ADP is Another Dang Problem Look Elsewhere!
February 11, 2016

ADP is Another Dang Problem Look Elsewhere!

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Overall Satisfaction with ADP Workforce Now

We use ADP WFN to store our HR data, track time and attendance (E-Time) and it also processes our payroll. If ADP ceased to exist we couldn't track employees or pay them -- it would be bad news.

The business "problems" it addresses are problems as much as they are the day-to-day requirements of a large employer in today's world.

Unfortunately, ADP themselves have proven difficult to work with (customer service is poor), the product does weird things (some days it will crash a dozen times and then work fine for weeks), and the ability to integrate with other products is really low. We are currently looking at a different HRIS system since ADP does the "day-to-day" but not well and not much more.

  • Everyone gets paid.
  • HRB reporting is really easy to use (as long as you just want HR point-in-time data).
  • Their hold music is wonderfully calming.
  • We have to use different Internet browsers to do different things (IE, Chrome and Firefox all give a different user experience).
  • E-Time is the absolutely worst time and attendance system I've ever seen or used. Way too complicated where Kronos (the benchmark) is simple and reliable.
  • Customer service is poor. It's hard to get ADP to resolve issues. We had an issue take over 6 months to resolve and, in retrospect, the fix was simple and should have been identified and resolved that same day. It seems like ADP employees are stretched too thin, not trained well enough or both.
  • Custom reporting is difficult to use and you cannot build the reports you want in one report. Usually have to build two or more reports.
  • Technology is so 1989. Single sign-on? Doesn't support it. Simple integrations? Nope, can't.
  • Now that we are bigger and want to do more ADP is the chokepoint on updating our IT resources. They do the basics but the ROI and improving things is completely absent.
Before ADP we outsourced our HR and Payroll functions and it was a mess. ADP was much better than nothing at the time. I wasn't here during the selection or implementation process but it didn't go well.
I've used four HRIS systems now and ADP finishes a distant 4th out of 4. I'd never recommend anyone use ADP when there are better offerings on the market for the same or less cost.

ADP Workforce Now Feature Ratings

Employee demographic data
Employment history
Job profiles and administration
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
Organization and location management
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Pay calculation
Support for external payroll vendors
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
Salary revision and increment management
Reimbursement management
View and generate pay and benefit information
Update personal information
View job history
View company policy documentation
Report builder
Pre-built reports
Performance plans
Performance improvement plans
Review status tracking
Review reminders
Multiple review frequency
Create succession plans/pools
Candidate ranking
Candidate search
Candidate development
New hire portal
Manager tracking tools
Corporate goal setting
Individual goal setting
Line-of sight-visibility
Performance tracking
Job Requisition Management
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Applicant Tracking
Not Rated
Notifications and Alerts

Using ADP Workforce Now

20 - HR and Payroll use the system and all our employees do too but not as primary users.
2 - Payroll experience and HRIS management experience with some SaaS background and project management skills.
  • Payroll
  • HRIS
  • Time and Attendance
  • Data
  • We send daily reports to our Data Warehouse to pull data.
  • We merge reports together to make cool spreadsheets (but an internal ADP dashboard would be better).
  • We might (and hopefully will) replace it with a better HRIS in the future.
  • 5 - only because we might have to. It's like jumping off a train to switch HRIS/payroll systems and we might be stuck.
  • 0 - Want to renew use of ADP Workforce Now

Evaluating ADP Workforce Now and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
Previous experience with ADP sold us on ADP but it wasn't the best at the time (our search wasn't as good as it should have been) and it certainly isn't the best now.
Talk to more companies and be able to demo a real life version of the product before buying. It's crazy you don't get a free trial period for something so big and expensive.

ADP Workforce Now Implementation

Don't! What can I say more? Choose a different vendor!
Change management was minimal - To do a better selection screening process. We shouldn't have picked ADP.
  • We didn't pay people.
  • Spent a LONG time cleaning up data.
  • Horrific customer service experience - we felt abandoned.

ADP Workforce Now Support

We have a weekly call scheduled with ADP to resolve all the reoccurring issues we're having... ADP creates problems for us instead of solutions and value.
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
Yes - Heck no and heck no! Six months on a simple issue. Got told by a coworker that I should just try to fix it myself since ADP couldn't.
I wish I could but I cannot describe something that hasn't happened. ADP support is retroactive and not proactive and too difficult to work with. I shouldn't need to call a number and go through a phone tree and explain so much every time. The person who I talk to should know my company and me and work with others behind the scenes to fix it. Not pass me around all the time.

Using ADP Workforce Now

It's easy enough to use but not quick and easy. A monkey could use ADP's basic features but trying to get the complicated historical stuff out is hard. And what about the rehires? We don't have a place for a first termination date so we have to keep that information in a spreadsheet.
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Feel confident using
Unnecessarily complex
Not well integrated
  • HRB Reporting.
  • Looking at someone's demographic information is right there and easy to see.
  • I can see something that looks like a paycheck too (but not the actually paycheck that's a PDF somewhere else).
  • Custom reporting
  • Imports
  • YTD payroll data
  • Data over a period of time (historical info)