these programs by disabling auto protect. But these cases are almost like non-existent or negligible.
Is is appropriate for small-mid sized organisations. For bigger organisations, Symantec endpoint protection is more well suited.
Sasha Luse | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton Internet Security provides our web customers with the reassurance that they are using a secure and trustworthy site. We work with customers nation wide and it can often be a challenge to create trust in situations where we can not speak with people face to face. Norton Security allows customers to feel safe in working with us.
  • It is a recognizable security system that helps customers feel safe while using our website.
  • It offers continuous support on protecting against virus threats.
  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • It uses a lot of RAM which can cause issues in other areas of computer use.
  • If you chose to un-install it can be difficult to get rid of all traces of the program.
  • The initial configuring can be challenging for the average user as the manuals are overwhelming. Better tutorials would be helpful.
For our internet business, which is in process of growing into a large national presence, Norton Internet Security provides the security system that is recognizable across generations and regions as providing safe, reliable service so that a new customer can feel secure in doing business with us on our website no matter where they're located.
Rebecca Neilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Norton Internet Security for all desktop, laptop and tablets for our firm. It helps to give us an extra level of security and prevent users from going to a non-trusted website. Since we deal with sensitive client information while doing the bookkeeping and tax services, we look to make our office as secure as possible. For the most part I like Norton, sometimes it is almost to secure for our staff. But we want to be safe not sorry later.
  • Notifies of a non secure website.
  • Automatically scans for us
  • Allows us to customize our security features.
  • Gives the option of cloud backups
  • Very affordable with the multiple license offers, making sure all of our devices are secure.
  • Learning curve, initially took some time to learn to use. I really would prefer a step by step manual.
  • I really would prefer a step by step manual. Or video explaining all the features and how to pick and choose what we wnat.
  • Some features are so robust that we can't use them to access necessary sites, or slow our computers down to much.
I have tried other internet security services in the past. Thus far we have found that Norton Internet Security works the best. It's affordable; we have the 10 device package to protect all devices. Once we got past the learning issues it has been far better than other services offered by other companies.
Susan Knolla | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton is an easy to use compatible security tool to protect your computer, personal information and content. It causes less conflict and latency issues than McAfee and has always been my go-to purchased security system and have tried many (purchased and free). Product cost is very reasonable and works well on a variety of devices/systems.
  • Works seamlessly with other products
  • does not cause issues with Microsoft, Chrome or IE
  • Does not slow down your system (like McAfee)
  • More PR and branding would be good
  • Share your product capability more broadley
Great for at home use - not sure on broad network use in a business as I have not seen this is a group setting or across and the entire organization. On personal devices, it causes significantly less issue than McAfee or Kapersky. It works well with Adobe and Microsoft products and my family uses this at home.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Symantec Norton Security Premium was used across a sister company that I was supporting. That product was used to protect all the company endpoints. I was inheriting that product from previous IT team.
  • Very good product for an end user and IT users. Easy to deploy, configure and use.
  • Great GUI interface - easy for understanding
  • Online backup storage and ability to manage your passwords
  • Licensing
  • During my experience with that product (mid-size company) - SNSP is SOHO product.
  • No central management mechanism to my knowledge
I would recommend that product to my friend and colleagues who support small companies but will not recommend for mid and larger size companies. I think Symantec has better solutions for them.
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton Internet Security is used as the centralized antivirus and security suite at a couple of our client sites. The centralized console makes it easy to manage the endpoints and meets most security and compliance requirements that those clients have. Since it has a management console it is easy to check the status of all devices as well as make setting changes in one single location, versus needing to touch all of the devices.
  • Central console
  • Easy deployment
  • Reasonably priced per device
  • Uses more resources than other similar products
  • Can create problems with backup systems if not configured properly
  • Admin console is buggy at times
  • Limited reporting capabilities
For a stand-alone business this should do the trick, but if using across multiple clients (multi-tenancy not an option). Default settings within the program will cause performance issues if not tweaked, meaning someone with networking experience may be necessary. Not ideal for MSP's unless they only have a few clients, as the manageability must be done within "the walls" of each company.
Bruce Emmerling | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Norton Internet Security is used as a front-line security platform for a number of mobile laptops. The program's ease of use and integrated interface allows easier management from remote locations than other security programs. With the program's easy licensing for multiple PCs and laptops, it can be easily installed across different PC platforms including some smartphones. For the most part, it functions as an easy to use mobile security solution.
  • Norton Internet Security has some great mobile security features that help novice users avoid security risks.
  • The software includes a highly effective firewall system that can help keep out intruders.
  • Limited performance loss when using the software.
  • Limited mobile iPhone compatibility.
  • Firewall can be difficult to disable.
  • Depending on product level, there may be a limited number of licenses available.
The software does really well in terms of performance and works hard to avoid hogging any system resources. For any user that needs all the performance available, Norton Internet Security does a great job of hiding in the background. The software works well while conducting such tasks as editing photographs and creating videos. The lower performance drag also means it can run better on lower end laptops.

When trying out new software or adding new programs, the firewall application can be difficult to use at times. It uses a behavior-based system of allowing applications to the system. Sometimes there are programs mistakenly seen as threats that are disabled or cut off from a network. Manually tweaking the firewall can be difficult at times.
Marc Uydess | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We do not utilize the program within the company but we do recommend it for home use. We recommend it to our end users who are looking or are in need of protection on their personal devices. It helps close a security gap when users are connecting remotely from their personal devices to ensure they are safe and secure and ensuring they are not putting the company at risk with their personal device.
  • It provides top of the line protection for most devices; except iOS.
  • It does not affect performance of the computer if configured properly.
  • It is an all in one security product that is easy to manage.
  • Support for iOS.
  • Centrally manage multiple devices a bit better. The site does not always work well when updating the serial number when renewing annually.
  • Centralized reporting for detections/activity of devices registered to an account.
It is less appropriate if you are a large business with many nodes. If this is the case then Symantec Endpoint Protection would be better for the environment. It is well suited for small or home offices of 10-20 devices or less with no true IT department to manage it.
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