Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls Review
Updated July 27, 2020

Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Meraki MX

The Meraki MX is being used by the entire company.
The main challenge that we face in the company is the administration of the equipment and the configurations that must be carried out. Meraki Dashboard is a very intuitive interface to solve any implementation in minutes. Being able to give low technical users control of a platform via web is a very good tool to reduce the costs of subcontracting whenever a change is needed. Seeing how customers decide to continue migrating their network to Meraki based on their own experience is a plus point that is used as a sales tool.
Integration in the cloud with the security products that Cisco sells is a great advantage to enhance the visibility and protection of internal customers. Being able to see the use of traffic by each of the internal users is a highly appreciated feature, since we can control the budgets of the ISPs in each of the offices. Filtering applications, managing the bandwidth of each of the allowed applications makes the network a living and controlled element. Low energy consumption and it takes up little space used in the cabinets where it is installed, which helps with savings in all aspects of the institution. Just because it's a small team doesn't mean it's weak. We have the ability to be placed in High Availability, support GSM connections through USB. It makes the resistance very high for a team of this size.
  • Control and visibility of traffic
  • Easy control of devices via web interface
  • Visible control in real-time of the applied policies
  • Technical support in different languages
  • Integration with Amazon Web Service and MS Azure
  • IPv6 integration is not working.
  • Licensing can be somewhat confusing when combined with other Meraki products.
  • Licensing can be somewhat confusing when combined with other Meraki products.
  • If the license is no longer paid, the teams stop working.
  • It is an easy tool to implement even if you don't have IT staff on site.
Before the advent of the cloud managed network, large wireless networks relied on physical controllers to scale the wireless signal across the network. But physical controllers are a potential point of failure, are expensive to buy and maintain, and cannot be easily configured. Meraki's cloud managed architecture moves the controller to the cloud, eliminating the need for an on-site controller.

Moving the controller to the cloud opened up a whole new set of possibilities for network administration and configuration. This much simpler interface for IT administrators, where in one place, the Meraki Dashboard accessible from any web browser allows them to manage an entire network.

The Dashboard eliminates the need for a command line, is easy to use, and requires little or no training. Its visual nature allows new functionalities, such as topology diagrams and immediate problem solving that is required today.
the easy administration of the teams has reduced the time of resolution of failures and especially the expense of paying external support to review failures or create new implementations.
the savings generated due to the easy handling interface is one of the main points of improvement.
Having control of the technology itself without expensive and extensive training make meraki solutions suitable for commercial solutions, schools and places where technical support is not available on site.

the easy use of the platform in all its products is one of the main points to recommend Meraki.

Cisco Meraki includes a solution to maximize security and protect the connection of remote workers and their devices.
With this solution, workers can connect to the company network from a mobile phone, a laptop, a wired broadband connection or a 3G, 4G or 5G connection through a VPN connection to access corporate applications and to corporate email in a totally secure way thanks to RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) authentication.
The Meraki MX Firewalls are a good and easy solution to integrate even
remotely. This is the main reason why it was chosen as the solution.
Having the facility to manage computers remotely from any device and
with all aspects of security covered is a great advantage. Knowing that
integrating with other Meraki products adds greater visibility to the
network is a point that auto generates the purchase of more Meraki
equipment and that the customer only generates loyalty to the brand is a
very important point for any solution.
All Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls
are born with redundancy included, from double ports of WAN links
and/or links via cellular network to always maintain your connectivity,
replacement of "hot-swap" parts or VPN tunnels that reestablish
themselves. The Meraki Dashboard allows you to see your customers'
bandwidth consumption and what applications they use throughout your
network. It also allows you to adjust the security settings of all your
sites in a few clicks to always maintain the highest performance of your
critical applications. Identity-based firewall automatically assigns
firewall rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits for each user group.
Intrusion prevention protects network resources from the latest threats
and vulnerabilities. Advanced malware protection protects your network
against malware using the latest in intelligent content detection as
well as identifying previously known malicious code. Application
visibility and control--identify which applications are being used,
prioritize your critical applications, and limit those that are for
recreational use. Centralized administration--all Access Point Meraki
have a dedicated security radio to ensure your peace of mind. With the
Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls solution, you will be able to take better
advantage of your traditional internet links, since you can add the
capacity (and availability) of both links to provide a better experience
for your users but above all, reduce your operating costs.

The constant use of the solution, the positive comments from customers, the economic results of the solution, quick response to incidents, quick access to technical support in case of failures, and having control of the network from a user-friendly interface make this solution easy to sell and to make the decision to make it part of the organization's infrastructure.

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Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls work very well in schools and offices where there is no dedicated IT staff.
The centralized Meraki cloud administration screen is what makes the difference for the team. Having the ability to remotely manage school networks and devices was a revelation.
The fact that Meraki offers a full stack solution was a clear advantage for the school team. With the other providers, they would have had to turn to multiple brands for different parts of the network, and then they would have had to figure out how to make them work together. With the full stack Meraki implementation, it is easy to solve a problem from the client to the access point, from the switch to the security device, all in a single access panel.

The option to configure the Meraki hardware even before it was installed on-site was an essential factor in the team's decision. When the hardware was shipped and connected, the settings were automatically downloaded and the network was up and running in minutes.

Cisco Meraki MX Feature Ratings

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