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Logan Wiser | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 26, 2020

Glip: A solid app that gets the job done.

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Glip here at our company for in-office communications as well a few other things. We use the direct conversation features as well as the team features to communicate between different groups and as a company as a whole. Also we use the file storage, calendar, and task features fairly regularly.
  • Makes communication easy, either with teams or direct IM.
  • It's fun to use, especially the gif feature.
  • Support - if you don't have active phone account with RC, support is difficult to obtain.
  • Reliability - I have dealt with several cases where employees don't receive messages or don't receive them till much later.
I would recommend Glip to anyone who is looking for a chat app to use to be more productive at work. The versatility of teams and direct communication, there isn't really a limit on how you can use the app to fit your needs. I think if you only have 4 or 5 employees it might not be for you. If you are really small I would just recommend Gchat. But anything above 10 employees, I would say it's perfect. Very comparable to Slack.
We have a free account so I understand why we are not at the top of the list. But we have had issues before that took forever for them to get back to us. Once I had to make a Twitter account just to tweet at them about the issue and they finally got back to me. After several weeks. And the issue was something we just had to wait out for a few more days. Normally you have to submit a ticket through their support page and maybe they will get back to you and maybe not. We had one issue where the standard user on the iMac was getting popups every few minutes about installing a helper tool. The only way to fix this was to delete and reinstall Glip as an admin user. This was frustrating because it took time to do this for me as the IT person, and after reaching out to a few times, I was finally given an answer two years after I had asked about it! Finally some devs reach out to me on Glip and told me to just put the app in the user folder instead of the app folder which is managed by the admin account. They said it should be fixed now and I believe it is.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 27, 2020

Glip Review

Score 8 out of 10
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We use it as a way to execute our outbound calls. We utilize SalesLoft as our database of contacts and accounts, but when it comes to the actual calling, RingCentral/Glip is our software of choice. It provides you with a unique business/ work phone number which is useful in our role.
  • Ease of use.
  • Unique phone number.
  • Application improvements.
  • Desktop interface.
It's great for professional purposes associated with calling prospects. Instead of using one's own cell phone device, it's nice having an application that utilizes wifi can provide a cheaper option.
I think it is a good option, but something like SalesLoft could provide a better replacement because it is a database and provides the ability to call out.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 05, 2020

Glip is the perfect way to keep your team working together, seamlessly.

Score 9 out of 10
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Our organization is located across the country, and Glip allows us to communicate in real-time, share files & documents, and even call clients using a designated work phone number. Glip is the perfect way to centralize all of your communications on one platform.
  • File Archiving
  • Streamlined Communication
  • It has some connectivity issues.
  • Some of the user interface could be reoriented for a better experience.
If you are dealing with a team of any size, I think that Glip is an excellent resource and should be considered to streamline your projects. Also, if you have teams that are located nationwide, it is a perfect way to keep the team connected as if they were all in the same building.
I have had to call their support team on several occasions, and the support has always been top-notch.
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Hernán Silva | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 13, 2019

Great product at a reasonable price point. Lacks integrations.

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Across the whole company we use a Glip competitor but Glip is being used in a project for a client, the client itself asked us to use Glip instead of the program we use for other projects.

For our clients, and ultimately for us, Glip provides a good service at a lower price tag, compared to similar products.
  • Ease of use: It is extremely easy to use Glip and its features.
  • Ease of adoption: You can start using Glip in a couple of minutes and scale its use to the whole team, no hassle.
  • Scalability: This products scales well both in users and in pricing.
  • Integrations with other products: Glip has some integrations but not all you would like. There are a dozen or more apps you can use the product with, but your team might have the need to connect the app with another popular product or service that Glip still does not have (Confluence, for example).
  • Can't create bots or custom integrations (?): As far as I know, you cannot create bots or custom integrations with other apps.
  • Performance: Looks a bit slow to start for the first time, the app will load slower than other apps. Not sure if this is because I work on a large team or anything else, but the feeling that Glip loads slower than anything else makes me think that the app's performance has some room for improvement.
Glip is great for teams needing real-time communications, no matter if chat or voice, at a reasonable price. [It] Might not be suitable for teams needing lots of integrations or custom hooks and actions.
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Karim Mahroug | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 01, 2019

very good and qualitative

Score 8 out of 10
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We are not using this tool in the whole organization, but only in the department I'm working in. It helps the team to solve call issues and, more specifically, video call issues. We use this tool for our B2B calls because it's such a professional software and the quality is very good.
  • Quality of the video calls.
  • Invitation to calls/meeting planner.
  • Ease of connection.
  • Chat can be improved
  • To have the functionality to share files
We are dealing with B2B contacts and clients and we often have to call them. This tool helps us plan and invite those contacts and clients in the correct way so our work is very professional. This tool can be improved by developing a proper chat to share information.
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Joe &quot;JC&quot; Cross | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 19, 2019

Check it out if you want ONE app for scheduling, management, and communication

Score 10 out of 10
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As a tech startup, we were looking for a way to streamline tools. And I needed a good task management system that will seamlessly integrate with iCal. We didn't want to have to use four different applications to communicate internally and two others to communicate externally.
Glip allows us to do it all in one place! It provides us with task management, project management, scheduling, chat, and video conferencing. And you can set up an iCal calendar to automatically drop tasks into their timeslot. I love that feature.
  • Task management -- both as an individual and as a team. It's easy to assign tasks and monitor progress.
  • Video conferencing -- we use Glip to host calls. I appreciate the ability to host a call and manage tasks immediately within the same application.
  • Scheduling -- schedule meetings and tasks, and they will immediately appear in your calendar.
  • User Experience -- it can sometimes be confusing knowing whether you're looking at your personal tasks or that of the group.
I would recommend Glip for any company that wants to minimize applications, which in my mind should be every company. If I can easily schedule meetings, manage tasks and projects, and communicate via chat and video in one place, why would I need to learn any other application?
However, if you must use the tools your clients use, you might be forced to use Slack, Skype, Zoom, or a number of other apps. But I would encourage your clients to adopt one system, if at all possible.
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Daniel Blazquez | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 25, 2018

As the Challenger in a saturated market with huge players, Glip deserves credit

Score 6 out of 10
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Glip, along with other tools from the same ecosystem such as Ring, was deployed to our organization as a natural response to a process of "shadow IT" creeping into several groups that were using their own groupware tool. Glip is used as a team communication and synchronization tool.
  • Email replacement
  • "Total recall" for communications
  • Classification of communications over teams (=channels)
  • No clear marketplace of add-ons
  • Underdog, other tools are used more broadly
  • Better integration with Office would be good
Being a new entrant (in other words, a Challenger to more established players), Glip should try harder to delight users. I feel that it covers well all the basic use cases, but so do similar tools that are already proven and validated. The switching cost for this type of communication platform is big.
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Jillyn Dillon | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 21, 2018

Fantastic Team Communication and Task-list App!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We have a distributed team with team members in Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Brazil. We use Glip to stay in touch. It allows us to see who is online and available, and we can send messages to individuals or teams. The task lists are fantastic because any message that has an action required can be turned into a task, assigned to a team member, and given a due date. They can even be color coded! Additionally, we use the Notes feature to retain important information that the team uses. We love Glip!
  • The chat functionality of Glip is fantastic, and even their mobile app is really good. The software is truly platform-agnostic. My team uses Mac, Windows and Chrome OS as well as iOS and Android.
  • The task functionality is well-designed and intuitive. It's very helpful to have access to tasks regardless of device or location, and the ability to create tasks from messages is surprisingly handy.
  • The notes functionality is a great way to store information that the whole team or just a few members need access to. We also use it for mark-up occasionally, since it has the ability to leave comments pinned to a location on the document or image.
  • We have the option of inviting clients to join Glip. This isn't something my team uses at this point, but it's an option.
  • The only thing I'd like to change is that Glip doesn't have very many integrations. I hope as it gains in popularity that integrations with other software will become available.
Any company that needs a chat application should probably take a close look at Glip. It's very robust and incredibly useful. However, if you need a platform that integrates with your accounting system or some other software, Glip may not fit the bill.
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Susan Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 16, 2018

Glip is a great tool!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Glip as an inter-company communication tool to help keep quick conversations out of email. We also create project teams to communicate both internally and externally, and use tasks assigned to individuals with due dates to keep track of to-do items.
  • Manages tasks within a team or project group
  • Injects fun into chat conversations with GIFs
  • Allows for quick one-on-one questions to be answered quickly
  • Would love it if Glip had a survey feature, so you could survey a team on a topic
  • Calendar interface could be better
Glip is well suited to small to mid-sized companies needing to reduce reliance on email for all communication.
It might be less appropriate with very large teams or companies.
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Paul Ellul | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 07, 2018

Glip is GREAT! Highly Recommended

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Glip is used across our organization and is our central tool for communication.
  • Group conversation by department
  • Integrates with various APIs to ping us based on certain activity
  • Manage bugs and website enhancements across multiple departments
  • Allow the ability to move a conversation when a hyperlink is involved. Currently not able to do this. Glip is aware and hopefully working on it.
  • Add a more robust search feature to find old conversations. Search query time could also be sped up.
  • Add reminder notifications. When tasks are added, it is sometimes easy to overlook older tasks.
Glip is fantastic for working on the go. I am constantly in touch with what is happening based on the APIs we have set up.
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Katie McKinlay | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 10, 2018

Great product with a few issues.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We use Glip across our whole organization. We use it to communicate within our teams as well as to communicate with individuals throughout our offices.
  • Ease of communication
  • Fun features with the gif function
  • Easy to attach files
  • Frequently is down for product updates
  • Freezes or is not able to be used at times
  • Layout could be improved
Glip is great on a company setting. I like the functionality of being able to create teams because it keeps our team up to date on what is happening and we can start action items based on what needs to get done.
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Lee L Kennedy | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 26, 2018

Is Glip As Good As Slack? (Almost...But It's Free!)

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Glip as our internal chat program (like Slack). The entire company used it, and everyone was free to create new channels (public or private) if they wanted to and invite whoever they wanted. It was a great way to quickly communicate across the company where email would have been too slow and physically going and seeing the person would have been too interruptive.
  • Internal chat for a company.
  • Integrates well with RingCentral apps.
  • The fun stuff (gifs, emojis) were good for the most part.
  • More ways to react to a message than just a "like".
  • There were some glitches (profile pictures that were changed but didn't take effect, messages getting sent repeatedly, etc) that could be resolved.
Glip is a really good chat app, but is especially a good choice if you are using other RingCentral programs (RingCentral calls, RingCentral meetings for video conferencing, etc). This is the biggest selling point for the platform. The basic program is free, so you don't have to pay extra for full storage like you do with Slack.
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Brian Jackson | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 28, 2014

Glip - The Best Team Collaboration Tool on the Web

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Our whole marketing team uses Glip on a daily basis to speed up our productivity. Glip has allowed us to move away from our typical email inboxes and actually collaborate and work in real-time. With the release of their new desktop notifications you can keep working and just chime in when it relates to you. From creating tasks, to private message different team members, to creating Google hangouts for remote team meetings, to posting humorous animated gifs to relieve some stress. Glip is an amazing team product and worth every penny!
  • Easy and Simple Task Management
  • Integration with Google Hangout
  • Collaboration Real-Time
  • Sharing Files and Proofs with the team
  • Needs exporting of tasks to CSV
  • Needs repeating tasks
Glip feels right at home with a marketing and creative team. You must first ask yourself, are you tired of emailing all the time? Would working in real-time save you time? Do you share files all the time with your colleagues? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Glip can definitely benefit you.
You get to chat real time with the CEO :)
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About Glip

Glip is a conversation platform to plan, share and organize work. Glip is built with text and video chat at its core and includes file sharing, collaborative task management, shared calendars, automatic version control, all integrated into each conversation stream. Glip is the only business messaging app with built-in productivity and integrations with Dropbox, JIRA, GitHub, Harvest, Stripe and more.

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