Better than I expected! (& much better than UserZoom)
Updated February 27, 2023

Better than I expected! (& much better than UserZoom)

Alex Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with UserTesting

UserTesting is mainly used by our UX team (designers, writers, researchers) to inform the development of our Hi-Fi designs and content. It allows us to see whether users understand and like the designs before releasing updates to our app and onboarding journey. Members of the marketing team also use it in order to test different campaign designs and messaging.
  • Very fast responses from users
  • Very detailed qualitative feedback
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • The export to Excel function could be improved. It works, but I often have to manipulate it when analysing.
  • Faster responses have enabled us to work faster as a team
The interactions I've had with various members of the team have been really helpful - from trial to set-up of the platform to the learning and best practice resources also included.
Really easy to use, and much better than some competitors we previously used.
We are able to keep in touch with customers, ensure we keep speaking their language, and are able to identify which of the elements of our roadmap are truly priorities for our target customer.
Previously used UserZoom. They did the job to a certain extent but after not being completely satisfied and shopping around we re-trialed UserTesting and [were] pleasantly surprised. Much better than when we had previously trialed UserTesting 12 months previously. Much nicer user interface, more flexibility in terms of functionality and features, and much quicker response times for tests being completed.

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Really good for getting super-fast feedback to help sense-check that your designs are heading in the right direction. As a default you are able to record the user's face (as well as their screen) which makes for really engaging video recordings to analyse. Verbal feedback is automatically transcribed and there is an automated sentiment feature which helps identify problems to rectify really quickly.

Using UserTesting

5 - UserTesting is used by the whole of our UX team - this includes a mixture of researchers, writers, and designers. It is predominantly used to test different iterations of screen designs for our website and app. We also use it to conduct competitor analysis on brands within the same sector as us in order to understand what works well.
2 - Although many people across our team use UserTesting (especially watching the videos), we only have 2 who are skilled in setting up and reviewing tests. The platform is very easy to learn and more people within our team would be able to do this in theory, but it still requires some knowledge on how best to ask questions and in what order so that tests aren't leading or biased. Understanding of screening and sampling is also needed to make sure our tests are reflective of our target segment.
  • Prototype testing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Understanding attitudes and behaviours towards our product
  • Testing advertising concepts
  • Feedback on language and terminology
  • Getting a better idea of who our segment actually is/ what they are like
  • Conducting moderated prototype testing
I'm very happy with my experience of the product and the level of service and learning resources they provide. If the service becomes more expensive than it currently is then we might not be able to justify additional cost - but this is theoretical. I would recommend UserTesting and would ideally renew our contract.

Evaluating UserTesting and Competitors

Yes - We previously used UserZoom. When we were offered our contract renewal with UserZoom they increased the cost of our package substantially, which encouraged us to look at competitors. UserTesting offered us a trial and through that trial I realised that UserTesting provided everything we needed (and more) for a much more competitive cost.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Cost made the decision to move providers easy. But we would not have moved providers for inferior product features and I don't think we would have taken the risk of moving without having been able to trial it first (and test out those features). Product Usability is really good and an added bonus but not as high as its features and overall cost.
I would not change my evaluation process again. The ability to trial the product features (and the competitive cost quoted) gave me all the information i needed in order to put together a business case for moving our contract to UserTesting. The requirements for procuring suppliers at our business remains the same, so how I evaluate and select a supplier remains the same too.

UserTesting Implementation

It was all very easy.
Change management was minimal - There was no change management as part of this. We downloaded all projects from our previous platform before starting with UserTesting and built in a bit of an overlap with the contracts to ensure we were never without a testing research platform. Onboaring new users to UserTesting was very easy.
  • No issues encountered

UserTesting Training

The product was very easy to learn. It follows similar patterns as surveymonkey and many other well-known research platforms. Having a trial beforehand made it even easier to learn without training.

Configuring UserTesting

It is very flexible and we are able to configure the product for most of what we need. It does not include question routing / text piping options, which would be useful, so it doesn't get top marks for this.
The screening and audiences features are really good.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

UserTesting Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No. I'm not sure I knew it was an option. But our team includes very knowledgable researchers and the platform is very easy to learn. Because of this, we don't need any additional support - we are very self-sufficient and any support related matters are very infrequent and are dealt with efficiently.
We did receive an automated email from their compliance team which I thought was rude and which I did not appreciate. I replied and CC'd in our account manager who dealt with the issue immediately and we have since not had any repeat of that issue. Can't rate their support staff highly enough.

Using UserTesting

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Building a test - it's all drag and drop
  • Viewing videos
  • Downloading results into an excel file
  • Setting up different segments as part of a screener
  • Analysing results within the dashboard - we export to excel to avoid this.

UserTesting Reliability

The package we have limits the number of people who can set up tests. This prevents us from scaling the use of the platform.
Never encountered any problems
Perfectly fine. Never had any problems.

Relationship with UserTesting

The account manager we dealt with was very transparent and responded quickly and clearly to any questions I had.
We don't have much need for ongoing contact/support. We have quarterly catch-ups and that's all we need.
Nothing above what was standard.