Duo Secure Access is an excellent platform for Multi-Factor Authentication
Updated January 23, 2024

Duo Secure Access is an excellent platform for Multi-Factor Authentication

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Duo

We utilize Duo Secure Access for Multi-Factor Authentication to both our SSL VPN as well as remote access to servers, including RDP access to our Windows servers and SSH access to our Linux servers. One of the best things you can do to protect your organization is to implement MFA and Duo has satisfied that need.
  • The push notification in Duo Mobile makes it extremely easy to use MFA
  • The installation of the Duo Agent on all of our servers was quick and easy. There are even silent install commands so that they can be pushed out through your favorite deployment tool.
  • Duo is easy to set up and configure. You can add users or new devices on the fly as needed without hassle.
  • The one thing that is a little frustrating with Duo is that they do not have a Desktop app. You have to use the Duo Mobile app for authentication, which only works on Android or iOS.
  • It gets pretty expensive when you need to add a lot of users. It would be good if they could have some more discounts when you go above a certain number of licenses.
  • It doesn't work with any other authenticator, you must use the Duo Mobile app.
  • You would think that implementing MFA in your environment would impede access to the network and servers and decrease productivity, but this was not the case with Duo. With the push notification on the Duo Mobile app accessing resources is obtained with a single click on the mobile app.
  • The peace of mind and an additional level of security that you get by implementing Duo MFA is invaluable. It is infinitely more difficult for hackers to get into your network with MFA enabled in your environment.
  • Competing companies of ours have been hit recently with ransomware attacks and have had to cough up hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to get their data back. With Duo Secure implemented in our environment, we have not once been attacked.
  • There are also verify significant discounts when purchasing cyber security insurance when you show them that you are utilizing MFA across your environment.
There have been no data breaches in our environment since we implemented Duo Secure Access for Multi-Factor Authentication. The Duo does an excellent job of verifying the identity of our users and ensuring no unwanted or unknown entities are able to breach our network environment. We all feel so much better now that we've implemented Duo!
  • Cisco Meraki MX
  • Cisco Secure Access by Duo
As our workers started to work from home in large numbers, it became increasingly critical that we implement 2-factor authentication for all access. Duo was tested and rolled out to satisfy this directive. This was a challenge as we hadn't ever configured 2FA before in our environment, but Duo made the process very easy and seamless.
We were concerned that there would be a negative impact on the users as we rolled out Duo, especially as they started to work from home, but with the automatic push notifications to the Duo app, there was very little push back from our users. There were very few questions or issues from users as we got them setup and going forward.
We've found that many of our users prefer to work from home, but this raises other challenges with network connectivity, troubleshooting issues, and maintaining security. Duo has made it easy for users to Work from home without sacrificing security or the integrity or our network. Users sometimes have issues with their mobile phone and therefor have issue authenticating with Duo. But in these instances it's easy to bypass Duo for that user temporarily or we have the ability to provide them with a one-time code to get them back to work fast.
When we were researching Multi-Factor Authentication platforms we also looked at Okta. Okta is also a decent product overall, but we just were not as impressed. It’s definitely not as slick as Duo. It didn’t let us in the server
the first time, but that could have been a timing issue. It doesn’t seem to
remember when we told it to remember to auto-Push and just seems a bit clunky. Also, Okta does not work with the SSL VPN solution we are using and doesn't work to authenticate Linux servers. We found that overall Duo was a much better product and fit our needs much more closely.

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In my opinion Duo Secure Access is one of the best platforms out there for implementing multi-factor authentication to secure your environment. We evaluated several other products before deciding on Duo for MFA, and Duo was far above any other option in almost every category. The one scenario where it is not ideal is where you are unable to leverage the mobile app, such as if you cannot ask your employees to use their personal devices.

Cisco Duo Support

I have not worked with Duo Support much since we've implemented it as we just haven't had many issues at all. However, from the experiences that I've had with support, they are very good and easy to work with. My only complaint at all is that they were unwilling to help with utilizing a Desktop app for authentication, but their response was that that configuration was much less secure, and they did offer other options.
Cisco provided excellent support when we needed help getting the Proxy Auth agent setup and configured. Being that this was new technology for us we needed some additional help in understanding how that worked and getting it configured properly. They were very helpful and assisted in getting everything working in a timely manner.

Using Cisco Duo

Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication is so easy to set up. We started with a Proof of Concept to ensure Duo would be the right product for us. Very quickly within the POC, we found that Duo was a great product and easy to use. We were able to set up the Proxy Auth to implement MFA on our SSL VPN platform within a couple of days. At the end of our POC period, we were able to roll out the Duo agent onto about 200 servers (Windows and Linux) in about a week. Really though the only reason it took so long is that we were so busy with other projects. Additional the Duo Mobile app with the push notification makes it very easy to use from a user perspective as well.