Drupal is a free, open-source content management system written in PHP that competes primarily with Joomla and Plone. The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, contains basic features such as account and menu management, RSS feeds, page layout customization, and system administration., the CMS for large, data-rich websitesDrupal has been selected as the CMS for our new city website. It was time to replace the custom, home-grown CMS we've been using for almost 20 years, and we wanted something that could power a large, enterprise-wide website. We wanted something with a large user base and healthy ecosystem so that we could ensure that the software will be supported and maintained for years to come. Drupal fit the bill as one of the most popular open-source content management systems that is used by over a million websites, many of them government websites like ours.,Drupal has a large support community. Many businesses and organizations have adopted it, and it has a large developer base, so it's likely to be around for a long time. Drupal is designed around the concept of structured data so that the data you put into it is reusable and can easily be referenced or accessed by other pages, or exposed through APIs to other systems. Drupal is well suited for building large, complex websites.,Drupal has a steep learning curve due to its flexibility and complexity. Because it's so flexible and customizable, sometimes it's daunting trying to figure out the best way to do something. Some aspects of the system don't receive the support and attention they need, particularly contributed modules. It can take months (or years) for bugs to get resolved, or for new features to be developed. Many of the contributed modules are poorly supported. It's common to find modules that still haven't been migrated to the latest version of Drupal, even though it's been out for over 2 years. It's also common to discover a bug, only to find out that a patch was already submitted to fix that bug months ago, but hasn't been merged into the module yet. Upgrading to new versions of Drupal core can sometimes be painful and challenging, depending on how you've customized it or what modules you've enabled. Sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to customize a particular aspect of the system because you have to work within the framework it provides.,7,Drupal has allowed us to build our new website at a relatively quick pace. It's definitely been quicker than if we had to build a new custom CMS. It's allowed our team of developers and designers to all work together simultaneously on building the new site. Our new website is much improved, and will allow us to better serve our citizens.,WordPress,Splashtop Business Access, TeamViewer, Apache Subversion, GitHub,Developer,1,000-10,000 pagesDo you deploy a lot of content daily? Do you have strong technical resources? Drupal 8 might be a fit!My company was recently hired to build out a fully integrated digital ecosystem for a large endurance brand; inclusive of a CMS, E-commerce Platform, Data warehousing, and a data normalization engine to tie it all together. For this, we selected Drupal 8, Magento, and AWS (Redshift and Lambdas). Being a global brand, Drupal 8 was the CMS (built by developers for developers) that provided the most extensible launchpad with localization and language support, as well as great workflow and collaboration tools for content creators. Drupal 8 is utilized by brand ambassadors to submit content for review, internal editors to review content, race directors to manage events and venues, as well as marketers to post landing pages. It ensures consistent branding across the board.,Content Types... these are amazing. Whereas a more simplistic CMS like Wordpress will basically allow you to make posts and build pages, Drupal 8 gives you the ability to define different types of content that behave differently, and are served up differently in different areas of the website. Extensibility... it scales, ohhhh does it scale. They've really figured out server-side caching, and it makes all the difference. Once a page has been cached, it's available instantly to all users worldwide; and when coupled with AWS, global redundancy and localization mean that no matter where you're accessing the site, it always loads fast and crisp. Workflows... you have the ability to define very specific roles and/or user-based editorial workflows, allowing for as many touchpoints and reviews between content creation and publication as you'll require.,This is NOT the most intuitive CMS. You really need to take the time to understand how Drupal 8 works--how content is served up--if you're going to administer a site. Whereas Wordpress is very "flat" and simple, Drupal 8 is much more dynamic. You utilize Views to access your content/data and "blocks" to build out beautiful landing pages (similar to widgets in Wordpress). I had to prepare a TON of documentation for the client--so many user guides. It is not very friendly to engineers. It probably took 3 to 4 times longer to build out a Drupal 8 site as opposed to had we built it as a static site with perhaps a Wordpress back-end (though you would have required multiple Wordpress instances to manage localization and other things, which is what we were replacing). It seems that the Drupal 8 consortium (or whatever) is trying to push the ball forward a little too far, rather than consistently maintaining a solid foundation. There were many times when my engineers had to build entirely custom modules to compensate for known bugs in Drupal 8. I have good engineers and we still lost weeks to deploy a workaround. Your organization might not be so lucky as to have an appropriate caliber of engineers, though I hope it is!,8,The client was very happy with the website, and with the work we put into bringing it to life. I hope that it's had a positive impact on their core business, but this isn't something I have visibility into.,WordPress, Wix, Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento) and Squarespace,Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie,Developer,100-1,000 pagesDrupal - Great Open Source CMSWe use Drupal for both commercial websites and also use it on intranets that will have no access to the internet. Drupal is great because you can integrate it with other resources, like single-sign-on so users can interact with the system logging in from LDAP for example.There is also a great variety of templates you can choose from, making this tool even awesome!,Great templating, there's a wide variety of free and commercial ones Great formatting, be it with fonts or images Great support, specially when it comes to security,We could use more templates Easier installations Easier ways to upgrade,10,Very positive ROI There's a learning curve on how to manage it, but the return is immediate Very positive look and feel websites, promoted and customized to fit different businesses,WordPress and Joomla!,Matomo (formerly Piwik), Proxmox VE, Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer), Cisco Catalyst Switches, Juniper Enterprise Routers,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesPossibly the most powerful and flexible CMSWe are a marketing and web development company and creating Drupal sites is one of our specialties. We use it internally for several things, but also for most of our clients' projects when their needs fit the solution. It allows us to build sites ranging from small blogs or brochure sites all the way up to huge, scalable, custom e-commerce sites utilizing the same set of tools built by one of the best communities online.,Drupal is great at managing any amount of content, and any type of content. Its flexibility and customizability are two of its greatest strengths. Drupal isn't just a CMS, Drupal lets you build the CMS that website editors will be using. Its backend customization and admin features are awesome and are being expanded by the community all the time. There are thousands of contributed modules and themes freely available. Not only is Drupal open source, but all the best modules and themes people have built are available for free as well! Drupal's community is big, prolific, and welcoming. Not only can you use other's community contributions, but the community is always happy to help others building their own Drupal sites or custom modules and themes for the rest of the community. If you ever get stuck, the forums or Drupal Slack are incredible resources for assistance.,Drupal's admin side is very powerful and flexible, but it's a little bit harder to wrap one's mind around. If a customer is familiar with using a basic WordPress site, showing them the full Drupal back-end might be overwhelming and confusing at first. Luckily you can easily limit and customize the admin pages that each role sees. Drupal is huge and complex. Doing simple things is generally simple, but more advanced capabilities of Drupal have a higher learning curve (as can be expected). You can build a Drupal site quickly, but don't expect to build your dream site with loads of custom features in a week. Ready-made themes are more sparse than something like WordPress. If you're most interested in simply plugging an existing theme in and using it, you won't find as many professional-looking themes out of the box. There are some, but with Drupal, the best results are usually achieved by finding a good base theme and creating your own child theme based off of it.,10,Drupal has allowed us to build up a library of code and base sites we can reuse to save time which has increased our efficiency and thus had a positive financial impact. Drupal has allowed us to take on projects we otherwise would not have been able to, having a further impact. Drupal has allowed us to build great solutions for our clients which give them an excellent ROI.,WordPress, Joomla!, Epicor CMS, Titan CMS and Umbraco CMS,WordPress, Trello, LiquidPlanner, BugHerd,Developer,1,000-10,000 pagesTrusted large scale content management systemMy company's website is built using Drupal. It is fast, scalable and easy to understand with just basic web knowledge. To be clear - I am not a developer - but work on the frontend building pages, adding events and modules. When I was in the job market - I did notice that a lot of large scale companies use Drupal.,Producing pages - I can start and complete a new page in Drupal in just a few minutes. It is really easy to understand and very straight forward. Updates - Drupal is constantly being updated with security patches, new versions and works with most new web technologies Cross Browser friendly,Organization leaves a little to be desired. In the version that we are using ( 7 ) - sometimes when you remove an asset, it is hard to see if there are any other versions of the assets on different pages. The asset library can be a little more organized. Finding something that you uploaded can be difficult to locate if you do not know where it was originally posted.,8,It has given us a trusted platform to build our site out. Primarily with the updates that Drupal has - security is never an issue Finding a developer that is fluent in Drupal is easy to find - very popular platform.,WordPress and Unbounce,Adobe Photoshop, Sublime Text, Microsoft Office 365,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesDrupal: Excellent CMS for Corporate useDrupal is the primary platform that all of our customer's company websites are built on. We build landing pages, customer portals, and our brochure style pages on Drupal.,Responsive web design Fast loading page speeds SEO,Slow learning curve Could improve CMS experience,9,Excellent web design and support center Easy to use API integrations Leveraging multiple platforms through Drupal,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesDrupal as a Solution for ClientsI am, in addition to my organization title, a web developer. After many years of coding, I decided to look into CMSs as this allowed clients to access their sites and update content as needed. Some clients find that the use of Drupal is the solution to simplifying the updating process. Drupal is one CMS that allows the administrator to assign pages or content areas to specific personnel. This again is the solution to the problem of multiple people updating. Depending on the need, Drupal offers flexibility. As a full organization, departments can be given administrative or editor access and avoid even seeing other departments' pages. In my opinion, this is the best solution, especially for the price.,Very flexible CMS (Content Management System) Coding is not required; however, could be useful Offers various levels of control Themes for layout and color schemes are available at reasonable prices,Drupal does have a learning curve that requires time, especially if new to CMSs. Therefore, before starting one should be prepared by making a site on their own time prior to offering Drupal as a service. Documentation is lengthy but thorough. Some of this gets complicated and the community of users is not as large as some others, such as WordPress or HTML, JS, JQuery, CSS etc. The languages used to develop Drupal are a variety and they are multiple. Therefore, if the developer would like to use it and tweak the code, they must know a number of web programming languages.,9,In a positive sense, I can develop sites using Drupal for non-profit organizations that may not afford me to keep their sites up to date, so they can now do it themselves. This is just as applicable to any type of organization for that matter. The negative impact this has had has been that of being called on when the client becomes confused with accessing their account. If I charge for this small favor, I received a negative review, if I do not charge, then I receive calls, seemingly forever. All in all, the ROI is positive. Drupal is worth the time and effort to learn and offer.,,WordPress, Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugins, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit, screenflow, Adobe Premiere Pro,Developer,10-100 pagesDrupal works at scale, and is free.Drupal is being used across the whole KU organization. It's the primary content management system, and pages are created for departments, units, and organizations on campus. It provides a supported solution for users to manage their own content, for web developers to help optimize and for marketing to track usage. Content is also exported in blocks to feed other systems with information, including important academic dates.,Managing content blocks. Drupal is very effective at providing a standard way to move content across systems. User management of content. Users have complete control over their spaces. It requires some training, but users can update content and create alerts without the need for a web developer. Overall design. Drupal looks pretty good, and provides a good structure for simple text, graphics, and links.,Drupal is not intended for visualizations or other interactive content - this is an emerging field that could be better. While mobile responsive, I wouldn't call Drupal the most modern design. It's functional, but not beautiful. Users have control over their content, but it can be difficult to figure out how to do what you are trying to do.,8,I've managed content in Drupal, and this content is viewed by thousands of instructors, preventing the need for them to contact our helpline for assistance. This frees up time for my staff to deal with actual issues, rather than training issues, and is a major positive ROI use case for using Drupal. We provide alerts regarding service outages, hopefully preventing users from calling into our helpline - and allowing the real issues to have a higher volume than issues we are aware of.,Squarespace and WordPress,Blackboard Learn, MS SharePoint, Slack,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesDrupal Can Be Great If You Know How To Use ItDrupal has powered our company website for multiple iterations over the passed 10 years. We have also used it in client projects during that time. What we have liked about it is the granular control it allows over your website out of the box.,Easily create custom content types which can be used and reused in multiple views around a website. Granular control of websites on a per page basis. Allows tiered user access to support users having different access to content and administration capabilities.,Steep learning curve Resource intensive Making a development mistake can result in hours of debugging trying to figure out what went wrong.,6,Makes updating our company website easier. The time we have spent in setup has been gained back in easy content addition. Drupal updates can be lengthy and problematic. When you can update 5 Wordpress sites in the time it takes to update 1 Drupal site, you have to be sure you have implemented the right solution.,,WordPress, Joomla!, Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugins,Developer,100-1,000 pagesDrupal is a good, moderately powerful CMS that isn't too confusingDrupal is used as the content management system for our organization's intranet. The intranet has hundreds of pages as well as image and document storage capabilities. It also has a number of custom integrations built by the organization's information technology department that have been integrated into the Drupal system for use. Users across the organization access Drupal.,It has a document repository that makes it easy to store necessary documents It has an image repository where users can store images it has the ability to have many users across the organization,it can be a bit buggy at times it's not the most intuitive user experience while it's nice there is a photo repository, the folder structure could be formatted a bit better,5,helped create a robust intranet across the organization share success stories from various departments in form of intranet news feed so departments know what each other are doing create HR document repository for people to access when needed,WordPress and MS SharePoint,Episerver Web Content Management, OneNote,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesDrupal is a powerful but complicated CMSI used Drupal in a previous organization to build websites for clients. Drupal was our primary CMS, and we used it to build about 12 websites per year. I currently use Drupal to build a few of my personal websites, as well as websites for friends. I also use Drupal to build and maintain a website for an organization that I am a part of.,Very powerful out of the box Highly customizable Secure Good community,Steep learning curve Resource intensive Custom coding and templates can be difficult Painfully slow for features and fixes to be added to Drupal core,8,Free to use and much easier than creating custom applications Highly customizable, so it can handle most any application Spend a lot of time looking for solutions,WordPress, Jekyll, Joomla! and ExpressionEngine,WordPress, 1Password, Jekyll, Chrome DevTools, Trello, HipChat, TeamViewer, GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Evernote, Sketch, Parallels Desktop, Zoom, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Vagrant,Developer,100-1,000 pagesCustomizable, scalable and professional content manager.Drupal is an excellent content manager since it handles large volumes of users and content. We use it in our web system and in the internal intranet. It allows us to create profiles of the users with details and excellent personalization. Besides the personalization, Drupal gives us the facility to add what we need through modules.,Is easy to install and has a very professional and clean interface. Has a lot of free and paid add-ons for anything you can think of. You can also design your own because there is enough documentation for that. Drupal is excellent for websites with a lot of content, also where you require high personalization of the permissions and details of the users. Has excellent options to implement your websites in different languages.,As the new versions evolve, they become incompatible with older complements. For those who start, the learning curve is steep.,10,Provides companies with a simple and fast professional way to build their websites. It allows us to gain time using Drupal and in turn results in savings that were invested in development.,WordPress,MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel PHP Framework,Developer,10-100 pagesDrupal has many advantages for small and large businessesWe use Drupal to create our business website. We were able to customize it to fit our needs and to create a way to showcase our work to clients, build a client base, and connect with clients and keep them up to date. It addressed our security needs as well as our ability to see websites scaled onto smaller platforms.,Customizable to fit our needs. Scalability. Cross-device seamless content.,Loading time for heavy content could be slightly improved.,9,We have been able to engage clients positively and generate business.,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesDrupal for multipurpose websitexDrupal is a well developed, well-known Content Management system, capable of handling a large volume of visitors, and can create a number of content pages. It can be used as a simple blog, can make interactive business sites, and can create an e-commerce site too. Can easily be customizable to meet one's needs. The theme system is another of the important features, as you can use the large number of free templates available if you do not want to build from scratch.,Handling a large number of users easily. Can get easy themes, modules, as it is available for free too. Can create large sites, dynamic blogs, e-commerce, interactive sites.,Can be difficult to deal with for a non-technical person.,8,Drupal is open source, so no cost required.,OpenCart and WordPress,OpenCart, WordPress, HubSpot, Tumblr, Wix, Medium, CareerSiteBuilder, Crownpeak Monitoring,Developer,10-100 pagesQA Analyst's Review of DrupalThe company I work for builds websites for higher education institutions. We use Drupal and another platform. We have plans to move away from the other platform and have all of our websites on Drupal. Drupal is easy to use, versatile, secure, and overall a great product. We have a wide variety of departments which use Drupal including our Developers, QA team, Content team, and UX team.,Customization. Wide variety of add-on features/functionality. Easy to learn and use.,While easy to use, you do have to have some development skills. Installing needs to be done by someone with technical skills. Upgrading can be troublesome.,10,Helps track analytics of bounce rates, conversions, etc. High degree of customization. Integration with other tools.,,Jenkins, GitHub, Docker,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesDrupal is the 777 of CMS'Drupal is used to manage our primary website. It is managed by the Marketing department, without any involvement from the IT department. It serves as a quick, effective and relatively inexpensive way to manage over a thousand pages of content. In addition, the direction towards API first has significant savings, allowing us to build a solution that integrates many technologies into one interface for content editors.,Content Management Document and Media Management SEO Management API Integration Easy to manage updates User management,Can be extremely difficult to ramp up to production If built poorly, nearly impossible to fix without a full rebuild Drupal core updates can be a pain in the butt.,8,Has helped us better guide users down predefined funnels Easily embeds resources that have a direct monetary amount attached to them The site can last for sometime without any significant architecture, extending the lifespan of the product,Joomla!, WordPress and MS SharePoint,Joomla!, WordPress, Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugins,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesDrupal Does What Is IntendedMy company needed a new website that was responsive, allowed for an easy to manage content management system, and flexibility/scalability. Due to Drupal being open source and having the ability to create templates that are customized - it solved many of our business problems. Some of those problems being; dynamic response, loading forms, creating custom landing pages.,Content storage Easy backend navigation Ability to add users with ease,WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor Containers,7,Revenue generator Custom content,WordPress,Act-On Software, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Facebook for Business, Microsoft 365 Business, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Twitter Ads, TweetDeck, WordPress, Hootsuite Enterprise, Hootsuite Free, Buffer, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Trustpilot, Union Metrics, AdRoll,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pages,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,Having to go back from square one, something we would have to consider is our own internal knowledge of api feeds and how they sync with Drupal. Also, from a broader spectrum how we want to monetize our site. Since Drupal is not a blogosphere site it’s important to ensure from that all of those are considered from the start of the project. We had to go back and adjust how we wanted to promote our site due to it.Drupal: A Definite Recommend!Drupal is the main development platform that we use at my company. We currently use versions 7 and 8. We are in the process of migrating all version 7 instances to version 8. We use Drupal to house and promote all of our various assets, promote events, track registrations via integration. Drupal is used by various departments within my organization but is run by one main group whereas all of the others are supporting it. Drupal is used to both promote our products as well as serve as a singular housing unit for all resources, forms, event information, and company information.,Drupal integrates very well with all of our technology, ie. Salesforce, Marketo, etc. Drupal's interface allows us to easily update and push out new material with ease. Drupal is a very well known technology that has made it easy for us to find talent that is familiar with it.,There are certain limitations in the amount of information that can be passed from Drupal to Salesforce, specifically in areas of how long viewers are on a particular page. Drupal uses up a ton of memory space, due to how large our sites are, it has been costly to add in the required hardware.,8,Our overall site traffic has grown exponentially since we have moved to it. We have been able to bring a standardized format to all of our resources and communications. Promoting new products is much easier due to the easy to use interface of Drupal, we can get a new product launch page up in record time compared to our old platform.,WordPress,Content Author / Administrator,More than 10,000 pagesDrupal: Titan of Open SourceThe global education services division is driven by websites designed to market and recruit online degree programs for prospective students and consumers. 95 percent of those websites are built with Drupal. Through these websites we gather information vital to the company's business strategies.,Drupal is an open source CMS and has a vibrant community supporting it. Drupal's core package offers a great out-of-box product that can easily be modified to meet any business need. The community dedication to contrib modules is second to none. There's a module for just about everything you could imagine, want, or need on a website. Excellent administrative framework and user-based interface allows for custom role creation and specific access levels based on credentials.,Being open source, there isn't a company solely dedicated to it, which can sometimes represent challenges for bugs associated with specific modules. Frequent releases require upgrading to maintain support for active components. Flexibility and options are vast, but not necessarily intuitive for the non-experienced or web novices. Requires a developer.,10,Our business is dependent on the consumers we attract through our websites. Drupal allows us to meet the demands of our various partners on one platform. This is a huge factor in terms of maintaining an able workforce. Drupal provides us the flexibility in terms of customizable elements and scalable entities to grow our client base and confidently display our portfolio to potential new business partners. Each of our Drupal environments is handcrafted to provide a consistent, informative, and unique user experience, which makes an easier decision the investment of our product.,WordPress and MS SharePoint,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pages,Navigating the user interface Creating and maintaining content Menu settings and site navigation,Launching a website can be tedious and may take longer than it would with a template-heavy, all-in-one website builder. But, there's a serious downside to using those options instead of Drupal. Setting up your webforms to export the data gathered from users can be difficult at first, but one example can easily be scaled. Creating a custom theme requires more advanced knowledge than having an artistic eye.,Yes,10If you love happy, giddy developers...Drupal hosts our main public website, which has hundreds of thousands of users visit it monthly. It is being used by the marketing department and we chose it for its flexibility and ease of use. We were stuck with an old CMS that was rigid and a pain to work with. Our developers hated it and it prevented us from being nimble. Drupal solves those problems for us.,Drupal separates data from presentation, which is very important when you are trying to build a website. It is great at letting the back end developers focus on data structure and the front end focus on presentation. You can change anything you need to, or find someone who already has. Since its open source you can find a developer who can help you with a problem. Its been around for a long time and there are many mods that have been created to solve many problems.,It can be daunting to a developer who has no experience with Drupal at first. There is a learning curve and it may not be for everyone. Because there are so many choices for mods and add-ons its hard to pick which ones are the best. There are not as many people with Drupal 8 experience out there even though its been over a year since its release.,9,It has had a positive impact on out development process by reducing and simplifying it significantly. Drupal provides very easy editing so its had a positive effect on our publishing process. Drupal hosted on AWS is very fast and this has had provided a positive user experience.,Progress Sitefinity, Sitecore Web Content Management and Ektron Web Content Management System,Hotjar, Workfront, Skype for Business,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesDrupal - flexible CMS with a huge community behind itWe used Drupal to create our own custom learning management system for the company, which helped us digitally distribute our software packages and limit the amount of time users had access to them, thus making them subscription products, which was something we were never able to do before. Customers loved the move because it did away with having to use a DVD disc in their computer and remember to bring it with them when they needed their kids to do their homework. We also made a secure online space for kids under the age of 13 to interact with their teachers on homework and class discussions, thus adding another digital layer of interface between teachers and kids for better communication.,User management was great in Drupal, we were able to create custom roles for users and assign them special permissions based on their roles. Customization of Drupal was a real strength, we were able to customer our site to look exactly the way we wanted and mocked up in our early brainstorming sessions. There is a vast array of add-ons available to Drupal for themes and customization that anyone can take advantage of. Add-on modules were the real strength of drupal, because anyone in the world could develop and offer new add-on functionality for drupal and those developers could share it with the whole drupal community and help each other advance the add-on module together. The community is really the best part of Drupal, there is a huge pool of developers all contributing and helping each other to advance Drupal with new features and better security all the time.,The one thing that Drupal could improve on are the upgrade paths for updating the system between each major release of the software, when drupal moved from version 7 to version 8, most people could not do the upgrade for many months, while they waited on the add-on modules they used to be updated to work with version 8 as well. I think involving the module developers earlier on, on new major update releases could help fix this. Add-on modules can sometimes be slow to update or fix problems because some developers aren't that active in updating their add-on modules Some module developers build modules that only serve their own immediate need and are not willing to update or advance their modules to expand its functionality to serve others similar needs. Other developers are usually offered to take over and customize the project for their own needs but sometimes the documentation for existing modules can be lacking, depending on the developer.,10,Drupal allowed my company to finally realize their goal of offering a subscription based software package that expired and revoked the users permissions after a certain amount of time. Previously we had to offer perpetual licenses to our software and users would pass down their licenses to others, thus limiting our revenue on those products. Drupal allowed my company to easily keep our own website up to date with the latest and greatest things we offered without needing to pay a web developer every time we wanted to add something to our website. Drupal allowed our company to finally offer an e-commerce site that integrated with our in-house ERP system named Acumen because of the flexibility and customization available within Drupal and its modules.,WordPress and Magento,Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Exchange,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesGraphic Designer and Web Designer's Drupal ReviewOur college and entire university have been using Drupal to create web pages. It provides an easy web working environment for both web professionals and non-professional users. For the professional users, you can work directly in a code mode and write your own CSS style. For the non-professional users, you can use the default functions and use it as simply as you are using a Word application. Drupal also gives different users different roles. You can assign a less experienced user a lower role, he/she can draft the initial page and wait for an experienced user to approve and publish the page.,Work fine for both code writers and non-experienced web content creators Easy to start with Easy to manage different users,WYSIWYG editor,7,I think it provides an opportunity for more users to create their own web pages. It is also an easy way to manage the ADA compliance issues, somewhat. Now ADA gets more and more complicated, such as the same text must have the same exact URLs.,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesDSMM GuruThe program that I manage within the school of medicine uses Drupal to maintain our individual website. I manage and maintain all edits, updates, and links on our web page. We use our webpage to provide knowledge to potential students who are interested in participating in our 9-month training program.,Easy access and more often than not, our student's are able to navigate through our webpage and find exactly what information they need. Drupal Customer Service agents are extremely helpful, polite and knowledgeable.,Direct communication on edits/updates to software to the customer (myself, etc.) rather than our IT department that doesn't always relay information.,8,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pagesDrupal: Still the One for Robust Site-BuildingIn my work with a digital agency, I was building Drupal sites, adding features or modifying existing sites, or debugging Drupal sites for our customers. It was a foundation for most of our site building projects and was used across the company. Drupal's importance as a content management system cannot be overstated as it remains one of the most powerful tools for building robust sites that deliver rich, complex content types with well-designed layouts. It abstracts away much of the code that would need to be written to wireframe a website and allows one to focus on the higher level requirements of the site including design, content management, user management and security without having to spend hours writing baseline HTML, CSS and PHP code.,Drupal has the most flexible and robust site building tools available for quick site-building; it is possible to have a Drupal site up and running in your local development environment within a minute and immediately get to work. It expertly uses a modular approach to extending your site, with the Drupal core shipping with most of the ones you will need, but with a vast array of modules available in the Drupal space to quickly and easily add features such as Google Maps, powerful layout designers, block management, menus, and more. Many times you can install a theme that fits the needs of your site and greatly reduce the amount of styling necessary to get a terrific-looking site, as well as the amount of JavaScript necessary to create things like slideshows. It makes user management a breeze with the ability to easily create new user accounts and assign roles that govern access to content types and overall site management. It is therefore much easier to hand off a Drupal site to your customers and be confident they won't break it, while still finding it easy to manage their content.,Drupal's flexibility comes at the cost of having a fairly large footprint. It can take up much more space than a site developed using JavaScript, CSS and HTML that has been optimized; it is much harder to reduce the folder size of your Drupal site due to the number of moving parts required. Drupal has many dependencies that can conflict with your local development environment at times and it can therefore be cumbersome to set up a Drupal site on a new machine or one that has other development environments on it that may use different PHP versions or paths to the PHP executable. Drupal lags behind WordPress in terms of the number of themes and modules available, due to its smaller user base. It has a much higher learning curve than WordPress, and to use it to the utmost you will need to pick up some degree of understanding about SQL, PHP, CSS, and Drupal components.,8,Using Drupal for site-building gave our company an edge in building out sites quickly that were robust enough to meet our clients' needs. Faster project completion due to Drupal's code abstraction resulted in substantial overall savings on manpower and time. Handoff of completed projects to clients was far simpler and Drupal sites easier to maintain than most conventional websites.,WordPress and Joomla!,Wunderlist, Dropbox,Developer,10-100 pagesDrupal - Standardizing Our Intranet SitesDrupal was the software used to create many of our organization's intranet sites. It was used across the majority of the organization. Each operating unit used it to create sites that conveyed who they were, the work they did, and other basic information. We used it so the operating units' sites would be uniform in their look and feel. Consequently, information would be be found in predictable locations across the operating unit sites.,You don't need to be a developer to use Drupal. You just need to learn its functions. We were able to train people with various non-computer backgrounds to use Drupal. It can be learned by a range of people who are not "technical". Drupal sites can include APIs, webforms, slideshows, parent and child pages, and more.,The option to compare older site page versions with the current version could be easier to decipher from a visual standpoint. It would be great if the various customizable features included descriptions of how they function for the many non-technical users who work on Drupal. It can be tough for users to find previously added slides (in the slideshow carousel) to edit them.,7,The various operating unit sites are now fairly uniform. When you go from one site to another it is fairly easy to find information. Employees who want fancier options with their intranet sites were disappointed with the Drupal user interface. Employees now know where to go to access predictable information regarding the different operating units.,Google Sites,Huddle, Google Forms, Tibbr,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pages,,,Inform employees about each operating unit. Uniform communication tool to present information about each operating unit. Tool for providing resources to help employees with their work.,More features may be added / allowed in the future, but I'm not sure what they are at this point.,8,Online training In-person training Self-taught,8,6,If the learner was technically savvy and had a background in website development then the platform could be learned fairly easily. If the learners were not technically savvy, they needed training and continued support after their initial training session. We found that the non-technical learners often contacted us after their initial training with items that may or may not have been addressed in training.,Adding a basic page. Adding a slide. Adding content in the rich text editor on a basic page.,Finding a slide to edit after you have created it can be challenging for a new, less technical user. Comparing older and newer versions of a page is not as intuitive as I would have liked. Webform creation is a two part process that can confuse the new, less technical user.,7Unspecified
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Drupal is a free and open source content management system written in PHP that competes primarily with Joomla and Plone. The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, contains basic features common to content management systems. These include a dashboard with a menu management system, RSS feeds, page layout customization and themes to aid this, and system administration tools. Drupal offers access statistics, more advanced search features, caching and feature throttling (to improve performance if needed), descriptive URLs, multiple users with controllable privileges, access control and restrictions, and workflow tools (triggers). There are over 30,000 addons or modules to expand Drupal's functionality.

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