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Calabrio Teleopti WFM


What is Calabrio Teleopti WFM?

Swedish company Teleopti offers their eponymous workforce management system, Teleopti WFM, which may be used for call centers, back offices, branches and stores. It integrates with ZOOM International's ZOOM Quality Management (QM) Suite for a total call center optimization solution.
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What is Calabrio Teleopti WFM?

Swedish company Teleopti offers their eponymous workforce management system, Teleopti WFM, which may be used for call centers, back offices, branches and stores. It integrates with ZOOM International's ZOOM Quality Management (QM) Suite for a total call center optimization solution.

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What is Calabrio Teleopti WFM?

Swedish company Teleopti offers their eponymous workforce management system, Teleopti WFM, which may be used for call centers, back offices, branches and stores. It integrates with ZOOM International's ZOOM Quality Management (QM) Suite for a total call center optimization solution.

Calabrio Teleopti WFM Technical Details

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Noah Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Calabrio Teleopti WFM in our organization to ensure that our customer service team is well managed at all times. We can use this application to track the performance of our employees, which has proven to be very useful and beneficial to the team. I can assure you that our customers appreciate the prompt service we provide as a result of this application, which enables us to adjust our work shifts based on the needs of the day while still covering time slots. So far, we believe our software is of high quality.
  • Calabrio Teleopti WFM is incredibly easy to use.
  • It allows us to manage work schedules effectively while covering all of the Candelario's spaces.
  • The ability to view and compare timetables from different perspectives.
  • When we first started using the application, the features were not easily accessible through a direct menu to direct us; however, as time passes and we use the application more frequently, we gain experience.
Calabrio Teleopti WFM is widely used in our organization, and once we've gotten the hang of it, it's very simple to use. We can manage the entries to each employee's task lists, plan the turns that each teleworker will cover, and swap turns as needed. We can also automate the completion of scheduled management tasks and calculate how much time each employee spends at the company. This application, in general, ensures increased productivity on the call center platform.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Calabrio Teleopti WFM in our company for employee schedules, monitor headcount, and generate several reports. I personally use it to review unapproved absences of our employees daily. These unapproved absences are logged in by Team Managers. Calabrio Teleopti WFM is a great tool with a nice user interface.
  • User Interface.
  • Reports
  • SSO
  • PDF preview of a report cannot be scrolled down.
  • Sometimes when picking a site it downloads the link as a document.
  • N/A
We have a requirement in our company set by our client that we must review unapproved absences of our employees, and Calabrio Teleopti WFM has been extremely helpful in fulfilling this requirement. It's also possible to generate detailed reports with specific variables. SSO integration was also extremely useful and a nice touch.
Kristin Butcher Wester | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This product allows you to have an organized record of many labor aspects of the entire work team, it is possible to have robust planning of each person's work time, controlling the time of each meeting is also a very simple task with Calabrio Teleopti WFM. In addition, the integration with the ZOOM automated call center undoubtedly helps to increase growth. Calabrio Teleopti WFM also helps the customer service team to know in detail what the needs are according to the projects to be achieved during the day or also to make monthly projections, we know how to use this tool, it is a very simple tool to use and it does not represent any difficulty some. The scope of Calabrio Teleopti WFM is amazing, simply andresito department to improve work time.
  • Integration with ZOOM.
  • Better management of work time and scheduled meetings.
  • Our customer service improved dramatically after the implementation of Calabrio Teleopti WFM.
  • All non-intuitive features, but I think they can improve the customization aspect a bit more.
Calabrio Teleopti WFM must be implemented urgently if there is an organizational problem, time is a primary factor if you want to achieve business success, scheduling meetings and knowing in detail what is the availability of all workers is a job that this product can do without any problem. the operational problem, this product evaluates with supplied data what is the availability of each worker, organizes everything effectively, customer service is also optimal because you can manage the staff and request the comparison of new workers according to the requirements of the entire equipment.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Calabrio Teleopti WFM for our shiftplanning also we do use it for meetings, sick leave and all things which has to do with time. So our daily look goes into Calabrio Teleopti WFM to check what's the shift and plan is for the day. It helps and improves for thousands of people to get together for meetings and knows what shifts they've got.
  • Overview for days, weeks, months
  • Displaying shifts easy to understand
  • Gives features like shift swapping
  • UI defintily. It doesn't look good at all and feels not like we are in the year of 2022
  • The app is gruesome. You have to login every time which is so annoying.
It works good if you are a big group with different skills which are also changing. Also for setting up meetings and swap shifts and displaying sick days.
February 24, 2022

Calabrio a nice WFM tool

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Calabrio Teleopti WFM helps us better forecast the number of customer service agents we will need based off of projected volume and other variables. The number of agents allows us to better serve the customers with better response times and it also allows the company to better forecast the financial obligations of the customer service area of the business.
  • The user interface
  • The reporting output
  • We are able to do scenarios for different variables
  • some of the calculations are done in a "black box"
It has helped the company know what the expected customer service headcount requirements are and helped up to build a training schedule. This gives us a better picture of what our costs will be for the planned year. It has helped us to better serve our customers by knowing when to staff up for the higher volumes and how different KPI metrics change the scenarios.
Wilson De Carvalho | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In my company, Calabrio Teleopti WFM provided a solution in many areas. Among the areas that stood out the most was the customer service area, we used it to schedule employees for their vacation days. One of the great advantages is that it is simple to use. Video calls are in high definition this helps call center workers a lot. I advise being implemented in all areas of each department that your solution is viable.
  • It has an excellent schedule, schedules are easily accessible and can be easily created.
  • Calabrio Teleopti WFM makes it possible to effectively request time off for employees in an organized way.
  • There are educational opportunities and this is positive for the company and our employees since the customer service area is great.
  • It should have a space for the business team chat, on the other hand, it would be nice to have an associated link to a forum just about Calabrio Teleopti WFM.
  • Calabrio Teleopti WFM should have an access link to help companies get to know other companies that use it, it would be good to add the contact network
  • The training should be more advanced, remembering that the time-off requests should be the simplest possible process.
Sometimes the calls stopped, it is on this side that it must be very efficient and this must be improved other than that there are only positive parts. Our business has been working 27% above since I used Calabrio Teleopti WFM, and the employees use it in a simple way. In the end, the most important thing is that a business tool should focus on improving the company and this tool only improved our company.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Calabrio Teleopti WFM to monitor my team's schedules, submit them, approve time off, and manage our channel staffing needs. It is an imperative tool to make sure our global support team operations run smoothly and we are properly staffed at any given point based on our customer needs.
  • Scheduling.
  • Time off requests.
  • Channel staffing.
  • User friendliness.
  • Support documentation.
Calabrio Teleopti WFM is a great tool for medium to large companies looking to streamline their staffing operations and ensure employee schedules are easily managed and meet the needs of your customer base. Here, you can easily change schedules based on employee absences and request and manage time off. It is an imperative tool for team leaders like myself.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our team uses Teleopti WFM to manage our call center workforce, coordinate agent scheduling, and account for agent activities while clocked in. It allows management to remain apprised of our team member's schedules and breaks, and keep an eye on agent compliance for quality assurance purposes.
  • Schedule management is intuitive and easy to follow
  • The ability for agents to request and swap shifts works well
  • Agent tools for viewing schedules and requests is user friendly
  • Compliance monitoring through our Zeacom phone system has been a difficulty. For the years we've had it, we've still had challenges in getting that functionality to work as intended.
  • User interface is somewhat intuitive, but could use an update for more intuitive placement and features.
  • The companion app has some updates issues that could use addressing.
Teleopti WFM is very well suited for call center environments where every minute of your team members' time needs accounting for. If you manage 50+ employees, Teleopti is a good tool to make sense of it all, especially when you need to address various business needs at different times of day.
Clinton Verley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Teleopti WFM to schedule our call center agents, creating all their scheduling items like breaks/lunches/etc. We also use it for PTO management and to schedule shift bids, keep agents in adherence, monitor real-time statuses, forecasting, and long-range planning. We have agents using it here in the office as well as off-site. We have a team of about 15 WFM coordinators using it to manage the system.
  • Shift bids. It has a tremendous number of options for ranking agents bye seniority, quality scores, and other factors.
  • Customer service has always been a strong point with Teleopti. There's never a problem getting help with use of the system or technical issues.
  • User interface. Our agents really enjoy using their schedule portal and find it seamlessly integrates with their other software.
  • The installation and onboarding process was pretty smooth considering other launches we've had.
  • System uptime. We use their cloud solution and unfortunately there's been a number of outages.
  • PTO management, could use more features like waitlisting, time off canceling and offline management
It is perfect for a call center where your main needs are forecasting, real-time management and alignment of different workqueues into a seamless whole. I would not recommend it for call centers with many different shifts or schedules as the PTO management suite is lacking in features for keeping all of that straight.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Teleopti WFM is used by the entire customer support team at HubSpot and likely several other departments as well. It typically is used to manage scheduling concerns and adjust staffing according to business levels. It helps us forecast how busy it is likely to be and how many people it takes to address that as a business. It lifts a huge burden from the team and helped organize the entire department.
  • Teleopti provides the ability to schedule meetings at the most optimal time with very little work from the end user. It prevents huge scheduling conflicts that may typically occur in other scheduling softwares.
  • Allows for flexible staffing that works with employee preferences and business needs. This is a system that remains fair and managable and that in itself is a rare feature.
  • The tool is color coded, very customizable, and most importantly easy to read and manipulate with drag and drop features.
  • Sometimes the features can look very similar or can be very minimal in the requests tools so it is very easy to make user mistakes (not swapping a field from the default or forgetting to check a box)
  • I tried integrating this calendar with Google Calendar and it never updates the same day when changes are made. It seems like it always take 24 hours to update in other interfaces.
Teleopti is great if you have a team of people that you are managing or trying to coordinate schedules between. It is great for organizations large and small.

Maybe not so suited for personal calendar use.
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