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What is Okdesk?

Okdesk is a professional Work Order Management (WOM) cloud SaaS focused on maintenance, after-sales & field services. Currently, 700+ B2B companies from South & North America, Europe, Asia, Russia & the CIS are using it to automate dispatching, service contracts…

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Product Details

What is Okdesk?

Okdesk is a professional Work Order Management (WOM) cloud SaaS focused on maintenance, after-sales & field services. Currently, 700+ B2B companies from South & North America, Europe, Asia, Russia & the CIS are using it to automate dispatching, service contracts management & equipment maintenance.

Before launching Okdesk in 2015, its founders spent more than 15 years in developing professional enterprise helpdesks until they discovered a niche for providing such solutions to small and medium companies. Today, the solution is used by asset management and service companies across the globe for automating service, post-sale and onsite service processes.

Some of its key features include functional modules of assets with related equipment, service contracts with SLA management, scheduled maintenance and mobile apps for technicians and customers, calendar and map view, customisation of notifications, roles & user permissions.

The vendor states Okdesk improves work efficiency by 40% as it allows even distribution of requests between engineers based on their location, availability & planned workload. GPS tracking helps to see and control employees & requests on the map, so the tickets can be distributed on the go to the nearest engineer. At the same time, it serves as a communication hub with multiple channels of ticket registering.

Users can manage installations, dispatch workers, and get full automation of after-sales service.

Boasting a user-friendly dashboard, users can track important metrics such as the profitability of service contracts, and SLA performance. Users can manage equipment with related facilities while enjoying the communicational advantages of popular ticket-resolution software.

With its mobile app (iOS and Android), the user can track the locations of the tickets and service technicians in real-time. Drag and drop a ticket on the map to assign it to the best-located technician. The vendor states ticket resolution time can be cut by up to 40% and logistics expenses can be reduced by up to 30%.

Register new tickets using a text or voice to text input. Leave voice comments and they will be automatically transferred into text. Get notifications from a built-in chat with support where text and photos can be attached.

Okdesk's average customer is a service provider with more than 5 field technicians. They release system updates every two weeks and constantly developing their product according to client needs.

The vendor states Okdesk can be up and running in under 15 minutes - with no need for developers and special tech skills.

Okdesk Features

  • Supported: Multichannel ticket registering (phone call, self-service customer portal, web-form, email processing, mobile apps, Telegram chatbot etc.)
  • Supported: Configure automatic email check
  • Supported: Maintenance checklists (job photo uploads)
  • Supported: Email conversation on tickets
  • Supported: Tickets routing and user rights customization
  • Supported: Customization of ticket statuses, priorities and notifications
  • Supported: Automatic assignment of tickets to responsible agents
  • Supported: Similar ticket replicating
  • Supported: Scheduling of recurrent work orders
  • Supported: Excel export generator
  • Supported: Paid tickets and Scheduled maintenance
  • Supported: Price-lists — billed quantities of works and materials in a ticket
  • Supported: Timesheets — actual time worklog in a ticket (helps estimate service contract profitability)
  • Supported: Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  • Supported: Company cards
  • Supported: Сlient's facilities location tracking
  • Supported: Roles and permissions
  • Supported: Self-service customer portal
  • Supported: Mobile app for clients (iOS and Android)
  • Supported: Client’s signature on a smartphone screen
  • Supported: Client’s satisfaction report
  • Supported: CRM Module: manage all your customers and contracts in one system
  • Supported: Service terms under contracts
  • Supported: Email notifications of contract renewal
  • Supported: Informing on the contract status when handling tickets
  • Supported: Expiring contract reminder
  • Supported: Equipment card: types, manufacturers and models
  • Supported: Recurring and guarantee works scheduling
  • Supported: Setting relations between Equipment, client’s facilities and contracts
  • Supported: QR code generation (inventory count of serviced infrastructure)
  • Supported: Technician’s Mobile Workplace (iOS and Android)
  • Supported: Keeping track of agents’ daily itinerary
  • Supported: Calendar view and user scheduler
  • Supported: Map view and user scheduler
  • Supported: Field technicians roles and permissions management
  • Supported: Printed forms module (allows to create custom template-cased documents)
  • Supported: Geolocation using mobile embedded GPS
  • Supported: Map view of routes on mobile device
  • Supported: Creating new tickets (with incident photo)
  • Supported: Tickets statuses and settings management
  • Supported: Files attaching
  • Supported: Maintenance checklists (job photo uploads)
  • Supported: Chat and photos capture in reports
  • Supported: Field user activities (timesheets)
  • Supported: Offline mode (for places without Internet connection)
  • Supported: Push notifications
  • Supported: Unlimited users
  • Supported: Voice to text ticket submission
  • Supported: QR-codes for fast ticket registration
  • Supported: Access to knowledge base
  • Supported: Tickets tracking and management (chat and files attach)
  • Supported: Client satisfaction query
  • Supported: KNOWLEDGE BASE
  • Supported: Built-in WYSIWYG article editor
  • Supported: In-built reports and analytics
  • Supported: IP Telephony Integration (CTI) via API
  • Supported: SQL API for dozens of preconfigured reports in Microsoft Power BI
  • Supported: REST API and Webhooks
  • Supported: Integrations (Wialon, Navixy, Omnicomm, Slack)
  • Supported: Self Service portal customization (logo, colours, favicon and title text)
  • Supported: Custom mobile apps publishing + support (iOS & Android)
  • Supported: Domain parking

Okdesk Screenshots

Screenshot of A fully customizable workplace provides you with powerful features to automate and improve your maintenance works and ticket resolution.Screenshot of Track locations of the tickets and service technicians in real-time. Drag-and-drop a ticket on the map to assign it to the best-located technician.Screenshot of Use maximum resources without overloading your maintenance technicians. Just drag-and-drop your ticket to a free slot to optimize your scheduled works.Screenshot of Dozens of enterprise-level dashboards with various detailizations of your service performance metrics.Screenshot of Mobile apps for technicians (iOS + Android) + Mobile apps for customers (iOS + Android).

Okdesk Video

Visit to watch Okdesk video.

Okdesk Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Romanian, Russian
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