Teamviewer remains an industry stalwart for IT User and Server Management Support.
Updated July 20, 2022

Teamviewer remains an industry stalwart for IT User and Server Management Support.

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Overall Satisfaction with TeamViewer

We use Teamview as our main driver in IT support of our user-based. We have the system set up to allow us to send a link to a user when a remote session is required. When Teamviewer was first brought in here it was an incredible asset and we could not have performed technical support without it. Now that there are other readily available options, we find that we use it a bit less though it is still the staple for use by the support team. It allows us the ability to, in most cases, never have to visit a desktop to support a user.
  • Teamviewer has the ability to set up a Quick Support option so that you do not need to permanently install anything on a user's computer. The user clicks the link you send them and a temp program is installed to help with access.
  • TeamViewer's list of options, once in a session, is the best I have seen. The automatic ability to reconnect when you reboot a user's PC is particularly helpful.
  • Teamviewer easily supports multiple monitors so if on with someone that has 3 monitors you can easily click through each view.
  • Since the application has matured over the years, it has great support both from the publisher and general internet support.
  • TeamViewers pricing has gone from very company friendly to much more expensive. At [one] point you could [buy] a lifelong license to the application but they now only sell subscriptions.
  • Teamviewer used to allow the rampant free users of their app but they have since locked down on that and the lockdown method sometimes impinges on legit use of the product.
  • TeamViewer is terrible about working with different versions. If you try to remote into a PC that has an old version of TeamViewer installed the process is often tough if not impossible.
  • Once you express interest in their product, get ready for monthly emails trying to upsell you. The second worst vendor I have come across in this respect is only behind Procore.
  • Teamviewer has allowed us to lessen the need to visit user desktops. This in turn has [led] to [fewer] IT department staffing needs as well as less prospective travel.
  • The program has also allowed us to access computers when someone was not present on the other side. An additional function that allows us to lower [our] total IT staffing footprint.
  • It [has led] to better user satisfaction with the IT department due to lessening the need for users to explain issues. We just need to jump into a session and see it for ourselves.
  • The ability to train users on other software, using Teamviewer sessions, has helped us to move forward with software rollouts much more effectively.
MSP360 has a Remote Desktop option that [has] similar functionality to TeamViewer. We have found it is a little less mature though does act as a decent backup if we cannot start a TeamViewer session with someone. Despite TeamViewer being more expensive, the reliability and better feature set [are] more important to us than saving a little money. We also use standard MS Remote Desktop to manage our servers but also have TeamViewer available as a back to that as well.

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TeamViewer's Quick Support option is a huge differentiator in why we chose the product. Not having to roll out a client to all of our computers made it a simple choice to go that route. Outside of this feature, we have installed the full client on some stations and it is also quite easy to push or manually install as needed. Getting TeamViewer out to everyone, whether as needed or full install in some cases was not at all an issue at all. The ease of it helped us make the decision to use it full time.
Because we are using the Quick Support feature in most cases, we have not seen a need to turn on SSO/Single Sign-on for any of our needs. The same rings true for two-factor authentication. In more secure environments I can certainly see how this would be a more pressing requirement.
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TeamViewer is well suited for businesses of all sizes if there is no other apparent option available for use. It can be used by IT support to manage tech issues, software trainers to help users learn new products, and even to allow a small user base to access their PCs from home as needed. it is not a good choice to share content or have meetings vs. products like Zoom or Go To Meeting.

TeamViewer Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Not Rated
Multi-platform remote control
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TeamViewer Security and Support

We did not purchase Premium support but their standard support is actually quite good. They reply in a timely manner and their responses are always on point and relevant to the question.
we have sued the encryption feature to keep our traffic secure. it has worked fairly well and I believe it is up to the industry standard as to how well it performs. We also use the unattended security feature which also works great except for when there are programmatic issues when the app stops working occasionally.
I would definitely buy Teamviewer again. being the industry standard it makes training other users a breeze as everyone is already used to it. It has a few quirks but overall it is as solid as they come and lean on it on an almost daily basis. Defintely recommended it to anyon considering an enterprise-grade product.

Using TeamViewer

Teamview is generally easy to use for people of any tech skill set. It works quite well in even low internet bandwidth situations, has a lot of options built in via the toolbar, and is basically the leader in the remote desktop control world so many people are familiar with it. They do have an issue with licensing and requiring each side of the connection to be on the same licensed version. That causes a ton of headaches when dealing with multiple clients who are licensed for different versions. An easy 10 were it not for that one glaring flaw.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The connection process of telling the other side your number and password is very smooth.
  • Once connected it is very easy to transfer files, switch between screens and just about anything else one can think of that would be needed while remote.
  • One specific great feature of Teamviewer is the ability to request a reboot with your Teamviewer session starting back up automatically so can be done with no one on the other end.
  • The setup process for unattended access is smooth and easy to use.
  • The speed at which your mouse movement corresponds with what is actually happening on the remote PC is quite smooth if bandwidth is available for it.
  • Teamviewer licensing is both cumbersome to keep up (if using the perpetual version) and not being able to mix and match license versions in a connection is huntedly quite terrible.
  • TeamViewer can be a CPU hog so if connecting to an underpowered PC it can really slow down everything including ones ability to control the mouse.
  • On occasion unattended connections "lose focus" with their access capability and someone has to manually restart the machine to get back to the point of using TeamViewer.