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Updated March 18, 2015

Long-Time HubSpot User

Wendell Brock | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

HubSpot is used as our main platform for our website and all our online marketing goes through that platform. It is used by the whole organization and is a valuable part of our marketing efforts. The biggest problem on the internet is being found - HubSpot clearly addresses this problem and solves it for our business. We get found on a regular basis, and as such we get leads and clients.
  • The service at Hubspot is fantastic. Every time I call I get helpful service that solves whatever problem I may have quickly. I feel like the success of my business matters to them.
  • The concept of inbound marketing works and Hubspot is clearly a leader in this area.
  • Computers are not my area of focus, and they make the process of setting up a website as simple or complex as you can handle. For people like me its simple and easy to use. For more advanced people/companies with IT departments it can be more complex.
  • I like the way it is simply a plug and play system; once it is set up there is not a lot of additional work to keep the lead machine running and fine tuned.
  • I really can't think of any areas where they need to improve, I am sure there are a few, but I simply can't think of any at this time.
  • HubSpot has been a very positive return on investment! Pure and simple! It has taken my business from not being found anywhere on the internet to being on the front page!
  • There is hardly a day goes by when someone does not leave their information on my site as they download a white paper or something like that. Often people just simply call in for more information.
When I came to HubSpot, I had a little small website that the only way to find it was to type in the URL. Within 60 days of switching I was being found on the internet and within 90 or days or so, I had my first client, which was a big deal to my company. So I have not used any other company; I have simply thought why change something that works so well.
1. The system works great!; 2. I know the system, how to use it etc., 3. I don't want to spend the time learning a new system. It goes with the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" HubSpot is a powerful marketing tool and I am grateful for their expertise that has helped me grow my business. I have over the years visited with many people about HubSpot, and I may be a little biased, but I will continue to visit with other people about HubSpot!
The key questions are do you need a website that draws people to your site, gets them to leave information, and begin a relationship to convert them to clients? If these are your needs, you need HubSpot.

Using HubSpot

1 - I am a one man business and that is what make HubSpot so great; I can get it done quickly and headache free along with all my other responsibilities!

Evaluating HubSpot and Competitors

Yes - Before HubSpot, I had a small custom website, I paid someone to build for me. It was basically an electronic brochure! When I replaced this website with HubSpot, I don't think there were any other competitors, I think the concept was that new to the market! So I don't know who is out there that can do what HubSpot does, and not sure I would switch!
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
What is not there is faith! It took a lot of faith to make the leap and it was one of the best business decisions I have made over the years. The concept was new to me and as I mentioned previously, if there were others out there doing what HubSpot claimed they could do I did not know who they were. So everything was new to me, and it took a leap of faith. It worked and now after a short trial of my faith, I am grateful to HubSpot for providing me with a system that works! Its amazing!!
Don't over analyze this system - go with their proven steps and it should work for you. I don't think I would change anything.

HubSpot Implementation

Follow the system - give it time and it works.
Yes - I think I started using HubSpot before there were companies out there that did an implementation for you. The implementation was broken up into learning phases as designed by HubSpot - study this video and then do it. I was new to this as was HubSpot, but I found that everything worked like clockwork. It was amazingly easy. The one hard part was thinking of 300+ key words to enter on the key word grader. Beyond that the rest all made sense and their implementation team was a great help.

I am glad that I implemented it because it gave me more confidence in the system and I learned how it works and how to make changes; being a small business this is helpful.
Change management was minimal - Follow their process for success - they are way smarter than I am on how to implement their product.
  • Setting aside the time to get it accomplished with all the other work that needed to be done.

HubSpot Support

Every time I call in for support to fix something or get answers, I get answers and help straight away. Perhaps my problems are very simple, so they are an easy fix, I don't know, but they are always helpful.

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
One time I was having difficulty with the blog, I would insert a picture, then publish the blog and it would look goofy, called in for help, and in a few minutes had the solution laid out, and the problem was fixed. The service person, then shared a couple tips to keep it from happening again. Next she asked me if I had some time for her to share a couple more tips? She went on to share some more tips on new improvements made to the system and how it makes my work easier. It was a great experience.

Using HubSpot

I gave HubSpot this rating, simply because for me and my business the system works! And I am grateful to HubSpot for their help in building my business using their system. It has been easy for me to use and make work and maintain.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • The system of changing modules and moving them around on the page made life easy to design the web site.
  • Using the blog and building readership was amazingly easy and a fantastic way to make the system work.
  • Not sure - I have not found any yet.