Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo Pricing

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Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo Pricing Overview


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For the latest information on pricing, visit https://duo.com/pricing?utm_source=trustradius

Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from James Heiney

Overall, the cost is far outweighed by the safety that Duo adds to your organization. Even a single, successful attack can easily cost far more than you … The admin interface could be a little better organized. The pricing could be a little more favorable. 9 … goes, Duo is the one that everyon…

Related Quote from Somya Gupta

configure High availability & Technical Support Broad library for integration Cost effective

Related Quote from Carli Espino

way we anticipated and is lazy and unprofessional. Its price is a bit too high for us to afford. … customer service is concerned then it is no that good and above all its price is not so suitable for…

Related Quote from Verified User

Based on other competitors, price can be high for paid versions Need more applications to support Need to increase … to mitigate where having Duo /Cisco Secure Access, by Duo implemented is cost effective

Related Quote from Verified User

need to deploy a solution that is used by a small group, given that Duo charges per account; however, be careful if you have a lot of service accounts that

Related Quote from Verified User

Integration with multiple mobile devices. Price: It's expensive Users vs devices: People with multiple devices are considered as

Related Quote from Verified User

and easily not only for our team internally but all of our customers. The pricing is a little flexible and using it in bulk can save your group some additional … applications. Either way, it does just as good of a job. It's a quick, easy, cost-effective way to help prevent breaches without adding many other things to … sell to our customers and allows them to reap the be…

Related Quote from Verified User

identity. The cost of having Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo, on hybrid and multi cloud systems is reasonable given the tangible value it provides in … Pricing model can be simplified With Cisco's acquisition, things are not so light

Related Quote from Ryan Lee

products, like Manage Engine, had to be configured as generic apps still. Great price for the features other than that SSO issue. Their professional services team

Related Quote from Verified User


Related Quote from Verified User

Lower in price Nothing else Nothing else

Related Quote from Verified User

money in the sense that it is generally less expensive to prevent hacks than to recover from them. The cost is well justified by the peace of mind that … similar solutions to Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo, but Okta has a higher price-point from our initial investigations…

Related Quote from Jared Miller

Because of the additional level of coverage we can provide, while an increased cost from the licensing they have in Microsoft, we have financial gains in reselling … towards healthy security practices with hands-on assistance for no additional cost. Being acquired by Cisco…

Related Quote from Verified User

all users are on the same Active Directory system. It is a more modern and cost-effective authentication method than the old security code generator dongles

Related Quote from Verified User

ROI, but it’s a good safeguard and peace of mind which is hard to put a price tag [on].

Related Quote from Dave King

From the initial demo of Cisco Duo and understanding all the features and pricing, it had all the features we needed to meet our company's and clients' expectations

Related Quote from Stacey Medina

a handful of employees. It would be another layer of protection but not cost effective to use.

Related Quote from Debbie Johnson

secure, with a great user adoption rating, good customer services, decent price point, and usable with iPhones instead of key fobs for most users. We asked … business model decision - but some companies do offer 'active' license count pricing only. … secure, with a great user adoption rating, good custo…

Related Quote from Verified User

scalable solution simple cost model

Related Quote from Sean Muller

insurance cost of credit card processing in a positive way. We are able to show our cyber security insurance provider which will affect our insurance cost in … Other MFA products have a password manager function for an added fee that would be nice to have, though I believe Cisco Duo partner…

Related Quote from Verified User

has huge maintenance cost, even initial deployment and administration cost also higher. But in Duo Security the initial setup cost less than that of the … but even small project can try implementing this so that their project value may be increased and the client will also…

Related Quote from Verified User

Small cost to use and operate from my view Zero safety breaches I am aware of Doesn't

Related Quote from Robert Ladd

They are very closely the same with Imprivata has more options for cost savings.

Related Quote from Verified User

instructions and guides on their website to help solve many issues. However, the cost can start to become a factor if you work in a company where users don't like … like to use their personal phone for business purposes. Duo Security will cost more because you would have…