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Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software Overview

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management Software automates the deployment and tracking of personnel in the field, supports warranty or service contract / SLA management, and can provide analytics or decision support to agents in the field.  Some vendors offer solutions tailored specifically to the needs of field service-oriented companies in industries like HVAC, plumbing, etc.

Apps for Technicians, Dashboards for Managers

Field service management application suites present groups of distinct features and capabilities for technicians and their managers. Mobile apps and tools allow servicemen, via a technician portal accessed through mobile applications, to report job progress to their managers, order parts in the field, or draft and present service reports and invoices for customers. Managerial controls might include advanced scheduling and resource allocation options and dispatch features, and workforce optimization features like the capability of matching job need or complexity with technician skill level or certification. 

Enterprise Integrations

For enterprises, field service management platforms and application suites may integrate with other HR systems (workforce management or time tracking & expense management software), inventory systems (for spare parts ordering), as well as knowledge management systems and self-service customer portals and support systems to reduce or eliminate needless deployments, and the costs of these. 

Field Service Management Features & Capabilities

Managerial & Administrative Features

Geolocation: Location tracking of technicians, vehicles, and other resources. 

Job Prioritization: Ordering jobs based on importance, SLA. 

Skill-Matching: The capability to assign technicians and resources based on their appropriateness for the task (e.g. certification, license, etc.). 

Administrator Dashboard:  A centralized hub for monitoring resources, job or task progress, control inventory usage and approve orders, with data feeds and visualization for workforce optimization. 

Technician Portal

Mobile Device Access: While in the field, the software supports access to the technician dashboard via a mobile device or tablet and allows the technician to update managers on job progress. 

Customer Data Access: The technician dashboard allows the field tech to view or edit customer data relevant to the job. 

Inventory, Part Ordering: The technician portal allows appropriate access to inventory controls and requisition requests. 

Arrival Time Communication: An app that allows the technician communicate arrival time or that a job has begun. 

Mileage Tracking: Record and report mileage. 

Mobile-delivered Safety & Policy Guidance: Field service management apps can also be used to provide policy and safety instructions to fieldtechnicians, or guided walkthroughs for standardized service. 

Job-Specific Measurement & Analytics: Some apps support meter-reading, trend reading, and other job specific measurements aids and decision support to help technicians in the field. 

Field Service Management Products

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Oracle Service Cloud

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Oracle Service Cloud is the help desk and customer experience management platform from Oracle. The technology was developed and supported by RightNow Technologies as RightNow CX for cloud-based call center automation, until that company's acquisition by Oracle in 2011 for about $1.5 billion.

9 Ratings

Kickserv is a field service management solution offered by ReachLocal. It includes features such as dynamic scheduling optimization, invoicing and online payments, and detailed reporting.

8 Ratings

CoConstruct is an all-in-one Custom Builder & Remodeler Software. It allows users to enter data once and have that information flow through the estimate, specs, selections, bids, proposals, change orders, and budgets, including to and from QuickBooks. In addition, CoConstruct includes scheduli…

8 Ratings

Mhelpdesk is a field service software solution that manages field technicians, work orders, employee scheduling, and client billing. By combining and integrating multiple business management tools, Mhelpdesk provides a solution that eliminates double-data entry while giving business owners visibilit…

7 Ratings

ServiceTitan is a cloud-based field service management solution. The platform includes CRM, intelligent dispatch, comprehensive reporting, marketing management tools, mobile connectivity for field techs, and QuickBooks integration. The platform's core product offers advanced job booking, drag and …

3 Ratings

Bigtincan is a mobile content sales enablement platform, designed to make accessing and presenting content easier for salespeople. Marketers can create logic to recommend content for salespeople to share with prospects on their mobile device, based on the stage of the deal. Then content utilization …

5 Ratings

ProntoForms is a document management software offering from ProntoForms Corporation. It includes features such as the ability to create unlimited mobile forms, entirely customized to your specific needs.

1 Ratings

Motus is a mobile workforce planning and optimization tool. It is designed to make field service agents more productive, and make mobile service operations more profitable. The cloud-based platform automatically captures mileage, and plans optimized routes. It integrates vehicle reimbursement, perso…

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Astea is a field service management built around features such as contact center management, mobile workforce management, and scheduling optimization.

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Oneserve is a British field service management solution built around features such as automated workflows, scheduling optimization, and supply chain management.

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NetDispatcher is field service software. It is focused on field service automation for companies between 20-250 employees or more. Some key features include: Mobile Scheduling, Time and Expense Management, and Report Center.

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YourTradeBase is a web-based field service management solution. Users can create quotes, invoices and receipts.

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FieldEZ is a field service management software that works on multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). FieldEZ contains all basic field management functions including scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, billing, e-signature, reporting, etc. Some key features include: Lead/Service Ticket Manage…

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VServiceManagement is a field service management built for the entire service lifecycle, with features such as business process management, contract and warranty management, and integrations into existing enterprise resource planning solutions.

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FieldService360 is cloud-based field service solution. It gives companies full control over every aspect of the service cycle, from initial call to eventual completion. FieldService360 includes robust capabilities for technician management, dispatching, contract management, invoicing, inventory con…

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LiquidFrameworks is a field service management solution that is designed to help companies in the oil & gas, and industrial and enviromental industries manage their mobile field operations.

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FieldAware is a field service management solution. Some key features include: Scheduling and Dispatch, Invoicing, and Work Order Management.