Zero to 2FA -- Quickly and easily.
Updated January 30, 2024

Zero to 2FA -- Quickly and easily.

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Duo

Duo Security is a simple low friction way to solve the problem of compromised accounts. At our organization, we had dozens and dozens of these. Users would fall for a phish and surrender their passwords. The hackers would then have access to their accounts to use them for their own purposes. Duo solved that problem. Even if the users gave away their passwords, the 2fa solution prevented hackers from accessing their accounts. It is amazing how painless it has been to implement it. So much so that we're moving toward rolling it out for students as well.
  • Low Friction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Constantly adding value at the same subscription tier.
  • The Directory Sync functionality doesn't have the flexibility we'd like.
  • Secure accounts mean we can be trusted. Our email gets delivered, etc.
  • Productivity is not lost due to incident response from hacking.
We had to scale up capacity for our AnyConnect VPN. We had to accommodate connections from a much larger number of users. Previously we had only a highly technical subset that needed VPN access. Now almost everyone needed it. We had to add additional hardware and a secondary VPN server to meet this need.
The Cisco ASA VPN allowed us to provide secure remote access to a large workforce. It allowed us to do this securely by easy integration with Duo Two-Factor Authentication. The user experience of the web portal is fairly intuitive so users were able to get up and running with minimal guidance.
Our employees and coworkers have generally been positive about the hybrid work environment. To the extent that our ASA VPN helped with this it did so by making access to on campus resources seamlessly available from off campus. It did this without sacrificing security but while still being very convenient.
Duo is easier than many token-based or code-based methodologies. It allows self-enrollment in ways that Google 2fa does not. Okta costs too much. LastPass is great for passwords, but we didn't want to keep our auth egg in that same basket. Many imitators have shown up since we selected Duo, but none of them provide the wide spectrum of applications and ease of setup as Duo, nor is the end-user experience as polished.

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Anyone dealing with the security of user accounts can benefit from Duo. They have a massive library of existing applications (RDP/SSH/LDAP/VPN/etc) that can integrate, and an easy way to include it in custom web applications. It supports a wide variety of second-factor options. It is so easy compared to every other alternative that people are definitely starting to copy it.

Cisco Security

There are a variety of roles that security plays. Without security our users wouldn't be able to rely on us for the availability of our services or the confidentiality of their sensitive data. There are also compliance goals and cyber insurance mandates that we need to meet by our security program.
We selected Duo (which was not Cisco at the time) because it offered the most user friendly and yet highly secure phishing resistant two factor authentication on the market at the time as far as we could tell. Other options were less user friendly, apparently less secure, and didn't support as wide a variey of applications.
Ease of use and variety of integrations separated Duo from the competition.
We chose Duo because it offered ease of use and high security at the same time. We were able to integrate our existing applications with no trade-offs for security or for ease of use. We were able to role this out to increasingly wide subsets of users until it was required for everyone. We were able to do this with a minimal number of tickets to our help desk.
AI will be both an asset and an adversary. We hope that AI will empower security analysts by revealing insights that they might have missed and be assisting with technical tasks such as writing SIEM queries. At the same time adversaries will be using it to accelerate and scale their ability to attack us so we will have to grow in tandem with that.
Several of our security tools use behavioral analytics to spot threats early. But we do not think that a predictive model is sufficiently mature to advance us beyond what we are able to glean from traditional threat intelligence. Behavioral analytics and threat intel helps us to know what to prioritize but I wouldn't call it predictive detection a la Minority Report.

Cisco Duo Support

They go above and beyond to help with issues. They are quick to respond and provide great feedback based on the scattershot information I sometimes provide. I have yet to stump them with a question, even about the more nuanced configuration options of specific application integrations with their products. I enjoy working with them.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We needed to ensure we our systems were in compliance with new TLS requirements and they were able to quickly and painlessly provide a list of any recently seen devices that might need to be addressed by us so that we could look at them and see if upgrades were needed.
We did not purchase premium support. We've been highly satisfied with the support that available automatically at our subscription tier. I'm not even certain that their is a premium support tier that we don't have. It has never entered into our minds to want or be aware of it. They've always been able to quickly address or needs. We get a highly competent technical response from the get-go.