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Cisco Secure Access by Duo Pricing Overview

Cisco Secure Access by Duo has 3 pricing edition(s), from $3 to $9. A free trial of Cisco Secure Access by Duo is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



Per User Per Month



Per User Per Month



Per User Per Month
Pricing for Cisco Secure Access by Duo


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What TrustRadius Research Says

CISCO Duo Security Pricing 2022

Companies need to take preventive measures to protect themselves, but those measures can be ridiculously time-consuming. Implementing cybersecurity rules means that with every risk we address we lose personal convenience.

Duo is a solution that tries to give back some of that personal convenience to everyday professionals. They are the trusted choice of many educational institutions, government agencies, and major enterprises.

What Is Duo?

Duo. often called Duo Security to avoid confusion with Google Duo, is a product offered by the tech mammoth that is CISCO. They produce software and hardware for networking, communication, and security needs.

Duo comes with cloud-based single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and two-factor authentication methods. They offer the Duo Mobile App for free, secure access and functionality on the go. iOS and Android mobile devices will have access controls for push notifications, biometric authentication, and codes.

Other popular products they’re behind are CISCO AnyConnect VPN, and CISCO Secure Endpoint. Most of their products are highly rated on TrustRadius, and Duo certainly is no exception.

Duo’s most popular feature is the heart of why their access policies are so convenient. Instead of entering an sms code or chinking your email, you can just press a yes or no button on your phone. All Duo plans have this security feature. Here is a video showing exactly how a Duo push works.

How Much Does Duo Cost?

The Duo pricing model has 4 affordable subscriptions ranging from free (for 10 users) to $9 per user a month. Each plan differs by the cost per user a month, as well as how many features are allotted. All plans have some user trust features, but most plans have features across the board with Duo Beyond offering all features.

Duo Free has push notifications, MFA with security keys, phone callback, and hardware tokens, which are physical devices that generate secure codes for login. If your team consists of 10 users or less and you don’t need complex features, Duo Free is the perfect start.


Duo Free


Duo Access

Duo Beyond


Free - limited to 10 users

$3 per user/per month

$6 per user/per month

$9 per user/per month

Duo MFA is the next plan up and comes with all user trust features like passwordless SSO authentication and self-enrollment. It also has a few adaptive application and secure application access features, but only one device trust feature which is the unified device dashboard.

This plan is great for secure remote access, but because it has so few device trust or device tracking features, it’s not ideal for teams that need to monitor multiple physical devices.

Duo Access is the most popular plan. It has several device trust access features like monitoring active devices, checking security health of laptops and mobile devices. The plan also has adaptive authentication, secure application access, and all user trust features.

The reason it’s the most recommended plan is because it has the best features available for a low price, but it doesn’t offer corporate device trust features or server account control.

Duo Beyond is the best option for larger enterprises that want the strongest data security capabilities. It has the full range user trust, device trust, adaptive authentication, and secure application features.

The functions that are centerpiece friendly include identifying corporate-owned devices, secure private server access, and secure access to cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

This is the best choice for organizations that need in-depth security options, especially for cloud access. It has company-first security capabilities and is great for on-the-go use.

Duo is not the only secure access platform available. There is plenty of other software that provide secure connections for teams with even more security options.

Duo Alternatives

Another powerful security product is Okta. Okta is a leader in identity and access management with an insane amount of feature-stacked products available for major enterprises and individuals. They aren’t as popular with higher education institutions and governments as Duo, and their costs are overall more.

Okta has more extensive features for all their plans. Their MFA plans have incredibly secure features like biometric recognition and IP address specification. Their MFA plans also have Okta Verify push notifications, similar to Duo’s push function.




Adaptive SSO $5 per user/per month

Adaptive MFA $6 per user/per month



$3 per user/ per month

Okta costs more but has more intricate security options. Duo is cheaper with amazingly simplified functions. If your company values and absolutely needs security over convenience then Okta is a better choice. If you don’t need to enforce strict identity verification policies, and value convenience, Duo would be a great choice.

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