GoTo Connect-Decent Offering For The Price-Support Problematic
Updated December 20, 2022

GoTo Connect-Decent Offering For The Price-Support Problematic

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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

We use GoTo Connect for our phone and fax needs. GoTo allows us to provide our users with a scalable VOIP phone system without having to manage and maintain a PBX and the subsequent hardware on-premise.
  • GoTo has a very good visual dial plan management. Works like flow charts. Easy to use and highly customizable.
  • Ring Groups are easy to configure and set up in GoTo for active departments like Shipping where people are almost never at their desks.
  • Adding new hardware is super simple. Really like that we can purchase hardware from other vendors like Amazon and then add it to our PBX easily.
  • The GoTo Mobile app has not been the best experience, particularly with wifi-only smartphone usage. Our users really want this feature to work but it's just not there yet. Our users tend to complain of calls not ringing through, dropped calls, call interference and just poor overall performance.
  • I am less than thrilled with the GoTo Support when we have issues. It can be very difficult to get your issues routed to the correct area unless you really push. I feel like this prevents GoTo from handling tickets in a timely manner. I've also had tickets never get handled that I've put in online until I call to follow up and find out why.
  • While overall, the PBX experience is okay for admin functions, I'd like to see some things like a link on a user's PBX extension to take me directly to usage reports for that user. I'd like to be able to easily run reports tracking device usage so I can see what devices are being highly utilized in our system and what are not. Making it easier to determine where areas need more phones and others don't. I'd like to see more PBX and system reports in general so we can really drill down into our usage and utilization.
  • Time savings resulting from not having to maintain hardware and software.
  • More dependent on needing Support to now handle changes that we would normally be able to manipulate ourselves if we had an on-prem solution.
  • Built in faxing receiving ability for each DID number using fax intercept.
Our implementation happened when GoTo had just purchased Jive, so our company was onboarded by Jive engineers. The Jive onboarding team and support were fantastic. The Jive team really worked with us to make sure that everything from user and hardware setup to dial plans, schedules, call queues, ring groups, and all the minutia were spot on and that we were happy with the end result. I really miss the excellent customer service and tech support Jive had.
Our users still prefer the GoTo Meeting experience over the GoTo Connect experience for online meetings. There have been some features stripped that used to be in GoTo Meeting (or if they're there...they've become really difficult to find) which has left our users a bit frustrated. In terms of a unified admin tool, I still find myself needing to go to the GoTo Meeting Admin Portal aside from the GoTo Connect Admin/PBX tool in order to manage things like syncing an Office 365 account to GoTo.
We left ShoreTel because we had become very dissatisfied with their overall sales, support, and troubleshooting. When we first started with GoTo, they had just acquired Jive and that was our original product. Our initial experience with Jive was great and we found the support to be fantastic. Jive support and the engineers really knew their product. However, it seems to be that once GoTo fully integrated and rebranded Jive into their product family support and product knowledge suffered as it so often does in large companies and the support experience became similar to that of ShoreTel.

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I feel that GoTo would work well for a call center setting where you need highly customized dial plans and reports on call volume and times. I feel that GoTo would not be a good fit for a very small company, better to stick with your local Telco provider there if they offer PBX services or do on-prem.

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call park
Call screening
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Video screen sharing
Instant messaging
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Evaluating GoTo Connect and Competitors

We needed an integrated faxing solution when we migrated as our existing on-prem one was antiquated. We evaluated MiTel, Ring Central, and GoTo (Jive at the time). I would maybe break that faxing requirement out and look into singular cloud based faxing solutions, no longer making the faxing a requirement. That would have opened up more options at the time to us.

GoTo Connect Support

Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
When we first onboarded with GoTo, the product was Jive. The Jive support engineers and technical people were phenomenal, they really knew their product, they were responsive and helpful, and issues got resolved quickly. It was extremely easy to contact them when we had issues. We loved the tech support and having a direct line to them at that point. After the rebrand to GoTo, our Jive engineers disappeared and it became difficult to get a ticket started let alone resolved. Tickets seem to fall into a black hole and I have to follow up multiple times just to get the ticket started even. Often the only way to get resolution or work done is to add our sales engineer to the support ticket. There isn't a clear line or way to support online to start a ticket. It's been extremely frustrating dealing with support because I have to constantly explain the issue over and over to multiple people and the technicians and engineers just don't know the product.
We do purchase premium support. We are a strongly phone based company and most of our people are on the phone extensively with customers. When we do need support it is usually critical to our business to get the issue fixed ASAP.
When we were on-boarded. The product we onboarded with was Jive and Jive had just been acquired by LogMeIn. The Jive engineers and support really knew the product and were able to diagnose issues almost immediately. They really took care of us and resolving any issues. After Jive was fully integrated into LogMeIn and GoTo, the Jive engineers disappeared and support has been lack luster ever since. It's been hard to get issues one-and-done, technicians are not all that knowledgeable and we tend to have to explain how things should work when dealing with first tier support. No dedicated support team to work with like we had with Jive that we could reach out to. Instead we have to go through the cumbersome process of trying to "find" the solution in GoTo's help area before we can even get the option to start a ticket. If I'm looking to start a ticket it's because I've already looked through the GoTo help and online forums for a solution. It drives me crazy to have to do that again and I almost never get a response to starting the ticket online until I start following up with phone calls and/or including our sales person on ticket responses. I am so disappointed with GoTo Support now.